dennis lyxzén discaholic interview july – 13

Jul.05, 2013

Discaholic Corner Interview  —- dennis lyxzèn



Are you an official discaholic?


-Yes, I would say so. I think about records/ Record collecting pretty much every day. I dream about it quite often as well.




When did you first realised that you were bitten by the discaholic bug?

-When I was pretty young. Maybe 14-15. I started buying records and collections pretty early on. Not in the same magnitude of what I do today but still. I remember when I was 15 and was competing in High jump. Every time I would win a contest I got to buy 2 record. I won a lot.





Can it be treated?

-I mean, I’ve heard of people getting treated. But I think that I’m a lost cause.



Do you want it to be treated?

-No, of course not. There are of course times when you are wondering what the hell you are doing but no, I like to be a discaholic.




Do you collect anything else?

– No, not really. I like books and movies and general pop-culture related items but no serious collecting.






How did it all got started?

– Well, I just fell in love with music and when music started to define my life it did so much stronger then for my peers and then I realized that there was something special in my connection to music. It never let up since really and I am glad that I found it. It gave me a sense of purpose and a way out. I grew up in the middle of nowhere and I was pretty much the weirdo of the school and music gave me strength to become myself and to get out of where I grew up. Even though I still live up here where I grew up it gave me the capacity to expand my mind beyond the limitations of the small town.




What was the first vinyl you got?  Where did you buy it?

-The first record I bought was David Bowie’s Let’s Dance. I can’t remember where I bought it.


Is it still in your collection?

-Yes, of course!!!






Do you measure your collection in meters, numbers or kilogramms?

-Still in numbers. Could maybe measure it in meters if needed!! 🙂



Were there records to buy in Vännäs when you grew up, or did you have to go into Umeå to hunt for vinyls?

-When I got into really buying records that were not really in the realm of the ordinary record,  I had to venture off into Umeå to buy records. There was a couple of good recordstores there at the time.

When I first started listening to music we had a paperstore in Vännäs that sold records. So I took my bike down there and bought whatever heavy metal record they had in store.





What is it with vinyl that appeals to you?

-Everything. I grew up with it and we all know that it feels and sounds better then anything else. I still think that there is something Magical about it.


Rank the following discaholic parameters: smell, feel, music, message, liner notes, cover art, design, sound, collectibity, rarity, obscurity, thickness of vinyl:

1. Music

2. Collectibility

3. Feel

4. Cover Art

5. Rarity

6. Sound

7. Message

8. Obscurity

9. Design

10. Smell

11. Thickness of vinyl

12. Liner Notes


any other parameters of importance ?

-Well, being a collector one of the parameter that you have to take into consideration is of course the completion!!

If you like one band you also have to have their crappy records. The same with labels that you collect. You have to buy the medicore records with the crappy sound or artwork. Just to complete the collection!




Are there any secret Refused or AC4 test pressings / acetates, laying around… that we haven’t seen yet?

There are test-presses of the Ac4 records. The usual 5 copies that the band have.

Also I’ve heard rumors that there are test-pressing of the Shape OF Punk to Come record but I don’t own it myself which is a complete bummer!!!



What was  your debut?  Refused´s  “ refused “ on cassette? Or are there any earlier releases  of yours on vinyl?

-The first thing that I have released on vinyl is my first Hardcoreband Step Forward. We had 3 songs of a punk compilation called Really Fast. I think that it was volume 6. Before that we did some demo-tapes and cassettes that we sold at shows.

The first Refused release was a Cassette on Umeå Hardcore Records!!




Will the “step forward” cassette ever be heard on a vinyl edition?

-I wish. It is one of the few things that I’ve recorded that never saw a vinyl version. I had a record label in the 90’s called Desperate Fight records and we did a Cd version of the 2 Step Forward Cassettes + some live stuff but it never got released on vinyl!

Step Forward was a pretty great band so hopefully some day someone would like to do a vinyl version of it!!!





Fav format in general?

– I love 7″. I love to the idea of having 2 or 3 of your best songs on a single. I like that when you listen to 7″ you really have to sit down and make it an activity.



Does format matters?

– Yeah, I mean… if you only released your music only on Cd there is a big chance that I will not listen to it. And that would be a shame!!



What is it really… in between the grooves?

– Magic!!!



Can a mono needle make a difference?

-I am discaholic, not an audiophile. For years and years and years I collected records that I played on my crap stereo. it’s always been about the music.

But I guess that if you listen to a lot of music that was recorded in mono it make a difference.





What kind of music do you collect?

– I collect mostly American punkrock and Hardcore from mid-70’s to the late 80’s.

I also have a pretty good collection of heavy Pshyc and proto-hardrock type of stuff. And of course Swedish 70’s punk.

I go through periods of collecting but when it comes to putting down the big bucks it is usually for Hardcore records.




Has the focus changed over the years?

-Yeah, I think so. I used to just buy tons of records. Just music. In the early days I wasn’t that interested in pressings and such,  more just in having the music on vinyl but as the collection grew I started growing more interested in pressings and rarities. Then as I said, I go through periods when I discover something new and interesting and I end up buying a bunch of records in that style and then move on to something new.






Do you collect complete catalogues by specific labels ?

-Yes, of course. There are so many great DIY punk and hardcore labels from the States from the late 70’s/early 80’s that are worth having and collecting. Like early Dischord, TOuch and Go, Taang Record, X-claim and so on and so forth.





Any artists / bands that you wanna have complete?

-Yeah, of course Completion is one of my weaknesses. When it comes to nerdy collecting it is mostly early American Hardcore bands when it comes to pressings and ratites. In general I am a sucker for a having the complete discography with bands that I like.






Are producing / releasing vinyls a useful tool to fight the stupidity back?

– I think so. Vinyl forces people to listen to music in a different way from when they do playlists on their mp3 players and such. I also think that from an artistic point of view that vinyl is, at least for me, the representation of what I want my music to be. The sound, the sequencing, the artwork. When you write songs and record them that is what you have in mind.

An mp3 can never replicate that and sometimes it is sad when you spend hours and hours into recording and writing music and then it ends up being ripped in poor quality and it sounds nothing like you wanted it to sound.





Do you believe in programmatic music to spread/ deliver a certain message? Or do u prefer to think about art and music as a way to open the doors up…. To make the people start thinking on their own and figuring out the shit themselves? Or do we need to be really clear about stuff in a more outspoken way?


– I think that music works on several different levels. For me outspoken politics like the Dead Kennedys were really important for my political education. They showed me how the world was working and they showed me how being a freak and an outsider was something to be proud of. And if people know anything about my musical endeavors they know that I’ve always been pretty straight forward with my politics and my ideas.

But music is also music and that in itself can be a powerful source of inspiration. I mean getting into punkrock and music did open up every possible door for me. But that might also depend on the individual. I have some punk friends where punk limited their lives into something of a stale pose but for me it was what opened up the floodgates and made everything possible.

Sometimes music however is just music. It is just something to dance to or to listen to when you drive your car or sitting at home. And not everyone has a political analysis worthy of putting into songs and then it just gets kinda weird when they try to be all political!



Are Lists a good or bad thing? DC is not sure… and we are very ambivalent… but… meanwhile…we will continue publish them…


-I like em. If people that I respect list music that they like I will check it out. So, yeah, I have no problems with lists.












Can u list your favorite 5 records in the following genres?

-And here is comes, the dreaded list making. The problem with this is that it changes, from week to week. You know how it is, always discovering something new and exciting.

So, this week:


American Punk?


Wiper: Youth of America

Detention. Dead Rock’n rollers 7″

Gun Club:  Death Party

Big Boys: Where’s my towel

Nerves: Ep




Bad Brains: The Roir Sessions

Minor Threat: In My eyes 7″

Negative Approach: Tied Down

Deep Wound: Discography

Battalion Of Saints: Fighting Boys 12″


Jazz/ free jazz?

Thanks!!! 😉

Ornette Coleman: The Shape of jazz to Come

Miles Davis: Bitches Brew

Miles Davis: live-evil

John Coltrane: Blue Train

Georgie Fame: Seventh son



European punk?

Cortex: Spinal Injuries

The Clash: Sandinista

The Sound: We all Fall down

KSMB: Rika Barn Leka Bäst

The Kids: St




Records made in Umeå?

Masshysteri: St

Regulations: To Be me

Isolation Years: Inland traveller

The Vectors: Still ill

Ward J: Hold it dear your career


This could go on forever of course and if you ask me next week I might give you a totally different list.

Also, best album of all time might be Slayer: Reign in blood!








Do you sort your private collection alphabetical or by genre?


– By Genre and then alphabetical of course!





What record is closest to sex?

– I am not sure, but maybe Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: The boatsmans call would suffice for sexual purposes.


Which one is no sex at all?

– One time I tried to impress a girl by playing Napalm Death the Peel sessions to her. That did not work out that well.







What records do I wanna steal from your collection?


– I would say some of the early swedish punk 7″ and maybe some of the obscure heavy Pshyc records. Maybe you would like to get your hands on the Minor Threat 7″‘s as well.



What record do you wanna steal from the Discaholic Corner website?


– Haha, probably to many to list here. I am always on the search for new and exciting music.

Ok, I just checked out the list. I know way to little about jazz but I understand that it is a very exciting list. You will have to educate me Mats!! But then again, I do not need a new genre to collect.







Is looking for vinyls with fellow discaholics the most fun you can do with your clothes on?

– Yeah, I love the vinyl hunt. It is one of the biggest reasons why I still try to play about 100 shows a year!!!! haha. That and playing soccer. Top two things to do in life. While still wearing some sort of pants.



Is trading records the ultimate intimacy?

– I haven’t really traded that many records. I still find it a bit scary. I did however come into possession of the elusive original vertigo pressing of DR. Z: Spiritus Man es et Umbra that I ended up trading for the first Bad Brains 7″ and some other punkrock treats.





What is the first section you hit, while arriving to a vinyl shop, where you have never been before?

-The wall. Always hit the wall first. That will give you a good idea about the quality of the store and just how much rare stuff you will be able to find.

Secondly? After the wall I check to see if they have 7″ behind the counter,  or rare records behind the counter.

Thirdly? The Punkrock/Hardcore/new wave section!

The section where you would never look in? Depends on the rest of the store. But usually if there is a section of electronica or modern dance music I stay clear of that.

Any section that involves guitars played by (mostly unfortunately) men I will look through!




What is your favorite record shop in the world?

In the past?

-Never really had a favorite store but Discourage records in Portland used to have a great selection before they started putting everything up on Internet.


In the present?

-I really like Trash palace/nostalgipalatset in Stockholm. They have a huge selection of punkrock and Hardcore stuff. A bit pricey at times but really well sorted.

Last year I also visited Vicious Sloth in Melbourne, Australia and ended up spending tons of money. Great collectors store.





How do you find your records? On tours ? In real shops, internet, friends, enemies?


-Mostly just on tours. I usually play around 100 shows a year which means a lot of traveling and every day I try to make record-store runs. Sometimes I hook up with other collectors and on the rare occasion I browse the internet but that is not really my thing. Kinda takes the fun out of the hunt!




Glossy or matt?




What record has it all? Great music, great cover, great feel, great rarity?


– Teen Idles: Minor Disturbance e.p. The first Dischord record. The first Straight edge record. What would become Minor Threat.

And also the Deep Wound 7″.


Is this interview too long?

-Pretty long. But I like it. Usually I just get to talk about politics and such things. Now I get to be a full-time nerd amongst other nerds.




What plans do you have for the future when it comes to 7, 10 or 12” vinyl releases of your own?

-My band Invasionen or INVSN as we are called is putting out a new record in September. We are making sure that it will be released as a 12″ vinyl version. Hopefully gatefold as well.




Who would you like to see get interviewed in the Discaholic Interview series?

– I would like to see J. Mascis interviewed. Whenever we meet we usually end up talking about Hardcore records and he seems like a nerdy guy so it would be interesting to see what he thought about all of this and if he is an actual Discaholic.



Any female discaholics you know ? We still would like to interview more women in this serie of interviews….

– Not on the top of my head. Unfortuntely this seems to be a nerdy mans game. I am sure that there are woman out there with fantastic taste and collection but why would they ever want to hang out with guys like us?





Do you work with a “wantlist” ?

– Yes I do. I mean, most of the rare stuff you sort of know. My list is mostly concerning “the missing records” of any given band or artist that I like. Sometimes it can be tricky to keep a track on what records you have when it comes down to the not so exciting records of someones career.



What “impossible” records are you still looking for?

– I got a pretty long list of rare punk and hardcore stuff that still needs to find it’s way to my house. But what about finding the Eat: Communist Radio on original pressing, that would be something!!




Which record can save the world?

– I think that in this fragmented world that we live in the chance for a record to truly save the world has come and gone. Maybe someone like Dylan has an inclination of a change in the early/mid 60’s. Now there are so many genres and special interests that I think that for one record to be able to save the world is neigh on impossible.

But then again, maybe that is the record that we should try to write. Every time!!



Which record will not save the world?

– Most of the crappy records I do have at home will not save the world! There are a couple, ( Well, not only a couple but…) punkrecords that throw their hat in the ring claiming to be the one but… usually that is never the case!



How many vinyls per day keeps the doctor away?


– Well, according to your site 1. But I have another theory. If I am on tour for 10 days, I need at least 20 records preferably 30 in my bag when I come home. So, 2 a day then!!

dennis lyxzén,  july 2013