Håll i hatten här kommer Millroths all time vinyls:

Apr.02, 2012

Håll i hatten här kommer Millroths all time vinyls



-Nina Hagen, Ich bin ja gar nicht pingelig, EP, Amiga. Sweet and sour, Nina
in a tough act with one of the bravest political covers ever.
– Berliner Improvisations Quartett, LP, Amiga Jazz. A little know supreme
track in free improvisation with two of its most underestimated masters,
pianist Hermann Keller and baritone sax-player Manfred Schulze. Very special
cover also by Schulze.
– Sven-Åke Johansson, Schlingerland, LP, SAJ. All time masterpiece where you
still can feel the waves; low dynamic vibrations. Is there anyone against
-Marilyn Crispell, Gaia, LP, Leo. How to make fragments reflect one another
into a hint of something more important than the moment. I still adore
Crispell´s ecstatic poetry on piano, her flux of feeling, poser, hesitation,
fear and longing. The cover is in itself a story torn to pieces, still
reflecting eternal possibilities.
-Grand Kalle et l´African Jazz, Independence Cha Cha, LP, Afrisa.

The mother of all independence songs with one of the greatest formative guitar
solos ever by the genius Dr Nico, who formed the music to come.


Thomas Millroth, Malmö, April 2012