Oct.04, 2017


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Musique concrete                                                      BAM, LD 070

Amazing collection of electro acoustic works by Luc Ferrari, Xenakis, Sauget and others under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer. Liner notes by Olivier Messiaen.

Mindblowing electronic music – and musique concrete action!

Highest possible recommendation!!! Original mono pressing!


VG+ /VG+



Dede Folkstudio                                   folkstudio

Fantastic 4tet record from 1977 with the Italian maestro Mario Schiano.

One of the rarest records in his discography and very much worth lookin for.

Great music! And very surprising action all over the record.

Essential Italian document of amazing free free jazz!

Very seldom seen lp!!


NM/ VG ++



Caspar Brötzmann & Peter Brötzmann  – Last Home        pathalogical records

Brutal album.– not the mainstream be bop father & son meet really… this is something very very different.

This is the  so called Vodka King lp!

Scary intensity. SCARY. No one can be dissapointed after hearing this incredible album.

Recorded in New York by legendary sound engineer Robert Musso.

Some very intense bass sax actions to be noticed….






Merzbow – Kapotte Muziek

Limited edition. 1000 copies only of this BEAST…

The music is so intense it is almost hard to even try to describe.

UK first press from 1993 of music edited and mixed in 1991 by Massami Akita.

Really one of the strongest merzbow albums freakin EVER!

Fantastic intensity and layers of pure noise beauty!







Albert Ayler – Bells                                                                        ESP(JAP)

Classic of the classics. Ayler in the great company of Charles Tyler and Donald Ayler blowing all they have.

Backed up by the masterly drumming of Sunny Murray. It does not get any better than this!

One sided masterpiece of early free jazz extacy!!!

Japanese pressing in mint condition.

The print on the soft touch cover is amazingly beautiful!







Stockholms Elektronmusikfestival 1982             Fylkingen Records

Totally rockin´ compilation of electronic music taken from a festival held in Stockholm in 1982.

Mindblowing Ilmar Laaban piece and a classic Ingvar Karkoff piece (the dogs) among others.

Getting hard to find now… the early Fylkingen records… this is something to collect if interested in really creative electronic music and related activities!

Amazing music all along! Great condition, just a sign of a removed price tag on the cover.


NM / VG +




Kaoru Abe – Mort a credit                                       ALM records

Absolute KILLER slide! This is life changing music! We kid u not!

2nd press of an absolute KILLER record of solo saxophone improvisations! An all time favourite of Discaholic Corner!

Abe is still one of the best hidden secrets of the free jazz scene. He passed away, way to early but made a collection of extreme solo recordings during his lifetime.

The 1st press and the 2nd press and basically the same… and was released around the same time. Highest possible recommendations!





UNITED FRONT – LIVE IN BERLIN                          FMP

Excellent free jazz on iconic German label FMP. Underrated group with elements

of both European and American free jazz. Beautifully recorded and a very important document of creative free music. Great alto sax activities from Lewis Jordan.




Steve Lacy  – Stalks                               Colombia (JAP)

Very very rare Japanese 1st press of this unusual session with Soprano sax maestro Lacy together with master drummer Masahiko Togashi and the great bass player Motoharu Yoshisawa. A GREAT trio session with some very unusual readings of some classic Lacy compositions! Recorded back in 1975 — this is essential Steve Lacy!

A really rare object — missing the obi and a few stains on cover – but vinyl is in excellent condition. Very hard to find and highly recommendable!!!!




John Stevens – spontaneous music ensemble     marmalade

Very rare John Stevens release  – true 1st press on british Marmalade label.

Absolutely fantastic improvised music with some off- melodic elements of beauty!

Lots of fantastic vocal activities from Maggie Nichols and company makes this a very special treat!

… and check the wild bass playing of Johnny Dyani out! Absolutely top of the line!

Add the genius guitar playing Derek Bailey to the picture and you understand what this is all about!

This is a classic UK album! And a MUST HAVE!

Highest possible recommendations!

VG++ / VG ++





John Coltrane – Selflessness                                   Impulse!

Original 1st press with a gatefold cover.

Absolute KILLER music  – this is the rare 1st press version. Recorded in 1963 and 65 at the Newport festival – this is as good as it gets!

Released in 1968. A totally mindblowing version of My Favourite Things with the great Roy Haynes on drums giving it all a special touch and flavour.

Laminated cover in great condition.

VG++ / VG ++



Arbete & Fritid – Håll andan                                                         MNW

A 1978 / 79 recording of one the truly iconic prog/ psych groups of Swedish creative musics! With the forever FANTASTIC drumming of Thomas Mera Gartz as  the creative hub ! Post- Träd Gräs & Stenar activities and related inputs. Fantastic music and an amazing cover by the great visual artist Channa Bankier.

Getting rare to find. This is the 1st and only press! Extremely creative music and cross- over activities of the highest levels!

VG++/ VG++





John Tchicai  4tet and Group                                  qbico

Qbico bootleg album made in 33 copies. Recorded 1972 with Pierre Favre and Peter Warren and in 1981 w an all Danish  line up.

Great Tchicai playing. As always.  Poetic lines of beautiful melodies and free jazz action.

Amazing music! Recommended and very rare already!

This copy is numbered  22 . never played.

M/ M



Bernt Egerbladh – Schizo                                         SweDisc

Very very rare piano trio CLASSIC!

Amazing Swedish jazz, moving toward a freer territory musically!

Absolutely fantastic drumming by the great Sten Öberg… mindblowing timing and articulation!

All Egerbladh compositions plus a great reading of “days of wines and roses” and just a great interplay between the musicians.

Supersolid bass playing from the late and great Björn Alke!

This is an essential Scandinavian release – and it is just amazingly great!

Includes the original inner sleeve.

Extremely hard to find.

Highest possible recommendations! Plays with a little bit of background noise, but nothing bad. Fantastic recording!

VG+ / VG+



Derek Bailey – Han Bennink :                                  Incus 9

A CLASSIC! Recorded in 1972 and just insane music…. Free…. Wild… and brutal!

This is just an amazing document of this music form at its peak!!!

This is the 2nd press w white labels in really great condition.

With an incus insert sheet included.

The interaction and energy level on this live recording is beyond belief!

ROCK! Listen to “the girl with the concrete tongue”… and let it change your way on looking and hearing at music!

This is a highly essential record to have – to listen to –  to make u feel GOOD!





Michel Grailler- pianos puzzle 2                            saravah

This is the Spanish 1st press… on French label saravah… (???)

That is the info we can find, we cant explain it better. This is the way this album came.

More important is that the music is really happening!

Free jazz piano trio action with a very personal touch and energy!

VG++/ VG++



Irene Schweizer & Rudiger Carl- the very centre of middle europe        Hat Hut

Amazing record with two of the most important european improvisers on the scene.

WILD tenor sax actions by Carl and detailed beyond belief actions by Schweizer on a record that is a real treat to listen to.

These older Hat Hut records starts to be difficult to find now. So take the chance now.

This is music on the highest level. Even the action on water pipe is enjoyable!!!

Free music!

A bit split seam on the top of the cover – but vinyl is in great condition.

VG++ / VG




Ornette Coleman – Ornette at 12                            Impulse!

Classic Ornette album. 1st press. With a very young Denardo Coleman on drums and some amazing playing from both Charlie Haden and legend Dewey Redman!

Recorded in 1968 this is absolutely great music – all you need!

A classic and a gem!

Great condition.

VG++/ VG++





David Moss – Terrain                                               cornpride

1st and only press of this percussion monster of an album!

David Moss is taking it OUT! Really OUT!

Great document of percussive excesses and vocal treatments.

Rare to find these days and a very important contribution from the American improvised music side of things.

NM/ VG++





AR Penck with Frank Lowe, Jeanne Lee a.o.                              Penck

A very rare record. And one of many AR Penck releases with amazing guests playing.

Beautiful playing from Lowe and just fantastic singing from our heroine Jeanne Lee.

Billy Bang, William Parker and Dennis Charles is in the mix and that makes this album really really worth having! Penck might not the most exciting musician recording freer jazz…. BUT in such a company…. What can go wrong ?

And just to hear the tone of Frank Lowe… is enough for us. Essential!





Derek Bailey / Andrea Centazzo – Drops                                   Ictus

1st pressing of a Derek Bailey  classic monster of an album.

Vinyl in great condition but cover with some water stains.

Extreme level of interaction — but the actual guitar playing is the main thing here at play!

An all time fave in the discaholic archive! It swings like… nothing else….





















new update sep 1st!!

Sep.01, 2017

discaholic update!!!!

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record shop nostalgia

Jul.17, 2017

an amazing text by the great Torbjörn Sörhuus at BirkaJazz!

an overview on record shops in stockholm ALL over the years.

from past to present — with amazing images and also short interviews and additional texts and info.


texts and interviews in swedish but really informative summaries in english!

so check it out!

BirkaJazz på Birkagatan 1998.

phote above from Torbjörns own store Birka Jazz

the article u can find here:

includes are some sensational photos…. among others with the mighty Harald Hult of Andra Jazz – fame:

Harald Hult i Blå Tornet.




Jun.21, 2017


time again…. some very heavy slides of jazz releated music…. some very heavy items this time….

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Jazz Jamboree 1967            Muza

Absolute KILLER! One of the most amazing surprises for us EVER to find out what is behind the group name Manfred Schoof Quintet!!!! Finding it all out during a discussion with Evan Parker about rare vinyls some years ago. Because of a late change, two replacements had to be made for one particular tour and Gerd Dudek and Sven- Åke Johansson, that normally plays in this amazing quintet  , could not make it for the tour. Therefor the line up for the tour and on THIS recording are:

Manfred Schoof – trumpet

Evan Parker  !!!– saxophone

Alex von Schlippenbach – piano

Buschi Niebergall – bass

Han Bennink!!! – drums

Which is an absolute amazing line up, in our world!

And the version they are playing of the Sonny Rollins track “Doxy” is nothing less than sensational! 5 stars and more…

The rest of the record has a more mainstream music focus, but there are some fine vocal jazz contributions by Georgie Fame.

Be quick! This one will go. Since it is not even pricy…. (yet) ….


VG++ / VG +




Charles Tyler – WKCR studions 1974 — Qbico bootleg

Killer free jazz slide! The under documented Charles Tyler with his own 4tet. With the amazing Steve Reid on drums, Ken Hudson on bass and killer trumpet screamer Earl Cross. Recorded at the legendary WKCR studio in NYC. A radio station that really has been spreading the word on free jazz for many years. essential work ! and essential music! Very creative and deep free spiritual jazz!

Bootleg made in only 33 copies. This one is nr 18.

Never played. Perfect condition.


M/ M




Sonny Rollins – freedom suite                 riverside

Classic Rollins album. Original pressing. With the epic one side version of “the freedom suite”. 20 minutes of pure improvised JAZZ. Radical, political and very adventurous. Free jazz. Freed jazz. JAZZ! Rollins is backed up by Max Roach on drums and Oscar Pettiford on bass.

Absolute classic in our world. Rollins at his best —- phrases floating around like sharply defined sound sculptures of extreme beauty!

Great condition! Deep groove.


VG++ / VG ++





Beaver Harris – from rag time to no time         360

Private label release of some sensational cross over free jazz music.

Beaver Harris together with some free jazz heavyweights – Jimmy Garrison, Cecil McBee, Dave Burrell – meeting some old school heroes such as Maxine Sullivan (beeeeaaautiful singing!!!! ), Doc Cheatham! And Marshall Brown!

Hilarious and fantastic! I love this record!

Getting rare to find these days!


VG + / VG +





Det nyJAZZaste från Göteborg                   carprice records

Brutal compilation with a.o. a KILLER track by the Mount Everest trio! And other really exciting contributions from the noisy “Soffgruppen” and  the great jazzunit “Opposite Corner”.

And do not miss the epic tenor sax playing by late Ove Johansson with “Mwendo Dawa”.

Killer slide – lots of great unreleased music. Only on this lp!

A must have!

Slight ring wear on cover. Vinyl in perfect condition


VG ++ / VG +



Walter Marchetti – la caccia                     cramps / nova musica

Amazing piece of music. One of the most radical records in the neo-avant-garde panorama for 35 years, is divided in two tracks: “Versione All’aria Aperta” and “Versione Per Uno Spazio Chiuso.” The sound is generated by hunting calls for birds and other animals. KILLER!

Must have!

Original 1974 pressing!

This is a true DNA changing record…. Don’t miss!


VG ++ / VG +



Burton Greene – presenting                     CBS

True free jazz bomb! A Lp that have been a well hidden secret for years so far.

And it is an absolute killer – beautiful and totally frantic free jazz!

Byard Lancaster playing his ass off….laser piercing alto sax!

Great pieces in very specific style… post Nichols/ post Monk but free…

You dig?

Great interaction and totally happening music! Some completely beautiful electronic disturbances – by Greene –  within the acoustic set… makes the record a complete masterpiece!

Detailed and FULL of high energy playing all along

AND still sealed!!!!…. still sealed…. Never played….


M/ M




Schlippenbach Quartett – the hidden peak        fmp

The classic. Of the classics. Sorry about this… but this IS classic.

European free jazz on the highest levels possible.

It will blow your mind! It will blow your mind!

1977 original pressing on FMP. The original trio + the late and totally great Peter Kowald. The highest intensity – the highest energy.

Mindblowing. Perfect condition. Look untouched.

I cant recommend it more deeply….





Teatime                     incus

Another fantastic Incus slide.

With our hero John Russell together with Steve Beresford and Gary Todd among others.

Super intense British free improv.

Detailed poetry. Interaction of highest levels.

I rank this album as one of the best on incus albums ever. Which should tell you something…

Hard to find these days.



NM / VG +



Serge Chaloff sextet – Boston blow up               capitol

One of our all time fav bari sax records.  ALL TIME.

Completely beautiful and heart braking… so full of … JAZZ!

The bari sax playing of Chaloff is beyond poetry… listen to “whats new “ and smile…

This is IT! The phrasing, the tone and the swing. Great Boston based group backing Chaloff… but what really kills us is of course Serge Chaloff. The best bari sax player all time?

We do think so.
original 1955 mono pressing.


VG+ / VG +



Georg Riedel – jazzbalet                            swedisc

Amazing larger ensemble and orchestral work by the great bass player and composer Georg Riedel.

With some amazing piano interplay by the late and GREAT Jan Johansson!

Very ambitious orchestral work. Adventerous and just beautiful.

Overlooked album, that is just extremely interesting on all levels.

Some ringwear on cover and a slightly bent corner. Great condition of the vinyl.


VG+ / VG




Sun RA – deep purple                     saturn 485

Historically and musically … a BOMB!

Sun Ra in a meet w old school violin player Stuff Smith in one of the earliest recordings ever by Sun Ra.

Already 1953 Ra was happening!

The recordings span from a period between 1953 – 55.

A very important album to have to fully understand the music and legacy of Sun Ra!

Wonderful, just wonderful!

Original Saturn release from 1973. No cover (it was never released with a specific cover and came in a huge variety of other jackets over the years )


VG ++ / NAC





Jan Wallgren / Bengt Ernryd – love chant                     dragon

Amazing Swedish jazz with two true pioneers.

Wallgren and Ernryd worked very closely together for many years. Experimenting with free forms and also involving ethnic  music into their jazz spectrum. A very creative mix that gave extremely interesting results.

This is a really really great record and an example of what they were doing at the time.

Just GREAT drumming by Erik Dahlbäck (of Per Hernik wallin trio – fame!) .

Original Swedish pressing from 1977.




Derek Bailey – solo guitar                         Incus 2

The 2nd release on Incus. And what a release!!!!

This is a masterpiece.

Nothing else.

A true classic. Monster guitar playing by maestro Bailey. His first solo record.

And it IS an INSANE one… so GREAT , so beautiful.

We have no words.

This is the pressing w  turquise labels… made in 500 copies right after the first pressing ( dark blue labels ). So made in 1971, but technically speaking 2nd pressing. But more rare then the 1st pressing (1000 copies)! Do you follow?

Amazing  1st pressing cover art… goes really well with the music!

An absolute MUST HAVE!

This music changed the legacy of jazz… it changed many people and guitar players over the years… and we understand why.

One of the best records ever made in recorded music… NO JOKE!

Very very rare to find in any condition at all… and this copy is nothing else then amazing!

A masterpiece!


VG++ / VG +




Bengt Ernryd Quartet  1964 – 65                          dragon

A brilliant album with some very early freer jazz from Sweden.

Bengt Ernryd playing some totally beautiful trumpet with his comrades

Jan Wallgren on piano, Gösta Wällivaara on bass and the amazing Janne Carlsson on drums (of Hansson & Carlsson – fame!!!).

Recorded in 1964 and 1965… this is one of the earliest attempts recorded in Sweden to involve Indian music into the world of Jazz.

Some mix of lydian concepts (George Russell), Indian scales and freer jazz- makes this a very very important album.

Virtuoso trumpet playing by Ernryd that is quite uniqe even with international standards. Fantastic!

Released 1975 on the classic Swedish dragon label.

Original first pressing in great condition.







Sven Hessle – grekisk rapsodi                             SH 001/ private

This is it. The bomb…

This is rarer then hen´s teeth.

And it is so goooooood. Absolute KILLER music!

And different from anything else you have ever heard.

Made in 50 (!!!) copies in 1968. On Sven Hessles own label SH.

Sven Hessle played bass with Bengt Nordström in the 60´s and later made his academic career and played only occasionally.

But back in the 60´s he was a driving force! Amazing bass player with great visions!

And this record is a …. Sensation!
you will never ever see a copy again. 50 copies in 1968….

This is very likely the ONLY time we can offer this one.

Comes with a xeroxed letter to the buyer in Swedish. In the original white plain sleeve from 1968.

A-side with a Swedish singer making a greek (!) rhapsody… backed by the FANTASTIC quartet of Hessle, the oneandonly Christer Boustedt on alto sax , and tandem team Gösta Wälliwaara /  Janne Carlsson!!! It swings like MAD! Free jazz! FRREEEEED JAZZ!

Absolutely mind minding.

B-side has a KICKIN free jazz unit w the great Gilbert Homström on tenor sax (of Mount Everest fame! )  and Åke Johansson on piano and Anders Söderling on drums.

KICK ass free jazz blow out! The Tenor sax playing is some of the hippest tenor sax playing ever recorded in Scandinavia! For SURE!!!



VG+ / NM




Basil Kirchin – worlds within worlds, parts 3 & 4     island

The vol 2 of Kirchins epic masterpiece Worlds within worlds.

Various amplified insects, animals, birds, jets and other engines. Sounds of the docks in Hull, Yorkshire… and the autistic children of the community of Schurmatt, Switzerland.

An insane electronic masterpiece!

Very obscure music . and fantastic!

Original 1974 release. Not as rare as parts 1 & 2 that was released in 1971.

But… this is rare… and GOOOOOOOD!

Derek Bailey,Evan Parker, Kenny Wheeler and others in interaction with
Basil Kirchins tapes.

Highest recommendations!


VG++/ NM




Felix Droese / Peter Brötzmann- vanishing images (cassette)           gal. klein

A box. A box of beauty!

The visual artist Felix Droese invited Peter Brötzmann for this release.

Images by Droese and music by Brötzmann. On casette. Very limited edition of

380 (!) copies.

And the solo music of Brötzmann can only be found here on this very cassette! Fantastic solo music! KILLER material!

A real find. All items housed in a heavy pictorial gray card box; the box has a tiny bit of rubbing, otherwise all items in the box in EXCELLENT COND. Beautiful box with a huge number of images and prints!!!

Very very rare. Signed by both artists.


M/ VG ++






GOOD LUCK with your offers. be quick!

“see ya in a minute”

















Jun.18, 2017

new interviews!!!!! up NOW

extensive, in depth and full of deep dedication, info and soul!!!!


Reine Fiske — the amazing swedish guitar player extra ordinaire



Crys Cole — the amazing canadian sound artist of no comparishment


after a long time… finally new interviews up and more to come!!!! watch out! listen UP! and check it all out!

vinyl making!!!!

Jun.09, 2017

check it out!!!!

one KILLER video on Gotta Groove Record plant in Cleveland, Ohio.

how to make a vinyl……. a really beautiful film shot in the plant:



creative, imaginative and TOTALLY dedicated people creating some of the best sounding and lookin vinyls on the freakin planet!

The Thing were on a visit last year in the actual plant….. absolutely fantastic! life changing!


new DISCAHOLIC! update

May.05, 2017

new update discaholic!!!

som nice free jazz items this time — AND MANY – many many — GREAT vinyls in stock from previous updates.

check it out:

recent finds winter 2017

Mar.21, 2017




NEW TRADES!!! march 2017.

Mar.21, 2017



Welcome back!

New updates. And a long list this time!

All up for grabs!!!

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S.M.E – LIVE                                           VIEW records 0015


Another amazing project by John Stevens. The true pioneer of free improvised music.

Two pieces for albert ayler, one in an orchestra setting with some totally mindblowing

arrangements with ao Kenny Wheeler and Maggie Nichols. The other side is truly happening: a quartet setting w trevor watts, nichols, stevens and Ron Herman.

A record that is getting hard to find these days.







ICP , fragments                                     ICP 005

An absolute CLASSIC!

Misha, derek bailey, han bennink and john tchicai. What could possibly go wrong ?
music is overthetop GREAT! Great interaction and wild playing w some very surprsining twists.

I believe this is the 2 nd pressing of this beast.

These music fragments actually are random snippets of a concert/studio performance: These were cut by Misha, then re-arranged in a different order (info from Willem Breuker)

Adress on front is inked… as it was was with part of this printing.

A must have!


VG+/ VG+





Derek Bailey – SOLO                            Incus 2 (R)

A masterpiece. Like many of Baileys solo guitar records. This is pure magic.

And a really rare record to find these days.

This is the volume 2 of his guitar solo. Vol 1 was released on incus as Incus 2.

This is the ultrarare Incus 2 (R) – version. R as in revised.

Very rare to find. Total music poetry!






Günter Christmann- Detleg Schönenberg – TOPIC                   private press

Christmann… one of the true pioneers of improvised music. and a musician of which you can collect it all. There are not one bad recording with this maestro of the cello & the trombone. This is a classic duo recording with his music partner in the 70´s : percussionplayer Detlef Schönenberg.

Beautiful, just beautiful interaction. Space, phrasing and flow. It is all there.

Highly recommended!!!!






Bent Jädig – danish jazzman 1957- debut (japanese reissue )

High quality japanese re issue of a fantastic scandinavian jazz monster.

The 1st press is impossible to find.

But this japanese reissue is stateoftheart! Great sound, exact replica of cover …. It has it all!

Fantastic jazz!




Peter Brötzmann trio usable past, 10” vinyl       olofbright editions

Fantastic trio release of an old recording with the classic ”for adolphe sax” – trio.

One sided 10”. A BOMB!!!

Out of print vinyl from the swedish olofbright editions – that is getting very hard to find now.

Music is inyrface as much as it can go!






SUN RA arkestra – crystal  spears— qbico bootleg

Another slide of insane RA arkestra  material.

This time on italian bootleg company Qbico.

Music is from the early 70´s – so of course really hard hitting.

Limited edition of 75 copies. This is nr 13. Rare……


M/ M




Fred van Hove – Cel Overberghe –kamikaze no 2

Really great duo interaction between master improviser Van Hove and sax titan Overberghe. An added string quartet makes the album a very unique and special one.

Really interesting music and a rare album to find.

Cover has some stain, and a ink mark on backside


VG+ / VG




Ornette Coleman – man on the moon – emi / stateside ( fr)

This is a bomb…..

Ornette Coleman in TOP form.

An amazing object!

More info here:

This is the  first time we have the chance to offer this amazing object.

This is the original first release! with don cherry and dewey redman…..

Only a test pressing / promo version was later made in 7”  format in the US.

But this is the original pressing. This is the one to get!

Totally mindblowing music. one of our absolute top fav ornette records all time.

Very rare!!!

Record cover has some ring wear , but vinyl is in great condition.


VG+ / VG




Gunnar Johnson Quintet – metronome  261

A really great swedish jazz ep w legend jan johansson on piano.

Fantastic music. very clear and imaginative. Beutifuuuuuul tenor playing by Erik Nordström!

An odd EP to find. Outside the radar.

Amazing music!!!


VG+ / VG+



Carsten Regild – voice of the wolf                          GUMP 7

This is a very odd album. And FANTASTIC!

Extremely rare to find.

An art project made by Carsten Regild in 1975 assisted by Legend Sten Hansson at Fylkingen / EMS.

A music collage using music by true legends Bengt ”Frippe” Nordström and Åke Hodell.

AND a piece by finnish maestro JO mallander. + more……

And all is released on the VERY collectable label GUMP!

With the intakt original inner sleeve. Creative music & art history!

This is a MUST HAVE! We kid u NOT!







Milford Graves – meditation among us                                     Kitty records

A free jazz bomb. Milford Graves hitting it hard w the top of the cream of japanese free jazz players.

They are all here:

Abe, Takagi, Kondo….

This is serious music….

And a rare album to find outside japan these days.







MFG – in minnesota                             Hat Hut records S/T

Legendary group w Joe McPhee. Free jazz, improv… whatever you wanna call it.

This music IS happening.

This copy is still sealed (!!!)

Joe McPhee on vinyl… always 100%.


Fantastic research and amazing delivery!






Günter Christmann / Paul Lovens / Marten Altena – weavers –po torch

We tell you: this is one of the BEST records ever recorded within the  free improvised music scene!

It has everything. Music is totally mindblowing. Ultra detailed and full of extreme flow and energy.

It doesnt get better than this!

Total interaction and focus.

The highest possible recommendations for a very rare LP that has never been reissued!


VG+ / VG (+)




Bill Dixon – 1982                                 ferrari editions

This is solo poetry. On trumpet.

Fantastic improvisations, beautifully recorded.

A rare album to find. This copy is without the inlay.

Solo trumpet records were very rare to find back in the 80´s and 70´s….

This is a classic!







Evan Parker – collected solos— incus / private

Hold on to your hats…. This one will not be offered frequently:

A box of 4 of Evan parkers solo records + unreleased casette in a completely beautifl box.


”This is a limited edition box set (200 copies) issued in 1989 containing four LPs previously released on Incus together with a real-time duplicated cassette of related previously unreleased material. The center label for Monoceros is hand-stamped with the artist’s name and titles, the rest of the records have printed labels. The box had no label or number and was sold through Cadillac Distribution. The pack includes a booklet by Paul Haines, a document listing all tracks on all media, signed by Evan Parker. The outer box, signed by Evan Parker.”

This is a one time chance!!!

Very few objects within this music form has such beauty.

Music goes without saying: six of one, monoceros, aerobatics and the snake decides… all CLASSIC solo sax records.







Michel pilz- peter kowald- paul lovens – carpathes – fmp 0250

Another european classic. An early fmp w the amazing kowald and lovens together with bass clarinet player Michel Pilz. This will blow you away.

Fantastic music. detailed and yet raw and surprising!

Highest possible recomendations!!!!

In pristine condition!






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interview john corbett

Dec.09, 2016

an amazing interview w fellow discaholic, collector, record producer galleryowner & vinylfreak special JOHN CORBETT

check it out!!!! about the art of collecting & about collecting the art and everything inbetween!!!

totally ROCKIN!!!!


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mostly cds… . but one or two vinyls… and some reallly KICKIN sun ra related items!!!!!