recent finds winter 2017

Mar.21, 2017




recent finds july 2016

Jul.09, 2016

recent finds july 2014

Jul.01, 2014

very early freer jazz from poland! classsic!


fantastic french political free jazz from the days!


exetremly rare psych jazz from sweden, 1969!



koivistoinens 2nd ep! great!!!


sevn åke johansson´s first recording!!!

mid 60´s!



sun ra´s first known recording!!!! w wynonie harris from 1946!!!….. the very first original release on shellac 78 rpm! the way it should be!!!!

KILLER! sonny blunt ( sun ra )  on piano!



amazing experimental music for electronics and gas mask and other related matters



classic vinyl! soundpoetry by Henri Chopin!!!!




and legendary danish psych jazz from late 60´s…. TEARS!!!



another classic psych jazz / psychadelic rock vinyl…. “the free spirits” with a very young larry coryell ROCKIN!




totally beautiful LP w amancio d silva —- amazing indian guitar player – doing freer jazz w don rendell and ian carr!!!



very rare italian all star 10 ” vinyl …. w umiliani , bedori and others!



beautiful danish jazz ep w erik moseholm!





rare oscar pettiford ep w hans koller ao. great jazz!!!


two versions (!) of a rare tony kinsey ep! with the amazing Ronnie Ross!!!






vinyl finds canada may -13

May.18, 2013

hunting in canada…

fantastic marcos valle lp!

original UK 1 st press, paul bley trio LP!


much sought after bob reid LP w oliver lake!

very rare jorge ben lp from 1971… amazing!!!


rare and kickass free jazz lp, private label w ted daniel!


rare and beautiful freddie roach 1st press w joe henderson!


very unusual gilberto gil radio ep…


extremely rare and beautiful brazilian ep w jorge ben…. the best there is… a masterpiece!


rare fontella bass ep w amazing sax playing by byron bowie ( the brother of lester bowie )

bird notes

Mar.03, 2013

found some bird notes 7 inches….. including early unique Sonny Rollins / miles davis activity….and more solo work by Nordström himself!!!

wild wild wild….

more news soon…. and images…..


bird notes — one of few labels to collect it ALL!

it is ALL amazing… all … all… all…..


Bengt Nordström made it all happening!

recent finds nov 2012

Nov.19, 2012

recently some very heavy items has been flotaing into the DC archives…

and more is on their way….. some of them , we will write more extensively about, such as the unique acetates….

but , we cant wait… showing some of the most heavy finds below….

keep on looking….. one piece of vinyl per day keeps the doctor away, for good!


another very heavy JG – records release….from Altena….. this time with a.o. Wolfgang Dauner Trio and a scandinavian supergroup:

Bobo Stenson, Palle danielsson, Bengt Berger, Lennart Åberg and kjell westling!!!!


a very very epic jazz vinyl.. a MUST! the mighty Elmo Hope 6tet w Trane and Mobley! it doesnt get better then this…. on a thick Prestige 12 ” vinyl….. phhheuuww…….


the classic groundbreakin Bengt Ernryd LP “MUSIK” from 1966… completely INSANELY GOOD! and thsi one on freakin RED vinyl!!! amazing music… amazing……


amazing Art Farmer 10 ” on Prestige…. no sax… just quartet… and totally beautiful!

jazz at its BEST!!!!!!




‘after 25 years of looking around… actively…

this has been at top of DC´s wantlist always…… and now it arrived to our archives!!!

2 lp set on legendary JG  records… including the first recording (basically ) of Paul Lovens! In the first version of the legendary Alex von Schlippenbach trio… pre Evan Parker time…. with Michel Pilz on Bass clarinet! STEAMING music! worth waiting for!

and the Surman track aint bad either….




extremely yummy french 7″… with wonderful music  and just KILLIN cover!!!!!! Sanders at his best!!!!



legendary swedish / dutch  singer Cornelis Wreeswijk with the mighty Jan Johansson trio!!!!!




a very rare original Atlantic 7″ version of the greatest trumpet record all time!!! We kid u NOT!

Tony Fruschella and Allan Eager…. nothing is more beautiful…. to DIE for!




and one of the best swedish jazz records all time… and one of the most peculiar one… total MONSTER!

guitar playing that is like nothing else… nothing else…. staffan hardes only released vinyl….






additional recent finds oct 2012

Oct.03, 2012

some recents finds here…. that will all be written about in the recommendation / archive – section….

vinyl that smells  and feels gooooood!


….just FYI….. and always records that are HIGHLY recomended from musical and collectors standpoints!

above is the legendery secrets of the sun… of the most amazing RA – vinyls ever….. thick vinyl w the GOLDEN labels…..



the 1st press of the very rare chick corea Lp “The Sun” — ROCKIN FREE JAZZ — circle time….


original Joseph Beuys LP…. signed and numbered…..


BBC transcription 10″ with the Joe Harriott Quintet…..


Bjarne Rostvolds classic Tricrotism…. fantastic!!!


another unknown free jazz monster!!!!!


and the BOMB.. the pre press of Ornette Coleman classic Town Hall Lp on ESP.

silkscreened cover…..


and we have a bunch of swedish acetates with INSANE music of extreme rarity to present…..soooooooon!!!!!

vinyl fall finds

Oct.02, 2012

the art vinyl BOMB! yves klein….. and yes, it is blue… and yes, it is RARE!!!!



a gospel (!) record with the might Leif Wennerström on drums!!!!



and the holy grail of Brötzmann vinyls: the Atsugi concert…. more rockin the them all…. duo with bennink!!!!


the first fall trade list to  come in a few days!!!!





japan may 2012

May.17, 2012

recent finds in japan ( with a quick stop in stockholm — thank you andra jazz ) …. thank you Hals, Disk union, Recofan, Discland Jaro, Time Bomb and others!!!!



Sun Ra – Holiday for a soul dance…



John Lewis – Grand Encounter…



The new departures quartet… with stan tracey…



Dieter Scherf – inside – outside with a young Paul Lovens…



New jazz syndicate nr 1 – with Sabu Toyozumi ao…



Edward Vesala – soulset…. soul and free jazz….



Ted Curson –  urge w booker erwin….



Anders Ekdahl trio – fingurativt piano, 7″



a HOLY swedish jazz grail  Jan Henning Quintet on colombia, 7″



Eric Dolphy – not for sale japanese 7″ !


and many many more things…. some which  will be  included in the recommended section in  a little while….



march 2012

Mar.21, 2012