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TRADES april 2018


finally —NEW VINYL TRADE LIST of RARE VINYLS IS UP — it has been a hectic winter —  but we found some HEAVY objects for YOU to digest!

please check the list out and hit us with your best trade offer at:



Van Prince and orchestra – adlon hully gully, Adlon (DEN)  7”

Funky soul jazz – party music! Rare and beautiful and very sought after 7”!

With the great Sahib Shihab on baritone sax – playing an amazing solo! KILLER!

The crop of the Danish jazz scene playing on this non profit special release!

Palle Mikkelborg, William Schiöpffe and others! DIG?

Rare and great!






Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) – Kalahari  7”, Gallo  (SA)

Amazing 45 with the great South African pianist and composer Abdullah Ibrahim on a rare South African 7”. 1974 release with some great solos and arrangements —– of the beautiful classic Dollar Brand anthem Kalahari.

Rare object and worth having for everyone into South African jazz in general and Dollar Brand in particular!


VG+  / NAC






LILIPUT,  Split – rough trade, 7” (UK)

Swiss art – experimental pop group . great music – rare 2nd press on

UK based Rough trade.

The 1st press is on a swiss private label is just impossible to find.

This is rare enough – and great and very creative music!

Great condition of vinyl and just some wrinkles and slight wear + a small rip on left bottom corner .


VG++ / VG




Hans Reichel – Table of the elements, 7” (USA)

Fantastic release.

Green cover – green vinyl released on the design pioneering label Table of the Elements.

Daxophone solo record from 1993. Killer music – a MUST have and getting quite rare to find nowadays. Limited edition.

Strong recommendation!


VG++/ VG ++





The Coxhill / Bedford duo – Pretty little girl, Polydor 7” (UK)

An odd one. A 1971 release from the mind and hands of the great and late Lol Coxhill.

We need to be many more Coxhill completists in this world.

The work of Lol Coxhill … is … beyond description!

Always fantastic. Always different!

VG+ / VG (company sleeve w wrinkles and small rip)





Sunny Murray – S´s time now – DIW 7” (JAP)

An unreleased track from the classic Jihad session of Sunny Murray.

One sided EP – with the track “The Lie”

Absolute CLASSIC!!!!! Albert Ayler…. Don Cherry….

What else do you need? This is as good as it gets!

Highest possible recommendations! INYOURFACE free jazz of highest beauty!

Hard to find now – originally only sold together with the original Japanese pressing of the Jihad LP as a bonus. But sometimes you find the 45 separate, like this copy.






Sven  Åke Johansson – Schlingerland SAJ 01 ( GER)

Absolute classic record. KILLER cover – and KILLER music.

One of the best and most creative albums ever made on the European scene of free music. A BOMB!

Marvellous drum solo activities. Pioneering solo drums. Sensational 1972 recording from Stockholm.

This is the true 1st press with the amazing silk screen cover in perfect condition.

Very rare!!!!!!!!







Göteborgs Musikkvartett – Aftara, LIM,  (SWE)

Amazing Swedish free jazz recorded 1975. KILLER playing ´by the late and great Ove Johansson! His tenor sax is on FIRE!

2 sax lead 4tet — wild and free!

Longer freer improvisation in a style inspired by the best American free jazz.

Great flow – great energy! Fantastic music.

Getting rare to find… and it is really worth looking for!

Vinyl in great condition – cover shows just a little wear. vg ++





Itaru Oki- genso note, offbeat (JAP)

Amazing Japanese free jazz album, led by the great trumpet player Itaru Oki!

Amazing cello playing be Keiki Midorikawa (known for his many collaborations with guitar maestro Takayanagi!). Great playing over the whole record.

Really great flow and an amazing sense of details.

1975 recording that features some really creative sax playing by Yoshiaki Fujikawa!!!

Great album. NO obi, but with insert

Vinyl in great condition. Cover shows a little bit of wear on front.

VG++ / VG ++




Birdyak – aberration, Klinker Zounds, (UK)

Amazingly weird and amazingly GREAT improvised music!

1988 1st release of this magnificent album.

Absolute classic in our world!
The one and only Hugh Metcalfe in top form together with concrete poetry artist Bob Cobbing!

It is wild… it is insane… and it is GREAT!

Special guest appearance by the late and great Lol Coxhill – turning the temperature up even more.

KILLLER stuff!

NM/ VG++





Lars Gunnar Bodin – Bengt –Emil Johnson, semikolon,  SR ( SWE)

An absolute must have! A pioneering “Hörspiel” by two of the greatest Swedish composers all time: Bodin and Johnson!

Original 1966 1st press on Seriges Radio Förlag.

Originally created as a 6 part radio series in 1965, and released in 1966 by Sveriges Radio. This is the first LP recording by either of these composers. Recorded at EMS (Elektron Musik Studion), the newly established studio facility at Swedish Radio. This pioneering work did not easily fit in any category that existed at the time. Inspired by the work of Öyvind Fahlström (who was a pioneer of concrete poetry along with the Lettrists and Futurists), a few young Swedish artists began exploring new text based experiments. The only other artist releasing records of similar soundworks at this early time in Sweden was Åke Hodell who had released two 7” singles.
These Swedish sound poets differ in style from their other European counterparts mainly due to their easy access to the high quality facilities available at EMS, with its own in house engineers and sophisticated studio equipment. Given the close relationship at that time between EMS and the national Swedish radio station, their works often have a strong narrative (radio art) quality. Semikolon is one such work.

Highest possible recommendations!





Lars- Göran Ulander / Per Henrik Wallin / Peter Olsen – The new figaro, Dragon (SWE)

Absolute essential free jazz! No prisoners… and just full of intricate interplay and high energy turns and twists!!

Absolute killer album.

Live recording from 1975.

Not so rare – but absolutely FANTASTIC music!

The sax and piano interaction is beyond goooooood!

VG++ / VG+




Circle 1 & 2 , CBS/ Sony  (JAP)

Classic super group w Braxton, Corea, Holland and Altschul. Absolute essential.

Freedom and power and fire!

Extreme sense of detail and form and interaction on the highest level possible.

Just overthetop GREAT!!!

This is as good as it gets – when it comes to free music and musical communication.

Every player is at their best! Short lived group that made some totally essential albums!

This is the 1971 1st press on japanese CBS/ Sony.  This is the original 2 volumes sold/ traded together. GREAT studio recording and just ground braking music!!!

VG++/ VG++  & VG++ / VG ++




Guitar solos 3 -, rift (UK)

A totally face melting collection of guitar solos. Compiled by Fred Frith.

Amazing and unusal contributions from Henry Kaiser, Peter Cusack, Keith Rowe, Chadbourne, Davey Williams and others.

Abslutely mindbending quality of the music! And extremely interesting to hear that many different takes on how to use a guitar.

Highest recommendations!!!!

VG++/ VG++






Marion Brown Quartet, Live at Funkhaus, Qbico (ITA)

Bootleg album with the music of the great Marion Brown.

Killer sax record!!! We LOVE the sax playing of Marion Brown – one of the greatest free jazz players emerging from the US in the 60s.

1977 recording that got released as a boot on Qbico some years ago. As always w Qbico extremely limited edition.

unplayed copy.

M/ M



Mario Schiano – Concerto della statale, ECP – (ITA)

Killer free jazz from 1975 with legend and Italian sax maestro Schiano.

ALL Schiano records are worth having… some are utterly strange… some are utterly great – this is killer music! Straight ahead free jazz blow out!

Great trio recording and a perfect introduction to Schianos music and legacy!

VG++ / VG++




Michael Gregory Jackson – Clarity , Bija (USA)

Killer line up with free jazz icons Leo Smith and David Murray in top form.

An unusual album though… very lyrical at parts and intricate compositions by Jackson.

GREAT acoustic guitar playing  and a really great album. Surprising vocal entries and very unusal arangements.

Oliver lake…  Oliver Lake…. Oliver Lake…. We say no more!

An odd release of extreme interest!!!


VG++ / VG++



Pierre Favre Trio – Santana – Pip (SUI)

CLASSIC beast of a free jazz anthem!

Absolute necessary album with three GIANTS of European free jazz: Irene Schweizer, Peter Kowald and leader Pierre Favre on drums!

1968 recording of some pioneering works.

Extremely great music. Interaction on highest levels. Monstrous piano trio!

Rare  and early free jazz album, 1st press on Swiss label PIP  in good condition. Vinyl sounds great and cover show just a tiny bit of wear.

VG++ / VG+



Fred Anderson/ Neighbours,- Accents,  musicians rec co – (GER)

1978 recording of some really great free jazz interaction.

Chicago legend Fred Anderson in great form, leading the music – playing some beautiful songs together w ao. trumpeter Billy Brimfield.

Great album — beautiful all over.


Getting rare…

VG++/ VG++




ARAC- constellation, arac (SWE) 7”

Extremely rare 45… with some killer Swedish jazz activities!

Very sough after – just NEVER shows up. Really really rare…

Produced on small local label Arac from northern Sweden.

Bertil Strandberg leading things.

Some amazing drum action from legend Sten Öberg (always the best !!!!)

This copy is pretty beaten…. BUT because of its rarity…. It needs to be included in ANY serious jazz vinyl record collection!!!

Vinyl has background noise and some crackling- but nothing really bad. The cover is heavy wrinkled and not in perfect shape….





Pistolteatern / Staffan Olzon/ Pi LInd . . Sveriges Radio (SWE)

Legendary project recorded in collaboration between the Swedish broadcasting corporation and the classic Pistolteatern in Stockholm  in ….

A very surprising and inspirational “hörspiel”. Staffan Olzon – one of the best hidden secrets on the conceptual art and theatre scene. Hilarious!!!

Beautiful splatter (!) vinyl in company sleeve.


VG++ / NAC



AR Penck w. Frank Wright  Be cool in Munich part 2 – private edition  (GER)

Very rare and killer music content.

Check the line up!! Frank Wright, Butch Morris, Billy Bang, Dennis Charles, Phil Minton…. Fantastic!

Another one of AR Pencks audio projects – hiring amazing free jazz musicians to collaborate and record with himself.

This album has some extremely great moments and it is of course always a joy to hear Frank Wright in ANY context and situation.


M/ M





Charlie Mingus – The Clown – Atlantic  (DEN)

Danish pressing of this mega classic album. For the Mingus completist!

Music goes without saying –  being one of Mingus´s absolute most important albums.

Sound is great on this early 60´s pressing.

Musically the highest possible recommendations!!!

VG++ / VG ++






Joe McPhee and others – Brother to Brother – yokefree (USA)

One of the most obscure and FANTASTIC albums ever produced in the US: we kid u NOT!!!! The first and only release of this 1971 monster!

Joe McPhee playing recorder together with an electric piano and chickens (!)….

Read more about the album here:

brother to brother


It used to be a holy grail…. And very very few copies ever showed… but after the passing of the producer a box of records floated. Still… the total edition is under 100 copies…

And instead of 4 digit numbers… it is now down at 3 digits value…. Slowly again approaching the 4 digits. Of course…just very RARE!

Since this is a stock copy from that box mention above and STILL SEALED (!) we need serious offers only!

Absolut fantastic and utterly bizarre album – a MUST HAVE!!!

M/ M



Jimmy Woode- The colorful Strings of JW – Argo (USA)

Fantastic session. A quite unknown album filled w amazing music!

Paul Gonsalves in top form! Absolutely fantastic playing here from Gonsalves and Jimmy Woode himself.

Duke related music and musicians with absolute marvellous playing by Clark Terry!

Really great album from the beginning to the end.

1st press in great condition! Killer jazz – killer cover!

Strong recommendations!!

Small tears of paper gone on lover end of front cover otherwise in great condition.

VG++ / VG ++



Fred Frith – Live in Japan Vol 1 & 2 (JAP)

Fantastic solo guitar outing!

Mindblowing  and just beautiful! Intricate music full of detail. A masterpiece of color, energy and creative layers!

Everything with these two albums are great – music, cover and content.


One of our all time favorite guitar solo albums by legend Frith!!!



VG++ / VG ++  &   VG++ / VG++



and the BOMB!!!!!!! we are very PROUD to present:

SUN RA & The Qualiaties— SATUR records!!


this is rare beyond the understandable….

and the music is OVERTHETOP fantastic — one of our all time fav´s — ALL genres!

this is what u need to be able to ecelbrate x- mas, new years and LIFE properly!



STOCK COPY!!! never ever played….













Oct.04, 2017


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Musique concrete                                                      BAM, LD 070

Amazing collection of electro acoustic works by Luc Ferrari, Xenakis, Sauget and others under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer. Liner notes by Olivier Messiaen.

Mindblowing electronic music – and musique concrete action!

Highest possible recommendation!!! Original mono pressing!


VG+ /VG+



Dede Folkstudio                                   folkstudio

Fantastic 4tet record from 1977 with the Italian maestro Mario Schiano.

One of the rarest records in his discography and very much worth lookin for.

Great music! And very surprising action all over the record.

Essential Italian document of amazing free free jazz!

Very seldom seen lp!!


NM/ VG ++




Caspar Brötzmann & Peter Brötzmann  – Last Home        pathalogical records

Brutal album.– not the mainstream be bop father & son meet really… this is something very very different.

This is the  so called Vodka King lp!

Scary intensity. SCARY. No one can be dissapointed after hearing this incredible album.

Recorded in New York by legendary sound engineer Robert Musso.

Some very intense bass sax actions to be noticed….






Merzbow – Kapotte Muziek

Limited edition. 1000 copies only of this BEAST…

The music is so intense it is almost hard to even try to describe.

UK first press from 1993 of music edited and mixed in 1991 by Massami Akita.

Really one of the strongest merzbow albums freakin EVER!

Fantastic intensity and layers of pure noise beauty!







Albert Ayler – Bells                                                                        ESP(JAP)

Classic of the classics. Ayler in the great company of Charles Tyler and Donald Ayler blowing all they have.

Backed up by the masterly drumming of Sunny Murray. It does not get any better than this!

One sided masterpiece of early free jazz extacy!!!

Japanese pressing in mint condition.

The print on the soft touch cover is amazingly beautiful!





Stockholms Elektronmusikfestival 1982             Fylkingen Records

Totally rockin´ compilation of electronic music taken from a festival held in Stockholm in 1982.

Mindblowing Ilmar Laaban piece and a classic Ingvar Karkoff piece (the dogs) among others.

Getting hard to find now… the early Fylkingen records… this is something to collect if interested in really creative electronic music and related activities!

Amazing music all along! Great condition, just a sign of a removed price tag on the cover.


NM / VG +




Kaoru Abe – Mort a credit                                       ALM records

Absolute KILLER slide! This is life changing music! We kid u not!

2nd press of an absolute KILLER record of solo saxophone improvisations! An all time favourite of Discaholic Corner!

Abe is still one of the best hidden secrets of the free jazz scene. He passed away, way to early but made a collection of extreme solo recordings during his lifetime.

The 1st press and the 2nd press and basically the same… and was released around the same time. Highest possible recommendations!






UNITED FRONT – LIVE IN BERLIN                          FMP

Excellent free jazz on iconic German label FMP. Underrated group with elements

of both European and American free jazz. Beautifully recorded and a very important document of creative free music. Great alto sax activities from Lewis Jordan.




Steve Lacy  – Stalks                               Colombia (JAP)

Very very rare Japanese 1st press of this unusual session with Soprano sax maestro Lacy together with master drummer Masahiko Togashi and the great bass player Motoharu Yoshisawa. A GREAT trio session with some very unusual readings of some classic Lacy compositions! Recorded back in 1975 — this is essential Steve Lacy!

A really rare object — missing the obi and a few stains on cover – but vinyl is in excellent condition. Very hard to find and highly recommendable!!!!





John Stevens – spontaneous music ensemble     marmalade

Very rare John Stevens release  – true 1st press on british Marmalade label.

Absolutely fantastic improvised music with some off- melodic elements of beauty!

Lots of fantastic vocal activities from Maggie Nichols and company makes this a very special treat!

… and check the wild bass playing of Johnny Dyani out! Absolutely top of the line!

Add the genius guitar playing Derek Bailey to the picture and you understand what this is all about!

This is a classic UK album! And a MUST HAVE!

Highest possible recommendations!

VG++ / VG ++






John Coltrane – Selflessness                                   Impulse!

Original 1st press with a gatefold cover.

Absolute KILLER music  – this is the rare 1st press version. Recorded in 1963 and 65 at the Newport festival – this is as good as it gets!

Released in 1968. A totally mindblowing version of My Favourite Things with the great Roy Haynes on drums giving it all a special touch and flavour.

Laminated cover in great condition.

VG++ / VG ++



Arbete & Fritid – Håll andan                                                         MNW

A 1978 / 79 recording of one the truly iconic prog/ psych groups of Swedish creative musics! With the forever FANTASTIC drumming of Thomas Mera Gartz as  the creative hub ! Post- Träd Gräs & Stenar activities and related inputs. Fantastic music and an amazing cover by the great visual artist Channa Bankier.

Getting rare to find. This is the 1st and only press! Extremely creative music and cross- over activities of the highest levels!

VG++/ VG++





John Tchicai  4tet and Group                                  qbico

Qbico bootleg album made in 33 copies. Recorded 1972 with Pierre Favre and Peter Warren and in 1981 w an all Danish  line up.

Great Tchicai playing. As always.  Poetic lines of beautiful melodies and free jazz action.

Amazing music! Recommended and very rare already!

This copy is numbered  22 . never played.

M/ M




Bernt Egerbladh – Schizo                                         SweDisc

Very very rare piano trio CLASSIC!

Amazing Swedish jazz, moving toward a freer territory musically!

Absolutely fantastic drumming by the great Sten Öberg… mindblowing timing and articulation!

All Egerbladh compositions plus a great reading of “days of wines and roses” and just a great interplay between the musicians.

Supersolid bass playing from the late and great Björn Alke!

This is an essential Scandinavian release – and it is just amazingly great!

Includes the original inner sleeve.

Extremely hard to find.

Highest possible recommendations! Plays with a little bit of background noise, but nothing bad. Fantastic recording!

VG+ / VG+




Derek Bailey – Han Bennink :                                  Incus 9

A CLASSIC! Recorded in 1972 and just insane music…. Free…. Wild… and brutal!

This is just an amazing document of this music form at its peak!!!

This is the 2nd press w white labels in really great condition.

With an incus insert sheet included.

The interaction and energy level on this live recording is beyond belief!

ROCK! Listen to “the girl with the concrete tongue”… and let it change your way on looking and hearing at music!

This is a highly essential record to have – to listen to –  to make u feel GOOD!






Michel Grailler- pianos puzzle 2                            saravah

This is the Spanish 1st press… on French label saravah… (???)

That is the info we can find, we cant explain it better. This is the way this album came.

More important is that the music is really happening!

Free jazz piano trio action with a very personal touch and energy!

VG++/ VG++



Irene Schweizer & Rudiger Carl- the very centre of middle europe        Hat Hut

Amazing record with two of the most important european improvisers on the scene.

WILD tenor sax actions by Carl and detailed beyond belief actions by Schweizer on a record that is a real treat to listen to.

These older Hat Hut records starts to be difficult to find now. So take the chance now.

This is music on the highest level. Even the action on water pipe is enjoyable!!!

Free music!

A bit split seam on the top of the cover – but vinyl is in great condition.

VG++ / VG




Ornette Coleman – Ornette at 12                            Impulse!

Classic Ornette album. 1st press. With a very young Denardo Coleman on drums and some amazing playing from both Charlie Haden and legend Dewey Redman!

Recorded in 1968 this is absolutely great music – all you need!

A classic and a gem!

Great condition.

VG++/ VG++





David Moss – Terrain                                               cornpride

1st and only press of this percussion monster of an album!

David Moss is taking it OUT! Really OUT!

Great document of percussive excesses and vocal treatments.

Rare to find these days and a very important contribution from the American improvised music side of things.

NM/ VG++





AR Penck with Frank Lowe, Jeanne Lee a.o.                              Penck

A very rare record. And one of many AR Penck releases with amazing guests playing.

Beautiful playing from Lowe and just fantastic singing from our heroine Jeanne Lee.

Billy Bang, William Parker and Dennis Charles is in the mix and that makes this album really really worth having! Penck might not the most exciting musician recording freer jazz…. BUT in such a company…. What can go wrong ?

And just to hear the tone of Frank Lowe… is enough for us. Essential!






Derek Bailey / Andrea Centazzo – Drops                                   Ictus

1st pressing of a Derek Bailey  classic monster of an album.

Vinyl in great condition but cover with some water stains.

Extreme level of interaction — but the actual guitar playing is the main thing here at play!

An all time fave in the discaholic archive! It swings like… nothing else….























Jun.21, 2017


time again…. some very heavy slides of jazz releated music…. some very heavy items this time….

be quick.

make your offers for trading to:

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Jazz Jamboree 1967            Muza

Absolute KILLER! One of the most amazing surprises for us EVER to find out what is behind the group name Manfred Schoof Quintet!!!! Finding it all out during a discussion with Evan Parker about rare vinyls some years ago. Because of a late change, two replacements had to be made for one particular tour and Gerd Dudek and Sven- Åke Johansson, that normally plays in this amazing quintet  , could not make it for the tour. Therefor the line up for the tour and on THIS recording are:

Manfred Schoof – trumpet

Evan Parker  !!!– saxophone

Alex von Schlippenbach – piano

Buschi Niebergall – bass

Han Bennink!!! – drums

Which is an absolute amazing line up, in our world!

And the version they are playing of the Sonny Rollins track “Doxy” is nothing less than sensational! 5 stars and more…

The rest of the record has a more mainstream music focus, but there are some fine vocal jazz contributions by Georgie Fame.

Be quick! This one will go. Since it is not even pricy…. (yet) ….


VG++ / VG +




Charles Tyler – WKCR studions 1974 — Qbico bootleg

Killer free jazz slide! The under documented Charles Tyler with his own 4tet. With the amazing Steve Reid on drums, Ken Hudson on bass and killer trumpet screamer Earl Cross. Recorded at the legendary WKCR studio in NYC. A radio station that really has been spreading the word on free jazz for many years. essential work ! and essential music! Very creative and deep free spiritual jazz!

Bootleg made in only 33 copies. This one is nr 18.

Never played. Perfect condition.


M/ M




Sonny Rollins – freedom suite                 riverside

Classic Rollins album. Original pressing. With the epic one side version of “the freedom suite”. 20 minutes of pure improvised JAZZ. Radical, political and very adventurous. Free jazz. Freed jazz. JAZZ! Rollins is backed up by Max Roach on drums and Oscar Pettiford on bass.

Absolute classic in our world. Rollins at his best —- phrases floating around like sharply defined sound sculptures of extreme beauty!

Great condition! Deep groove.


VG++ / VG ++





Beaver Harris – from rag time to no time         360

Private label release of some sensational cross over free jazz music.

Beaver Harris together with some free jazz heavyweights – Jimmy Garrison, Cecil McBee, Dave Burrell – meeting some old school heroes such as Maxine Sullivan (beeeeaaautiful singing!!!! ), Doc Cheatham! And Marshall Brown!

Hilarious and fantastic! I love this record!

Getting rare to find these days!


VG + / VG +





Det nyJAZZaste från Göteborg                   carprice records

Brutal compilation with a.o. a KILLER track by the Mount Everest trio! And other really exciting contributions from the noisy “Soffgruppen” and  the great jazzunit “Opposite Corner”.

And do not miss the epic tenor sax playing by late Ove Johansson with “Mwendo Dawa”.

Killer slide – lots of great unreleased music. Only on this lp!

A must have!

Slight ring wear on cover. Vinyl in perfect condition


VG ++ / VG +



Walter Marchetti – la caccia                     cramps / nova musica

Amazing piece of music. One of the most radical records in the neo-avant-garde panorama for 35 years, is divided in two tracks: “Versione All’aria Aperta” and “Versione Per Uno Spazio Chiuso.” The sound is generated by hunting calls for birds and other animals. KILLER!

Must have!

Original 1974 pressing!

This is a true DNA changing record…. Don’t miss!


VG ++ / VG +



Burton Greene – presenting                     CBS

True free jazz bomb! A Lp that have been a well hidden secret for years so far.

And it is an absolute killer – beautiful and totally frantic free jazz!

Byard Lancaster playing his ass off….laser piercing alto sax!

Great pieces in very specific style… post Nichols/ post Monk but free…

You dig?

Great interaction and totally happening music! Some completely beautiful electronic disturbances – by Greene –  within the acoustic set… makes the record a complete masterpiece!

Detailed and FULL of high energy playing all along

AND still sealed!!!!…. still sealed…. Never played….


M/ M




Schlippenbach Quartett – the hidden peak        fmp

The classic. Of the classics. Sorry about this… but this IS classic.

European free jazz on the highest levels possible.

It will blow your mind! It will blow your mind!

1977 original pressing on FMP. The original trio + the late and totally great Peter Kowald. The highest intensity – the highest energy.

Mindblowing. Perfect condition. Look untouched.

I cant recommend it more deeply….





Teatime                     incus

Another fantastic Incus slide.

With our hero John Russell together with Steve Beresford and Gary Todd among others.

Super intense British free improv.

Detailed poetry. Interaction of highest levels.

I rank this album as one of the best on incus albums ever. Which should tell you something…

Hard to find these days.



NM / VG +



Serge Chaloff sextet – Boston blow up               capitol

One of our all time fav bari sax records.  ALL TIME.

Completely beautiful and heart braking… so full of … JAZZ!

The bari sax playing of Chaloff is beyond poetry… listen to “whats new “ and smile…

This is IT! The phrasing, the tone and the swing. Great Boston based group backing Chaloff… but what really kills us is of course Serge Chaloff. The best bari sax player all time?

We do think so.
original 1955 mono pressing.


VG+ / VG +



Georg Riedel – jazzbalet                            swedisc

Amazing larger ensemble and orchestral work by the great bass player and composer Georg Riedel.

With some amazing piano interplay by the late and GREAT Jan Johansson!

Very ambitious orchestral work. Adventerous and just beautiful.

Overlooked album, that is just extremely interesting on all levels.

Some ringwear on cover and a slightly bent corner. Great condition of the vinyl.


VG+ / VG




Sun RA – deep purple                     saturn 485

Historically and musically … a BOMB!

Sun Ra in a meet w old school violin player Stuff Smith in one of the earliest recordings ever by Sun Ra.

Already 1953 Ra was happening!

The recordings span from a period between 1953 – 55.

A very important album to have to fully understand the music and legacy of Sun Ra!

Wonderful, just wonderful!

Original Saturn release from 1973. No cover (it was never released with a specific cover and came in a huge variety of other jackets over the years )


VG ++ / NAC





Jan Wallgren / Bengt Ernryd – love chant                     dragon

Amazing Swedish jazz with two true pioneers.

Wallgren and Ernryd worked very closely together for many years. Experimenting with free forms and also involving ethnic  music into their jazz spectrum. A very creative mix that gave extremely interesting results.

This is a really really great record and an example of what they were doing at the time.

Just GREAT drumming by Erik Dahlbäck (of Per Hernik wallin trio – fame!) .

Original Swedish pressing from 1977.




Derek Bailey – solo guitar                         Incus 2

The 2nd release on Incus. And what a release!!!!

This is a masterpiece.

Nothing else.

A true classic. Monster guitar playing by maestro Bailey. His first solo record.

And it IS an INSANE one… so GREAT , so beautiful.

We have no words.

This is the pressing w  turquise labels… made in 500 copies right after the first pressing ( dark blue labels ). So made in 1971, but technically speaking 2nd pressing. But more rare then the 1st pressing (1000 copies)! Do you follow?

Amazing  1st pressing cover art… goes really well with the music!

An absolute MUST HAVE!

This music changed the legacy of jazz… it changed many people and guitar players over the years… and we understand why.

One of the best records ever made in recorded music… NO JOKE!

Very very rare to find in any condition at all… and this copy is nothing else then amazing!

A masterpiece!


VG++ / VG +




Bengt Ernryd Quartet  1964 – 65                          dragon

A brilliant album with some very early freer jazz from Sweden.

Bengt Ernryd playing some totally beautiful trumpet with his comrades

Jan Wallgren on piano, Gösta Wällivaara on bass and the amazing Janne Carlsson on drums (of Hansson & Carlsson – fame!!!).

Recorded in 1964 and 1965… this is one of the earliest attempts recorded in Sweden to involve Indian music into the world of Jazz.

Some mix of lydian concepts (George Russell), Indian scales and freer jazz- makes this a very very important album.

Virtuoso trumpet playing by Ernryd that is quite uniqe even with international standards. Fantastic!

Released 1975 on the classic Swedish dragon label.

Original first pressing in great condition.







Sven Hessle – grekisk rapsodi                             SH 001/ private

This is it. The bomb…

This is rarer then hen´s teeth.

And it is so goooooood. Absolute KILLER music!

And different from anything else you have ever heard.

Made in 50 (!!!) copies in 1968. On Sven Hessles own label SH.

Sven Hessle played bass with Bengt Nordström in the 60´s and later made his academic career and played only occasionally.

But back in the 60´s he was a driving force! Amazing bass player with great visions!

And this record is a …. Sensation!
you will never ever see a copy again. 50 copies in 1968….

This is very likely the ONLY time we can offer this one.

Comes with a xeroxed letter to the buyer in Swedish. In the original white plain sleeve from 1968.

A-side with a Swedish singer making a greek (!) rhapsody… backed by the FANTASTIC quartet of Hessle, the oneandonly Christer Boustedt on alto sax , and tandem team Gösta Wälliwaara /  Janne Carlsson!!! It swings like MAD! Free jazz! FRREEEEED JAZZ!

Absolutely mind minding.

B-side has a KICKIN free jazz unit w the great Gilbert Homström on tenor sax (of Mount Everest fame! )  and Åke Johansson on piano and Anders Söderling on drums.

KICK ass free jazz blow out! The Tenor sax playing is some of the hippest tenor sax playing ever recorded in Scandinavia! For SURE!!!



VG+ / NM




Basil Kirchin – worlds within worlds, parts 3 & 4     island

The vol 2 of Kirchins epic masterpiece Worlds within worlds.

Various amplified insects, animals, birds, jets and other engines. Sounds of the docks in Hull, Yorkshire… and the autistic children of the community of Schurmatt, Switzerland.

An insane electronic masterpiece!

Very obscure music . and fantastic!

Original 1974 release. Not as rare as parts 1 & 2 that was released in 1971.

But… this is rare… and GOOOOOOOD!

Derek Bailey,Evan Parker, Kenny Wheeler and others in interaction with
Basil Kirchins tapes.

Highest recommendations!


VG++/ NM




Felix Droese / Peter Brötzmann- vanishing images (cassette)           gal. klein

A box. A box of beauty!

The visual artist Felix Droese invited Peter Brötzmann for this release.

Images by Droese and music by Brötzmann. On casette. Very limited edition of

380 (!) copies.

And the solo music of Brötzmann can only be found here on this very cassette! Fantastic solo music! KILLER material!

A real find. All items housed in a heavy pictorial gray card box; the box has a tiny bit of rubbing, otherwise all items in the box in EXCELLENT COND. Beautiful box with a huge number of images and prints!!!

Very very rare. Signed by both artists.


M/ VG ++






GOOD LUCK with your offers. be quick!

“see ya in a minute”
















NEW TRADES!!! march 2017.

Mar.21, 2017



Welcome back!

New updates. And a long list this time!

All up for grabs!!!

Hit me with an offer  and let me know what interests you – and we will try to work it all out – tradewise!


good luck !


and please remember to visit our other website – with set prices for improvised / free jazz records, updates very first Friday pf the month:









S.M.E – LIVE                                           VIEW records 0015


Another amazing project by John Stevens. The true pioneer of free improvised music.

Two pieces for albert ayler, one in an orchestra setting with some totally mindblowing

arrangements with ao Kenny Wheeler and Maggie Nichols. The other side is truly happening: a quartet setting w trevor watts, nichols, stevens and Ron Herman.

A record that is getting hard to find these days.







ICP , fragments                                     ICP 005

An absolute CLASSIC!

Misha, derek bailey, han bennink and john tchicai. What could possibly go wrong ?
music is overthetop GREAT! Great interaction and wild playing w some very surprsining twists.

I believe this is the 2 nd pressing of this beast.

These music fragments actually are random snippets of a concert/studio performance: These were cut by Misha, then re-arranged in a different order (info from Willem Breuker)

Adress on front is inked… as it was was with part of this printing.

A must have!


VG+/ VG+





Derek Bailey – SOLO                            Incus 2 (R)

A masterpiece. Like many of Baileys solo guitar records. This is pure magic.

And a really rare record to find these days.

This is the volume 2 of his guitar solo. Vol 1 was released on incus as Incus 2.

This is the ultrarare Incus 2 (R) – version. R as in revised.

Very rare to find. Total music poetry!






Günter Christmann- Detleg Schönenberg – TOPIC                   private press

Christmann… one of the true pioneers of improvised music. and a musician of which you can collect it all. There are not one bad recording with this maestro of the cello & the trombone. This is a classic duo recording with his music partner in the 70´s : percussionplayer Detlef Schönenberg.

Beautiful, just beautiful interaction. Space, phrasing and flow. It is all there.

Highly recommended!!!!






Bent Jädig – danish jazzman 1957- debut (japanese reissue )

High quality japanese re issue of a fantastic scandinavian jazz monster.

The 1st press is impossible to find.

But this japanese reissue is stateoftheart! Great sound, exact replica of cover …. It has it all!

Fantastic jazz!




Peter Brötzmann trio usable past, 10” vinyl       olofbright editions

Fantastic trio release of an old recording with the classic ”for adolphe sax” – trio.

One sided 10”. A BOMB!!!

Out of print vinyl from the swedish olofbright editions – that is getting very hard to find now.

Music is inyrface as much as it can go!






SUN RA arkestra – crystal  spears— qbico bootleg

Another slide of insane RA arkestra  material.

This time on italian bootleg company Qbico.

Music is from the early 70´s – so of course really hard hitting.

Limited edition of 75 copies. This is nr 13. Rare……


M/ M




Fred van Hove – Cel Overberghe –kamikaze no 2

Really great duo interaction between master improviser Van Hove and sax titan Overberghe. An added string quartet makes the album a very unique and special one.

Really interesting music and a rare album to find.

Cover has some stain, and a ink mark on backside


VG+ / VG




Ornette Coleman – man on the moon – emi / stateside ( fr)

This is a bomb…..

Ornette Coleman in TOP form.

An amazing object!

More info here:

This is the  first time we have the chance to offer this amazing object.

This is the original first release! with don cherry and dewey redman…..

Only a test pressing / promo version was later made in 7”  format in the US.

But this is the original pressing. This is the one to get!

Totally mindblowing music. one of our absolute top fav ornette records all time.

Very rare!!!

Record cover has some ring wear , but vinyl is in great condition.


VG+ / VG




Gunnar Johnson Quintet – metronome  261

A really great swedish jazz ep w legend jan johansson on piano.

Fantastic music. very clear and imaginative. Beutifuuuuuul tenor playing by Erik Nordström!

An odd EP to find. Outside the radar.

Amazing music!!!


VG+ / VG+



Carsten Regild – voice of the wolf                          GUMP 7

This is a very odd album. And FANTASTIC!

Extremely rare to find.

An art project made by Carsten Regild in 1975 assisted by Legend Sten Hansson at Fylkingen / EMS.

A music collage using music by true legends Bengt ”Frippe” Nordström and Åke Hodell.

AND a piece by finnish maestro JO mallander. + more……

And all is released on the VERY collectable label GUMP!

With the intakt original inner sleeve. Creative music & art history!

This is a MUST HAVE! We kid u NOT!







Milford Graves – meditation among us                                     Kitty records

A free jazz bomb. Milford Graves hitting it hard w the top of the cream of japanese free jazz players.

They are all here:

Abe, Takagi, Kondo….

This is serious music….

And a rare album to find outside japan these days.







MFG – in minnesota                             Hat Hut records S/T

Legendary group w Joe McPhee. Free jazz, improv… whatever you wanna call it.

This music IS happening.

This copy is still sealed (!!!)

Joe McPhee on vinyl… always 100%.


Fantastic research and amazing delivery!






Günter Christmann / Paul Lovens / Marten Altena – weavers –po torch

We tell you: this is one of the BEST records ever recorded within the  free improvised music scene!

It has everything. Music is totally mindblowing. Ultra detailed and full of extreme flow and energy.

It doesnt get better than this!

Total interaction and focus.

The highest possible recommendations for a very rare LP that has never been reissued!


VG+ / VG (+)




Bill Dixon – 1982                                 ferrari editions

This is solo poetry. On trumpet.

Fantastic improvisations, beautifully recorded.

A rare album to find. This copy is without the inlay.

Solo trumpet records were very rare to find back in the 80´s and 70´s….

This is a classic!







Evan Parker – collected solos— incus / private

Hold on to your hats…. This one will not be offered frequently:

A box of 4 of Evan parkers solo records + unreleased casette in a completely beautifl box.


”This is a limited edition box set (200 copies) issued in 1989 containing four LPs previously released on Incus together with a real-time duplicated cassette of related previously unreleased material. The center label for Monoceros is hand-stamped with the artist’s name and titles, the rest of the records have printed labels. The box had no label or number and was sold through Cadillac Distribution. The pack includes a booklet by Paul Haines, a document listing all tracks on all media, signed by Evan Parker. The outer box, signed by Evan Parker.”

This is a one time chance!!!

Very few objects within this music form has such beauty.

Music goes without saying: six of one, monoceros, aerobatics and the snake decides… all CLASSIC solo sax records.







Michel pilz- peter kowald- paul lovens – carpathes – fmp 0250

Another european classic. An early fmp w the amazing kowald and lovens together with bass clarinet player Michel Pilz. This will blow you away.

Fantastic music. detailed and yet raw and surprising!

Highest possible recomendations!!!!

In pristine condition!






GOOD LUCK WITH IT ALL — EMAIL me suggestions for trades….. vinyls…. vinyls…. vinyls… in all formats are interesting!






























new TRADES!!! NOV – 16

Nov.25, 2016

time again…. a lot of touring activity has slowed down the amount of trade lists this year… but more is coming… there are good stuff stored away… free jazz, jazz, free improvised music….

here is the VINYL TRADE nov / dec list:



these records are up for trade… and will shortly after be available for sale at

new sales list every first friday of the month!!!!!


email to :

with yr best offers for trade…. vinyl for vinyl……be quick !







HOHE UFER CONERTE, private press



Extremely rare and exetremely GREAT! Sold only a few times ever… and u NEVER see this pearl around. An album made in a very tiny edition ( 200 copies ? ) on a private german label.

And this copy is in amazing condition.

Unreleased music by Evan Parker/ Paul Lytton duo ( absolute classic duo piece !!!)  Ghristmann / schönenberg duo, Irene schweizer solo ( one of here ever BEST!!!! ) … and much more…. Absolute KILLLER music!!! one all time fav when it comes to creative music!

Strong recommendations!!!!






Sonny Sharrock – monkey – pockie – boo, BYG


Classic and epic album by the late and great sharrock!

Mindblowing music!!!!! it WILL blow you away….

One of the strongest BYG records of all time.. and that should tell you absolutely everyting about the importance of this album!

Cover is slightly warped / water damaged… but vinyls is pretty perfect.

RAW and beaautiful music!!!!!


VG++ / G



Leif Elggren – in sleep the knifes are sharpened         , Firework

Killer document by one of the greatest conceptual artists ever: Leif Elggren.

King Leif the 1st of the kingdom Elgaland & Vargaland.

A classic 1997 recording of knives being sharpened…. BRUTAL and fantastic! Like nothing else… and it swings….. !!!!

Beautiful cover in a fragile paper cover. 10 ” vinyl!


VG ++ / VG ++






Derek Bailey – Evan Parker – the london concert , Incus

One of the real classics of european free improvised music. the strongest duo document of Parker/ Bailey for sure (and there are many amazing duo recordings around with the duo ). Complete interaction om micro and macro levels.

Breathtaking! This is REAL musical communication on every layer possible!

The detailed interplay is just astonashing and pure music poetry!

Perfect condition. An personal favourite of the whole music form.  This is IT!!!








Hans Reichel- the death of the rare bird Ymir, FMP

Absolute killer solo album my the the late Reichel. Just pure guitar improv , exploring ALL possibilities of the instrument! Fantastic musical control — and freedom!

A forgotten masterpiece of improvised music beauty!

No Daxophone around…. Just pure guitar noises! All you need! Another 70´s wuppertal classic!







John Russell  / Richard Goldman – home cooking, Incus

Recorded in 1978, prime time for british abstract free improv!

With the relatively unknown Richard Goldman in a very very inspired set!

But the real bomb here is John Russell!

One of this musicforms real geniuses! We mean it!

Russell is a genius of structure and form and in free flight on this solo guitar recording… it does not get more fun with your clothes on!

This is pure guitar music beauty! Original first UK press with the amazing cover in great shape.


NM / NM-




Philippe Sarde – les enfants des gates, Vogue (FR)

A quite unknown album with sensational music onboard.

Check the line up: Barry Buy, John Surman, Francois Rabath and Johnny Griffin (!!!).

It IS a weird pairing…. But the music that comes out is nothing else then great!

Originally a soundtrack to a Bertrand Tavernier film.

This is the original first french pressing in amazing condition.









Börje Fredriksson- Börje Fredriksson, Odeon

One of the most amazing sax players ever to emerge from the frozen landscapes of Sweden.

A TOTALLY unique voice and an amazing improviser. His sax tone is truly something ELSE. Must be heard! Based in hard bop territory but with some free flight activities that will make you astonished. Absolute poetry!

Only one LP was released during his lifetime ( Intervall ) and this record came out shortly after his death, only 31 years old. Bobo Stenson and Palle Danielsson backing Fredriksson up in a freakin genius way! The strongest ever recommendations!

Mixed by sound genius Göran Freese!


VG ++ / VG ++



Joseph Jarman – song for, delmark

Original pressing of an absolute essential AACM LP! Free free jazz… with some very unique voices involved – the late and great Steve McCall, Thurman Barker and the highly missed chicago mastermind Fred Anderson!!!

… freedom and swing…

and Joseph Jarman really exploring  the roar of the silence and the instant now.

”Litte Fox Run” by Fred Anderson IS a classic!!!

First US pressing in great shape. Cover has some small wear.


NM- / VG +



The new york contemporary five – vol 1, Sonet

The classic FREE JAZZ group of all time in many´s  and my opinion.

THE NEW YORK CONTEMPORARY FIVE! In a steaming session at the classic danish jazzclub Montmartre. In Copenhagen. Deeply rooted in jazz history and exploring the possibilities of the past and the future together in a free and open context.

But check the balance of the group out… it is just breathtaking. The individual voices of John Tchicai, Don Cherry and Archie Shepp are so strong and deep…but works together like ONE unity. And the drumming of JC moses on those sessions are absolute killer!

This is truly amazing music. FREE music!!! Monk and Ornette pieces and original pieces in a highly and extreme musical mix and outing!

Original first danish pressing w red sonet labels. An album that shows up very seldom these days!!!

This is actullay one of the strongest records ever of Archie Shepp – and that should tell you someting!

In really great condition. An absolute MUST HAVE!


NM- / VG ++




Jun.18, 2016


A new update of trades! MONTHLY from now. every mid month… a bunch of TRADES will be up

UPDATES will come regularily now…. a week or so before we do our monthly  set price updates on the new site:

ALWAYS ON THE FIRST FRIDAY EVRY MONTH – all set prices. the trades on this site + hundreds of new items offered every time.

A new ERA of rare experimental and creative music on vinyl!


Let us know what you want and need and what u have to offer for a trade:



So, look out for – first friday every month.



Sun Ra  with Yochanan – the space age vocalist – Saturn 4237         7”

”M uck  M uck”

a real classic Sun Ra 7”…. Completely mindblowing. One of the most bizarre and amazing recordings of Ra on the migt Saturn label.

Original first pressing on gold label. With the original gap between ”M” and ”uck”.

No art cover ever made.

Plays much better then it looks. No skips or pops. Absolutely rare – and absolutey fantastic! No other band can swing like the arkestra… and no other band has such creative tuning – on ALL levels.

A mythical saturn release! Fantastic!


VG-  / NAC



Lasse Gullin – Get started             polydor   7”

Together with the Jutta Hipp/ Lars Gullin 45 the rarest of all Gullin EPs.

And an amazingly great and early Gullin in a very solid quartet setting.

We have seen very few of this album ever. Extremely rare!!!

Vinyl is very nice condition and the cover has

2 split seams – 2 -3 cm on two sides, small stain on front.

Totally essential Gullin material!


VG++ /  VG –





Jan Johansson  Trio – mäster Johansgatan 12 megafon   7”

Amazing  piano trio music. a true classic! Vinyl in great shape and cover as well, just one corner has a section where a sticker was taken away. Really great music w a very inspired Johansson hitting the piano with his poetic and very distinct right hand. Highly recommedable!


NM / VG+



Bryon Gysin ”junk”             mosquito      7”

A very rare EP. Unknown to the most. And a MUST for any Gysin or Don Cherry completist!

Don Cherry as always….amazing. adding his poetry to one of the greatest poets and artists of our time: Bryon Gysin! Record looks unlayed.

In our world… all men and women should be Don Cherry completists…





Charles Brackeen – ”Rhythm X”               Strata East   LP

A total killer album w the original group of Ornette Coleman! But without Ornette and  with the great Charles Bracken playing the tenor sax! Absolute monster!

A VERY overseen and underrated sax player. Totally beautiful tone and very imaginative playing over the whole album.

THis release is part of the Clifford Jordan Eric Dolphy Series on the great Stata East label.

Ed Blackwell, Charlie Haden and Don Cherry makes this record a true masterpiece.

Getting hard to find these days. Highest possible recomendations!


VG++ / VG ++



Tomasz Stanko Quintet  ”Plastic Sun”                Calig LP

A rare and great album by Polish trumpet maestro Stanko! On the great and inventive German label  Calig.

Great group playing and phenonemal trumpet playing the whole way.

Rare! And one of the best Stanko albums ever!


NM/ VG ++





Evan Parker – saxophone solos               Incus 19  LP

White label , 1st press.

An insane album of pure beauty! Pioneering material and truly masterfully executed!

This is one of the strongest solo albums ever made.

Evan Parker in amazing form making the impossible possible… in a very convincing way.

A MUST HAVE – not just for sax players.

This music will chnage the way you look at music … and the world as it is.

Vinyl looks unplayed. ( which is VERY strange to us…. )


NM / VG ++



Dollar Brand Trio – anatomy of a south african village          fontana LP

Great earaly trio album by Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand).

Great interaction and amazing materials. ALL early Ibrahim records is a MUST!

It swings. It swings. It swings… and the south african vibe is all over this one. In the BEST possible way!

We can only SMILE!

One slightly bent corner on cover.. one faded stain, but vinyl is in very excellent condition.


NM / VG +







SUNNY MURRAY spiritual ensemble                   bootleg LP

With the mighty Arthur Jones – one of the most underrated saxplayers in the free jazz world! In company of two great bassplayers + guitar and the one and only Sunny Murray. A  rare italian bootleg that will likely not show up every day at your local store.

Limited edition of 25 copies (!) . recorded 1971.

This is 5 / 25


M/ M



Lars Lystedt Quintet  ” live Umeå 1964”                        Dragon LP

An absolute killer of a record. Fantastic jazz combo from the beautiful northern Swedish town of Umeå!

With free jazz solos on alto sax by the legendary Lars – Göran Ulander. The warewulf from Saxnäs! For sure one of the most creative saxplayers to ever have emerged from Scandinavia. WILD!

Music is quite Mingus – ish… but the alto sax and the drums make it a whole other affair!

Essential! Getting more and more rare as we speak .


NM/ VG++






Eric Dolphy  ”The Uppsala Concert Vol 1”        marshmallow LP

Picture disc! – when did you see a jazz picture disc lately ?

This is the one! This is the one to get!

Dolphy in amazing  form. Unbelievable alto sax and bass clarinet playing. Mindblowing! With local rhythm section doing a great job! Official japanese release. Extreme quality of vinyl and cover and all. a dream of an album.

Nr 621/ 999 limited edition



M/ M




Dieter Scherf Trio          ”inside – outside reflections”           private label LP

One of the classics of rare europen free jazz records. Saxophonist Scherf hitting it all. Through the roof and more.

A GREAT and very underrated player and improviser. In the greatest company  of masterdrummer Paul Lovens! A young Lovens (24 years young) contributing with a unique composition: Drum Und Dran !!!

This album is an all time fav! And an asbolute MUST have!

Very rare. In all the years of searching for rare improvised music records… we have seen this record for sale only 2 times…


NM/ VG++







2 Internationales new jazz meeting aug burg altena   JG records LP

This is it.

This is the bomb.

This is the one that never shows.  I ve seen only two copies ever. JG records mania. That label did their records in such small quantities. BUT, the content on those releases….. HOLY SHIT! They all RULE!!! And they are all extremely RARE!

But you need them all… that is how it works.
beacuse this particular one has a track (a whole beautiful LP side) by the classic Peter Brötzmann Trio w Van Hove and Bennink that will make your days and nights shine ultra bright, that will make your mind implode, that will make your lp collection looks like pure MAGIC, that will make your life just … beautiful (if you own it )!

The brötzmann track is  – in our taste – the best Peter Brötzmann ever on vinyl!!! EVER!!! WE KID U NOT!

This is brutal, high energy, super rad interaction – BEAUTY!

This is as good as it gets!

And the rest of this 2 lp set is also extremely great and full of creative music:

Seite 1: Peter Brötzmann Trio

Seite 2: Alan Skidmore Quintet & Mike Osborne

Seite 3: Thomasz Stanko Quintet + New Jazz Ensemble `71 & Karin Krog

Seite4:  Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet & The Trio + John Surman, Barre Phillips, Stu Martin

EXTREMELY RARE! Maybe the rarest of ALL  brötzmann releases —- and the BEST!!!!

Be quick with trade suggestions – or this one will soon be GONE GONE GONE!


NM/ VG++



email suggestions of trades and offers to :






















May.11, 2016

UPDATES may 2016.


Finally time again…. A new update of trades! sorry being away for a bit…. to much touring and lookin for more vinyls…..

UPDATES will come regularily now…. a week or so before we do our monthly updates on the new site:

A new ERA of rare experimental and creative music on vinyl!

Trades wil be updated each month from now on, on this very  site…. There will be a limited amount of new trades every month… trade only´s,  for a limited period of time and afterwards all records will be for sale  at fixed prices at EVERY MONTH!



Let us know what you want and need and what u have to offer for a trade:



So, look out for

To be launched  may 31st 2016.   a  vinyl rehab surprise… a new source for finding experimental vinyls for sale… more news soon!!!!


Meanwhile – check the new trade list out: some CLASSICS! And classics to be!



Cecil Taylor – akisakila – TRIO


One of the most amazing documents of the powerful CT 3…. The classic trio. Perhaps the most classic of any of Taylors groups. Transcendental communication.

Just an insane free flow of detailed energy!

Maybe my favorite cecil vinyl of them all (!).

Beautiful gatefold sleeve.

Wild interactive free jazz blow out!


All in great condition. Looks like never played. with seldom seen obi.








Albert Ayler – Bells – ESP


Everything with this record makes me smile.

The music, the cover, the vinyl, the silk screen print…and all of the variations that exists of this amazing LP! Very very collectible since many different colors of the vinyl exists… and as well many different versions of the cover. All different colors!  Musically – one of the strongest vinyls ever in the free jazz history. We kid u not. Ayler is RIPPING!

Great condition. The version is the classic black cover with yellow silk screen print and with the with white transparent vinyl with a red screen print.

Beautiful…. Just beautiful . a MUST have.

This is the original pressing, the 1st one.

But there is also a pre press…. That was made in about 50 copies. We have only seen 5 copies of that one the last 20 years. And the price of the pre press is just beyond sanity…



VG+ / VG +






Urban Hansson – Emphasis on Jazz, Dragon

Classic to be!

A totally mindblowing LP that is becoming rare to find these days. It has one of the earliest abstract free improv sax / drum duets ever recorded in Sweden! The rest of the album is a wonderful variation of different takes on what jazz is or could be. Beautiful arrangements and solo activities. Contemporary jazz, mainstream and abstract improv… all mixed together on a fantastic LP that blow our minds!








Dewey Redman – look for a black star – fontana



Free jazz with the mighty Dewey Redman in great form. A still very underrated tenor saxplayer that is at his best on this piece of an amazing vinyl.

With sensational drumming from eddie mooore! This lp SWINGS!

And the tenor tone of redman can melt minds and civilizations, as we know them. The Redman trademarked vocalizations made on this record are just SCARY!

Redman is taking his experiences of working with Ornette and making something highly unique with it all.

Recomended!!! Strong first press.


VG + / VG +


SORRY – TRADED! may 11th





Trond Botnen w Svein Finnerud  – Multimal – polydor ( NOR)


CLASSIC to be!

The sensational Svein Finnerud Trio is one of the most important but still rather unknown units of Norwegian freer music. and this is for sure the most unknown lp in their recorded legacy, of all their recorded documents. Together here with the amazing sax player and free mind of Calle Neumann and poet Trond Botnen. Seriously amazing jazz & poetry project that really interacts. And a record that NEVER shows up these days.

Music is a KILLER!

and a really rare item… .never sold on eBAy…..

Very rare to find in any condition!!!


VG + / VG


SORRY – TRADED!!!! may 15th






Peter Kowald – duos – FMP


A very rare 3 lp set with Peter Kowald – the legend! In a huge numbers of duets – with musicians from Europa, America and USA.

Absolute TOP NOTCH music!

All you need for a Blindfold evening with yr friends!

Andrew Cyrille, Brötzmann, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker…. The list of duo partners are just amazing!

Highest possible recomendation!

Very rare to find. Made in a very small number. A very small edition of the box included an artwork by Kowald. But to find that edition…. Is just impossible.

So this is the original 1st edition box with the beautifully packaged 3 lps. A MUST HAVE!









Bengt Ernryd – Musik – magnum

A CLASSIC to be!

Very early jazz experiment from the swedish mastermind and trumpeter Bengt Ernryd!

Graphic scores and odd arrangements and a genius cover makes this LP an absolute favorite and a must have.

One of very few documented  free jazz projects from the 60´s in Sweden.

Absolute KILLING!

Amazing playing all along. Bengt´s  interacting deep with musiacians like  Ivan Oscarsson and  Gösta Wälivaara.


VG++ / NM


SORRY _ TRADED!!! may 15th








Don Cherry  BLUE LAKE – BYG ( JAP)


Astonashing 1st pressing of this mighty musical bomb . the original  japanese edition.

Maestro Don Cherry together with Johnny Dyani and Okay Temiz. Amazing trio interaction and overthetop beautiful playing of Cherry. World music as it should be. Open, free and using elements from all over and melting it together . South African Turkish, American, African, Indian and Scandinavian elements freely improvised in an open groop setting.

Beautiful 2 lp set with fold out cover.









Steve Lacy & Masahiko Togashi – eternal duo – paddle wheel

Original japanese press of an extremly interesting meeting between two masters of improvised music.

Lacy in excellent form, playing lots of abstract beauty here.

Japanese only LP that is becoming really hard to find. Great recording.



VG++/ VG ++





Pierre Henry – mise en musique  du corticalart –  philips perspectives serie



Monstrous album with Henry treating and mistreating the Buchla synt and related matters…. In open extreme forms that sounds more like free improvised music then anything else. Whatever you call it…. It is completely mindblowing!!!

There are two ”corticalart” lps in this serie…. They are both absolutely esential to have.

They will both absolutely and for sure BLOW YOUR MIND!

Very rare to find in any condition these days. A MUST!


VG+ / VG (+)







Mount Everest Trio – waves from Albert Ayler –  LIM

CLASSIC free jazz hip shit!

This record is on my all time favorites of creatve free jazz. Swede Gilbert Holmström blowing all doubts away ( if there ever were any…. )  and masterful kickass drumming of the late and great Conny Sjökvist. This amazing album was reissued on CD by Unheard Music / atavistic years ago….. But this is the real thing! The 1st press of an absolute classic scandinavian jazz record. No joke — this  one is pure MAGIC!

It swings. It ROCKS! It RULES!

And the bandphoto on the front cover is just the most amazing one anytime! Only to compete w the classic Ramones album!


VG++ / VG +

SORRY! TRADED may 11th.







Polly Bradfiled & Eugene Chadbourne – Torture time

Another classic….

Free improvised music interaction doesnt get better and more extreme then this.

The mighty mighty Polly Bradfield on violin and master Chadbourne in EPIC form.

They are taking the music the whole way….. the whole way…. No return.

We LOVE this record. You can only smile and play again and again when u hear it.

Amazing interaction. Amazing cover. And one of the best titles ever for a music of free improvised music.

Highest possible recomendations. And in perfect condition.


VG++/ NM


SORRY – TRADED may 15th







Sun Ra – the bridge – saturn 7” ( testpress ? )

Classic RA 45! Music is insane. Insanely good.

One sided monster rarity. Made in early 80´s ?

Rare to find these days- but not as rare as the early gold labeled Saturns.

BUt what can you do ? you need them all!

To collect Sun Ra is a challange. The best challange there is. To become a saturn completist is something else. Makes life different. We recommend you to join this force.

And musically – this one is really and for sure one of the most kickin!



VG ++ / NC






John Coltrane – Ascension –  impulse jukebox 7” – with jukebox sticker


CLASSIC coltrane material.

In the form of a jukebox single!!!

WHO came up with this idea? And WHY ?

But…. It is a very very cool item to have!

Ascension is one of the most amazing pieces of music that Trane ever did. But to put it down, edited on a 7”…. What is THAT ?

We call it MAGIC!

This is a must for any collector of Coltrane and an amazing item in itself.

Beautiful cover including one jukebox sticker for your machine at home.


VG++ / VG



Bob Reid – africa is calling  me

A rather unknown album with some amazing reed playing from master Oliver Lake in excellent form.

A historic overview of slavery and related… in the form of a modern free jazz

”opera”. Some amazing music here and a thrilling libretto.

Rare to find and a really exciting and rare document!


VG+ / VG






Instantcom 002 – ICP


A MUST have… music is beyond… beyond… beyond.

Hard hitting explosions… lyrical interaction… free music poetry.

The tandem team of mengelberg & bennink hitting it DEEP with master sax mind John Tchicai. This is something else!!!

One of the most amazing documents of improvised music ever. We kid you not.

Vinyl in really great shape – 1st press.

ICP is another label where you need to walk the  completist road.


VG++ / VG +






GOOD LUCK WITH IT ALL!!!!! peace & fire — one piece of vinyl per day keep the doctor away………………













LARGE UPDATE – NEW TRADES!!! october 2013

Sep.28, 2013

OCTOBER TRADES –  vinyl vinyl vinyl!!!

a new list – the first one that offers a good trade gets the goods.

many heavy items listed this time!


and offer your trades!


october vinyl trades – big update

Sep.28, 2013

time again!

new trades!

it has been a while… heavy touring and related activies… but , good thing is that vinyls has been piling up – and here they are .

vinyls for trade.

the first good offer gets the wanted one(s).

email us at:

with yr best trade offer and we ill get back to as soon as we can.

good luck with the trading – and as always — “one piece pf vinyl per day keeps the doctor away!” or was it two per day?








Chris  McGrgeor  – brotherhood of breath – procession , Ogun LP (UK)


A classic record of South African infused free jazz for large ensemble!

Getting rare these days.

This copy is in pristine condition,

Music is spectacular – with heavy and beautiful contributions by Evan Parker, Dudu Pukwana, Johnny Dyani, Harry Miller, Louis Moholo and others.





Haaz & company – unlawful noise (NL), KGB records


Another well hidden gem from the world of European free music!

This LP doesnt show up that often these days.

Great condition of cover and vinyl.

Mindblowing and soul juggling contributions by Peter Brötzmann, Han Bennink and again Johnny Dyani and Louis Moholo. Dangerous!




Karsten Meinert Kvarett – for you , MS records 1001(DEN)



A so called discaholic bomb….

Truly fantastic modal free jazz with a Danish crew that might blow you away.

A classic vinyl.

Very sought after.

And …. Hold yr horses.

This copy is in MINT condition.

Both cover and vinyl cant be in better shape. Never touched.

Very rare 1st pressing of vinyl in a MINT condition. please note the MS press on blue label IS the 1st press, as well as the red labels.

(we were  contacted the day after the release of this list w additional info about the color of the labels: “the pressing plant ran out of red labels and made the rest of the print on blue labels” – so both are 1st press. and just EXTREMELY rare!!!)

… we dunno why the danes did such small editions of this classic modal jazz album!

the 2nd press is the spectator press on blue spectator labels.

but this is the S**T!!!!

Serious offers only.






Al Shorter – Tes Esat, America (FRA)


Mindblowing free jazz.

Edgy but spiritual playing by some true masters of the game.

Very underrated crew… that can blow you all away in a blink and a grasp.

Alan Shorter blowing his frency on top and extreme sax master Gary Windo taking things away like no one else could!

Johnny Dyani being the glue.


Great condition!







Sun Ra Arkestra – w black Harold and Pharoah Sanders, Saturn IHNY 165(USA)


A bomb…

Very very rare original Saturn release of mythic proportions!

This baby shows up with various covers…  this one with the personel listed on the white jacket. Someone being unsure about the date of the recording… 1964, 1965 or 1968?

And the correct answer is: 1964.

But this baby was not released until 1976!

And check it out!!!

The Arkestra w Sanders…. What more is needed to say.

What more is needed to have?

Very very rare.

Serious trades only!




Marten Altena – papa oewa, claxon (NL)


Legendary album of bass maestro Altena.

Hitting and treating the bass like few humans can/ could.

What makes this album so spectacular is also the fact that the actual album cover does not fit in your shelfs really!

The proportions are wrong… no side is equal!!!

Amazing concept!

And a record u will always notice in yr collection ;))

Great condition and great music.




Chris McGregeor – very urgent , polydor (GER)


Another classic and rare record w heavy South African roots. This LP was impossible to find for a while.

Thank god there are 2 pressings of it. One Uk and one German pressing.

This is the 1st german pressing.

Pristine quality.

Music is what u can excpect!

Completely wild and beautiful.

With the classic blue notes in action.

Amazing playing by Pukwana and tenorist Ronnie Beer!!!!




John Stevens – SME – aka OLIV, marmalade (UK)


A beautiful beautiful vinyl… this is the very rare 1st pressing on the obscure UK  Marmalade label. This pressing is rare…

Very creative music. Sme at its best.

Derek Bailey, Johnny Dyani, Trevor Watts, Maggie Nichols…. What more can u wish for?

Slight ring wear on front cover… but vinyl is in amazing condition.




Alex Riel Trio , Fone PWS 111 (DEN), 10 “ vinyl.


Great 10”  vinyl with a Danish / American creative jazz combo!

Kenny Drew contributing with some of his finest playing.

Great interaction of the two danes Örsted  Pedersen and Riel!

Great piano trio.

Sought after vinyl, that does not show up frequently. Rare.




Karl Berger & company – tune in, milestone (USA)


Rare free jazz album on the mainstream jazz label milestone!

A forgotten gem, that is hard to get your dirty hands on these days.

Fantastic and creative playing by Carlos Ward especially!!!

And the drumming of Ed Blackwell… are just.. overthetop swingin!

Add Dave Holland to the picture and you have an all time classic free jazz album w vibes maestro Karl Berger!

Great condition.





Thomasz Stanko – purple sun, calig (GER)


A totally great jazz / free jazz session by polish trumpet master Stanko!

This 1973 Calig release is rare and well worth looking for.

Check the creative alto sax (!)  playing by  violin player Seifert out. Fantastic!!!!

Please pay close attention to all the great polish jazz records from the 60´s and 70´s…. there are real amazing finds to make!

A well hidden secret of the European jazz scene!

Great condition of vinyl and cover




Pierre Favre Trio – Santana, Pip 1 (SUI)


Very very rare original swiss release of a classic album , later released on FMP.

And what a piano trio!!!!

Irene schweizer and the god father of creative European bass playing; Peter Kowald.

Great condition.

Pierre Favre playing his most creative drumming.

One of our top free records. All time.

And this monster is an early one… right at the time when it all was happening!

KILLIN music of three masters of  the music!






Michael Gregory Jackson – clarity (USA)


A hidden treasure … again.

This music is happening.

Album not being super rare… but super good.

Make sure u pick this one up, before it gets maga rare and sought after.

Innovative playing by all time heroes David Murray and Oliver Lake.

And Leo Smith….. just adding …. Music…. In a way… only he can do!

Great condition of a truly great album

American  improvised jazz of the highest standard!




LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams, Günter Christmann, Torsten Müller – white earth streak, trans museq (USA)


Rare improvised music album w master Christmann breathing and beating the shit out of his trombone  and Americans Smith and Williams contributing with highly innovative playing!

A real find!
this is great improvised music!

Signed by Williams and Smith.

Great condition.




Sunny Murray – Big Chief – Pathe Marconi (FRA)


Another classic free jazz meeting of US and European (French) traditions of free playing.

With some great SA – infusion by great tenorist Ronnie Beer.

Alan Silva rocks the house… and Kenneth Terroade taking walls down!

Kickin cover of an all time free jazz fav!

Great condition of cover and vinyl.





Gwigwis band – Kwela , 77 records (UK)


A SA jazz classic.

Legendary stuff. This LP is done in the time of UK tax/ copyright laws of the 70´s… that effected the companies to make either under 100 copies or more then 100…. Which resulted in that many labels only did 99 copies of some releases.

Like the classic Nondo releases of Derek Bailey and SME.

This is such a limited release. 99 copies only… of this mesmerizing music!!!

With amazing South African jazz….alive and kickin with beautiful playing by Dudu Pukwana, Ronnie Beer, McGregor and of course bandleader Gwigwi Mrwebi!

Amazing and stunning condition of a super rare LP!!!





Pilz, Niebergall, Schmitt – celeste, trion 3901 (GER)


Unusual album with 3 great European music activists.

Free and wonderful playing by bass clarinet wonder Pilz!

The true mastery here is the deeeeeeep bass playing by Niebergall.


Great record and quite hard to find.

Cover has some slight wear,  VG+. But vinyl is good. VG ++.





Peter Brötzmann ao. Hot Lotta ,  Blue Master Special (FIN)


One more time… The Hot Lotta is back on the trade list.

And this time in even better condition.

A classic. A freakin classic!

With a line up of the tandem germans: Brö & Kowald. What can possibly go wrong?

Stellar playing by finnish tandems: Aaltonen & vesala!

A meeting of minds. EXPLOSIVE music and one of the greatest covers ever!

Very rare finnish original 1st press.





Sven Åke Johansson – Schlingerland, SAJ – 01 (GER)


The original 1st press in pristine condition!!!

This one needs very serious offers….we have never seen it in such condition.

And this is is… a …. Monster classic.

Historically and musically.

Beaaaautiful silk screened cover. Colors are magic.

The album came out later on FMP / SAJ with an offset printed cover and no colors..

But this is the S..T!

Solo percussion activities without a dull moment.

Recorded 1972 in Stockholm by SWEDISH sound wiz Göran Freese!

Very very rare…. Just impossible to find in such condition!

Yes, it is another bomb…. It is….A … BOMB!





Kondo , lovens & lytton – death is our eternal friend,  (JAP)


Rare Japanese 1st press. Killer improvised music with drummer geniouses Lovens and Lytton. The tandem drummers of the European scene. Toshinori Kondo´s trumpet playing is in the middle of it all.

Creating music of the highest level of poetic beauty!

And with lytton treating  his live electronics wildly , but highly sensitively!

A 1982 japanese recording of three masters at work.

This baby is getting rare….rereleases exists… but… this in the numero uno!!!

Great condition.





Kondo, Honsinger, Kowald, Toyozumi – what are you talking about? (JAP)


Rare Japanese 1st press. The 2nd Kondo LP to get with absolute killer improvised music.

Again in the company of some great players: the German titan Kowald and American wizard Honsinger – both of them treating strings and vocal chords in very creative ways!

Japanese drummer Sabu Toyozumi is the center of it all.

Balancing the music to where it should be.

Rare and beautiful.

Not touched.



Steve Lacy –   disposability – rca  VIK (ITA)


A monster session. Truly magic. A 1965 recording of classic Lacy material.

Experimenting… finding  the new ways…. And still using the fundaments: Monk and Taylor as springboards to a new freedom and creativity!

Telepathic playing by Romano and Kent Carter!

This classic jazz album is all about balance and freedom!

This is the Italian 2nd pressing.

The 1st pressing is impossible…. The 2nd is rare enough.

Great condition and a masterpiece of  music!



Bengt Nordström – Now is the “Frippe” time, Dragon lp (SWE)


A late and great Nordström album.

After the classic bird notes albums of the 60´s….(that will be popping up here later…. Promise….) which are impossible to find nowadays. Nordström didn’t record for years.

This document is a great example of the Nordström logics. A live recording w comrades Peeter Uuskyla and Björn Alke a.o. scat singing, contrabass clarinet insanity and related activites… this is a great album.






Bosse Wärmell – 1962, EMI  (SWE)



One of the unknown and forgotten players of the Swedish 60´s.

Wärmell might be one of the best hidden secrets of the 60´s , in a international perspective.

Highy innovative jazz playing, on the verge of being free…

Amazing  sax tone and great group playing and interaction.

This  is one of very few vinyls around w Wärmell.

Only a very very rare 7” vinyl exists by Wärmell in his own name , except this monster LP! ( check the ep section out…)

This is not a mega rare LP…. But will be…. Music is spectacular. In the tradition , but free.

NM condition!





Charles Brackeen – rhythm X, strata east (USA)

Mind blowing free jazz session by great and widely unknown tenor sax player Brackeen!

With the regular Ornette rhythm section (Haden  & Blackwell) and a Don Cherry in top spirits!

Melodic and spiritual free jazz of the highest ranks!

Great condition of a rare  and classic lp.

A must have!



Elvin Jones – midnight walk, atlantic (USA)


One of our favorite Elvin Jones album of all time.

With the unusual setting of Abdullah Ibrahim on piano (!) , Hank Mobley on tenor sax and Thad Jones on trumpet!

This beast SWINGS!

Highly unusual promo copy. In NM condition.

Amazing music, amazing album.





Roz Croney – how low can you go? Dauntless records (USA)


1st press of this very rare album with limbo queen Croney.

Backed up by the complete Sun Ra Arkestra.

Sun Ra credited as Edward O Bland !

Small writing on front cover, but vinyl in great condition.

Very danceable and actually very enjoyable music!

For the Sun Ra hard core fans! ( and yes…. We are many…..)






Ornette Coleman – paris concert, trio records ( jap)


A 2 lp set of some of the most free and amazing playing by this classic version of the Ornette Coleman Quartet: Ornette (playing the freakin shit outa his violin!!!) , Dewey Redman (in absolute top form), Charlie Haden (in the very middle of all the action) and the great drummer Ed Blackwell!!

This album is rare… doesn’t show up that often.. at least not in Europe or the USA.

And it is really worth looking for.

Music is spectacular. The best!

Great condition.



Anthony Braxton – Circle 1 & 2, sony (JAP)


Classic japanese 1st pressings on two separate vinyls.

Recorded at the peak of this short lived unit. One of the most amazing periods in the free jazz history. At the same time when Miles is experimenting with electric flows and colors… Braxton is using almost exactly the same musicians for form & structure experiments!

highly creative.

Chick Corea… wilder them em all!

Dave Holland…. a monster bass player!

Just everyone is playing on top of it all.

Great recording. Records in great conditions,

Essential music!!!





Mal Waldron with the Steve Lacy Quintet. America (FRA)


One of our absolute fav Lacy records. With long time companion Waldron.

This album just have some magic peaks that are unforgettable!

Magic music happening all over. With a very creative blues aspect shining through…

Lacy´s playing is so precise and so free. Waldron is there, coloring it up.

Pianist laying the foundations around the quintet. Not the opposite.

Extremely great music. Highly Recommended .




Charlie mariano/ Lee Konitz  a.o.– altissimo,  RCA ( JAP)


A very very interesting album.

Rare and hard to find now. And utterly strange… with the four altos finding new paths for the instrument…. Backed up by the  great rhythm section  of Swedish bass maestro Palle Danielsson, dutch drum tornado Han Bennink and the free piano playing of Joachim Kühn. This is an album to check out!

Jazz….but out of balance… just a bit….




Steve Lacy – dreams, saravah (FRA)


Another classic Steve Lacy LP. With his favoured regular group at the time, but augmented with guitar maestro Derek Bailey. That addition is really creating some special moments  in  the music!

This is a very recommendable Lacy album!

Not his rarest, but for sure one of his finest!

Great condition.






EP section —————————————————————————————————


Lars Gullin Quartet – piano holiday – 7”   (SWE)


A great and classic gullin session.

With the warm sounds of Trombone player Åke Persson backing up the lines of maestro Gullin. Balanced and innovative solo activities. Great record!

VG+/ VG+.




Lars Gullin Octet – blue mail – 7” (SWE)


Great large ensemble session with another two masters of the saxophone:

Rolf Billberg on alto sax and Harry Bäcklund on tenor.

Those two Swedish favorite saxplayers in the company of Gullin himself is juts like heaven!

Great arrangements!

Truly great music and highly recommendable!

VG + / VG+



Panorama du jazz Europeen, vol 3 – suede – gösta theselius – 7” Columbia (FRA)


Classic Swedish jazz. The way it should sound!

French release. All the heavy swedes in the band, under bandleader Theselius:

Gullin, Domnerus, Hallberg, Åke Persson and the great Norwegian tenorist Bjarne Nerem!

VG++ / VG+




Lars Werner – point of view, 7”   artist ep 1027, (SWE)


One of the most innovative Swedish jazz piano players and advanced minds!

Lars Werner is a player and composer to check out carefully. We kid u not!

There are amazing large band experiments and insane duo activities in the 70´s with comrade  saxophonist Christer Boustedt.

But this is the very debut album by Werner.

And what a debut!

With life long friend and collegue Sune Spångberg (of Albert Ayler fame)

Beautiful intricate and warm! This is piano trio activity at the highest standards.

Highly recommendable and rare….




Jan Johansson Trio vol 2 – 7” artist ep 1052 (SWE)


The master of Swedish jazz. The master of “involvements of folkloristic elements” in Swedish jazz. Jan Johansson at his peak. In a trio situation that fits him like a hand in the glove! With some Danish help, he is making this a classic Swedish jazz ep!

A must have! Brilliant and engaging! One of few piano players that had a real punch in his attack, in both right and left hand.

Love for sale….. simple magic!

VG++ / VG++





Bo Wärmell & Bertil Lövgren – blue train. 7” jazz records (SWE)


A Swedish ep bomb… and there are a few….

This is the legendary Bosse Wärmell release, that all jazz discaholics like to find.

Because… it is super fantastic…. It is super rare… amazing cover… and it smells good!

The only vinyl released during Wärmells lifetime.

This is an extremely rare piece of vinyl.

Made in very few copies.

This copy is in great condition as well.

We cant recommend  it enough.

Jazz…. As it should be!

Produced by legendary EMI producer  Gunnar Lindqvist and Bengt Nordström ( of Bird Notes fame!!!)

But…. It needs a very very serious trade offer to be yours.

VG ++ / VG ++



Hansson & Carlsson – lidingö Airport , 7” GPS 1015 (SWE)


Original 1st press of this legendary EP:

With the favorite group of Jimi Hendrix: Hansson & Carlsson!

This is the rare 1st press of their debut record.

Playing the music of Darmstadt composer Bo Nilsson of malmberget!

Amazing organ & drum duo. Great material – great music!

Highly recommendable!

Some writing on front and back of cover.

VG / VG –



Jan Lööf – konstfackjazz – 7”, sir Isaac nyton  (SWE)


Another Swedish ep bomb!

This one is rare.  R.a.r.e…..And VERY sought after.

Made in a minimal edition in connection to the participants activities at a local art school in Stockholm: Konstfack.

Great tenor playing by leader Lööf, that later became famous as a cartoonist and some delicate guitar activities by Lasse Åberg, that later became a famous comedian.

Swinging bass playing by Urban Yman, of International Harvesster and TRäd, gräs & stenar – fame!

Very very rare.




Arne Domnerus trio – rund funk , 7”, artist ep  (SWE)


A great and unusual session w jazz maestro Domnerus!

Free and loose with both feets on the ground.

An amazing trio session where great bass player Georg Riedel is creating some

Truly amazing platforms for domnerus to improvise around and inside of.

Great jazz session.

And a great cover.

NM- / VG+


Rolf Billberg  & Hacke Björksten 5 –  7”, Sonet (SWE)


2nd press of a legendary  ep album of pristine Swedish jazz.

Fantastic interplay between Billberg and Björksten.

Georg Riedel on bass…. What more can we say?


Highly recommendable of course!

Coloring / Lamination of cover is always bad. This copy is in very good condition.

VG+ / VG +


Boris – scoubidou – 7”, Sonet (SWE)


Highy interesting soul / jazz session w Swedish singer Boris.

Backed up by the cream of the crop!

Check the line up!

Phil Woods, Maffy Falay, Benny Bailey, Åke Persson, Jerome Richardsson, Jimmy Woode etc etc.

Great arrangements by Bengt Arne Wallin.

Small Cut Out hole on cover, right upper corner.

VG++ / VG


Benny Bailey quintet w Bernt Rosengren – 7”, Sonet (SWE)


Fantastic session.

Music is 100%! The contribution of Bernt Rosengren is massive.

Truly one of the most personal and innovative sax players ever to appear in Europa!

Bailey´s trumpet playing on top of the game.

Joe Harris behind the drums are swingin like no one else!

Another classis EP… and they are ALL worth having!





















































new trade list feb 2013

Feb.10, 2013

Feb trades 2013!!!!

time again……..

A NEW trade list of some heavy items… some beasts and an absolute KILLER art related item…that is  a freakin sensation!

Focus on Don Cherry and also Peter Brötzmann this time…. With one  BRÖ 7 inch, one box ( with an accompanying story, being told in public for the first time!)  and a very very rare finnish edition of a Brötzmann beast!


Email us at:


make an offer for a trade and we will get back to you as soon as we can, with confirmations and such.

The first one to offer a good trade gets the good(s)!








Brötzmann/ Van Hove / Bennink – Einheitsfrontlied, FMP S3 (GER)


The epic and classic Hanns Eisler lied in an INSANE version, that wipes you and your relatives away. A bomb…. Musically  and in all possible ways.

The ultimate jukebox release for freer minds!

This is the original release! You dont find this one around that often these days.

Also the re release on Cien Fuegos, from last years record store day edition is sold out…. They went fast!!!! Very fast!

But this one is the very rare first FMP release back from the days.

Music is a weird nightmare of quotes and brutality and sheer beauty… all in once.

In perfect condition. Highly recommended — really… all you need… the perfecr start for a  7 inch collection with ambitions and directions


still available




Lee Konitz – Jazz at Storyville, Storyville ep 403 (US)


An absolutely fantastic EP. Music is masterful… Lee Konitz at his best… at his very best!

The master of poetic storytelling in a session with Ronnie Ball and others.

This Ep is in great shape. And just such an amazing piece of vinyl.

We buy this one and its sister release as soon as we see them…  perfect give aways… with its wonderful cover and dito music.

This time though…. Not to give away… just for trade!



still available







Tommy Potter Sextet – Metronome Mep 241 (SWE)


We are very happy to offer a favourite Ep from the swedish ”golden era” of jazz. A session with the musicians around the Freddie Redd Trio and their swedish friends.

Music is beautifully arranged for this sextet and the players includes: Freddie Redd and Joe Harris from the trio and the amazing swedish voicings of trombone player Åke Persson and trumpeter Rolf Ericson. Hacke Björksten (Woody Birch) and Stig Gabrielsson is contributing on tenor and bari. Making it a FULL sound!

Great record in great shape! Rare.

still available



Philippe Sarde – les enfants des gates , Vogue 45 x 140292, (FRA)


This is something quite amazing!

A session made for a soundtrack to a Bertrand Tavernier film. And what a weird and beautiful line up:
Johnny Griffin, John Surman, Francois Rabath and Barry Guy!!!!!

Mindblowing! Right on!

This is the mega rare 7” version of the full album.

One vocal track and one instrumental.

Both the 7” and the Lp is a must!

Perfect shape – both record and cover.



traded , sorry!





Handgjort – Handgjort , Silence ( SWE)


A legendary release. This is the new release from last year. Made in only 600 copies.

All hand made with an original artwork (like it was done back in the days ) attached by hand. With the original recording from 1970 of  this psych masterpiece. A great booklet with info and footage is accompanying the music. A wonderful release!

Try and look for the original release… and try to find it on the pre press on Finnish Love records… if you do find it.. you are a lucky son of a gun!

But, meanwhile you need this edition, because it has an extra bonus LP included… and there are some amazing psych/ hippie percussion insanity with among others Don Cherry (!!!!) and Bengt Berger on the record! Recorded live at the legendary Gärdesfesten in 1970.

For once a 2nd pressing that you really NEED!!!!



traded , sorry







Bitter Funeral Beer Band – Bitter Funeral Beer, ECM ( GER)


One of the most amazing LP releases of the swedish music scene. We kid you not!

Bengt Berger leading his mighty large ensemble Bitter Funeral Beer Band with special guest Don Cherry!!!

Amazing playing from the band that includes legendary drummer Thomas Mera Gartz, , of Träd , Gräs & Stenar –fame, that passed away last year.

The music is a beautiful mix of very strong african music and free jazz/ psych.

LP only release.

Highest recomendations!

In perfect shape. Not the rarest… BUT, one of the most amazing documents ever!!!


traded , sorry



Thomazs Stanko – Fish Face, Klub Plutowy / pol jazz ( POL)


For the 2nd time, we can present this unknown vinyl beast: FISH FACE!

Get it just for its title… or get it because it is a rockin beast of beauty musically!

Some overthetop synthi (!)  playing by mighty drummer Stu Martin.

And some really ass kickin trumpet playing from Stanko himself.

This record  is a must for any collector of European improvised music. An essential historical and musical document!




Peter Brötzmann – Hot Lotta , Blue Master Special  306 (FIN)


A bomb… a bomb… a bomb…

The two german granit rocks Brötzmann and Kowald in collaboration with Finnish mastermind Vesala and the very underrated Juhani Aaltonen.

Music  is as amazing as u can imagine… and more…

The cover is one of the best ALL Time.

The condition of the record is really great; VG++/ NM-

So… all in all: If you dont have this one already… start dig up some heavy trades…. Since you NEED this one.

Very rare, impossible to find and only re released on a short lived finnish cd… but you need the vinyl and the LP cover…

still available






And the final bomb… very much a BOMB:


Brötzmann / Van Hove / Bennink  plus Albert Mangelsdorf– FMP  0020, 0030 , 0040 (GER)


A box… THE box… that has it all!

Music is a monster!  Packaging is genius.

One of the greatest documents of the early European Free Jazz scene. Brutal and beautiful.

This is the very first release. The 3 Lp´s comes in plain white innersleeves in the cardboard box, with its buyers name and stamps on the cover. Numbered edition of only maximum 200 copies.. perhaps less. This is nr 32!

The records are in great condition NM- .

The only minus… is the tape on the spine of the box, see picture. and some wine beling spilled in the right down corner of the back of the box…. but….. but….but… we tell you… this is a legendary release!

Here is the thing:


Peter Brötzmann was and is a very active visual artist. In the very early days of Fluxus  he was working for some time as an assistant to the great Korean artist Nam Jun Paik!

He was among other things preparing the famous prepared piano of Paik´s…

Also assisting at a famous happening / exhibition at Gallerie Parnass. Where a huge amount of Fluxus events were held in  early 60´s.

Paik had prepared a weather balloon in the gallery room

Filled it up with air. Balloon expanding and filling every inch of the gallery room. No space for visititors.

Everyone standing outside at the opening of the exhibition. Talking, drinking, hanging…  looking at the balloon filling the windows and doors of the gallery…

…and one person smoking a cigarette a bit too close to the Balloon….


Balloon in a thousand small pieces.

End of story…. (almost)

Brötzmann was afterwards allowed to collect the small rubber pieces of the balloon and also got  Mr Paiks permission to use the fragments in a piece of his own:

The poster that is included in this box!!!!!!!!!

We kid you NOT!

Attached on the beautiful poster of Brö – design, is one of the original pieces of the rubber pieces from the balloon of  the  exhibition of Mr. Paik!

So, what you get with a very serious trade offer… is not only an amazing musical document of one of the most important groups at its time , but also an original piece of art by Nam Jun Paik!

This story is not well known. And the story is here being verified and told, with the kind permission of Mr. Brötzmann himself.

Only very serious offers please….

TRADED Immediately!




good luck!


one piece of vinyl per day keeps the doctor away!!!