JOE MANERI – Byzantine Jazz

Feb.23, 2012


JOE MANERI – acetate demo – Byzantine Jazz, 33 1/3 rpm (USA), 1963


Only one copy?


This is an original acetate over metal. A  demo 12″ LP disc of composer and free-jazz visionary clarinetist Joe Maneri’s legendary unreleased free jazz album Byzantine Jazz.   This disc was cut at Tryon Studios in New York City in 1963 for a possible release by Atlantic Records.  The project was rejected by Atlantic at the time and the amazing material sat unreleased until the 1996 CD release as “Paniots Nine” on John Zorn’s Avant label.

listening to the CD issue you will know that the music is simply outstanding.! No comments needed! Just listen and enjoy it! Absolutely fantastic!

This acetate that was completely unknown …. The CD booklet mentions a demo tape but nothing else. Supposevily  intended to be issued as Byzantine Jazz even if the center label says Bzyantine Jazz!!

Microtonal jazz…. A sensation years before the term even existed… fantastic!!!!


Joe Maneri – tenor sax and clarinet

Don Burns- piano

John Beal – bass

Pete Dolger – drums

from the Björn Thorstensson Collection