Philippe Sarde – des enfants gates

Oct.13, 2012


Philippe Sarde – Des Enfants Gates, Vogue LDA 20295,  33 1/r rpm, (FRA) 1977 ,    12” LP

–       Des Enfants  Gates, Vogue 45.x.14029245 rpm (FRA ) 1977  , 7”

Very rare soundtrack LP and even more rare EP


A very beautiful release. The soundtrack of Bertrand Taverniers great filmwork, Des Enfants Gates.

It comes as a 12” LP , but as well as a separate 7” with the title track only.

The music is composed and scored by Frenchman Philippe Sarde with some chansons of pretty typical French quality. But there are instrumental pieces as well here…

And the thing is… the shit is…. The group consists of some very HEAVY players… and in a very unlikely set up / pairing.

And the music works… as well as a soundtrack and as a seperate piece of vinyl. It is not a masterpiece musically perhaps…. But has many very very creative moments!

And with players like Barry Guy, John Surman, Francois Rabath and Johnny Griffin (!!!) together… it is not a wonder that this vinyl is very much sought after!

A lot of amazing French films from the 60´s and 70´s were using really great soundtracks and gave a lot of the active and creative musicians a new platform to work within. Many unique soundtracks exists on especially the 7” format and are worth looking for… often in small editions…


Philippe Sarde –composition and arrangements

Barry Guy – bass

Francois Rabath – bass

John Surman – soprano and baritone sax

Johnny Griffin – tenor sax

Jean – Pierre Mas- keyboards