completist list

May.12, 2020

Some discaholics are affected by completism. This is my contribution to my fellow completists.


Peter Brötzmann

Joe McPhee

Mats Gustafsson

Derek Bailey (still miss one odd cassette)

Ornette Coleman

Bengt Nordström (miss quite a few)

Cecil Taylor

William Parker

Wadada Leo Smith

Steve Lacy

Sun Ra (still miss one extremely rare acetate)

Albert Ayler


Björn Thorstensson May 2020

great lyrics

May.04, 2020

10 great lyrics from the rock/folk/country world.


Tom Waits Tom Traubert´s Blues

Bob Dylan Desolation Row

Randy Newman Sail Away

Randy Newman Political Science

Randy Newman God’s Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind)

Lou Reed Walk On The Wild Side

Kjell Höglund Slutstrid

John Prine Hello In There

John Prine Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore

Kris Kristofferson Sunday Morning Coming Down


Björn Thorstensson May 2020

outstanding voices

May.30, 2013

A list of 10 outstanding voices from different music scenes.


Some are very well known and some are less known, some are American and some are European, they are all great and they all have their own unique personality. No preferential order. Just enjoy all of these outstanding voices.


Willie Nelson

Janis Joplin

Tom Waits

Little Richard

Van Morrison


Freddie Wadling

Monica Zetterlund

Eric Burdon

Richie Havens

Tom Waits songs

Oct.15, 2012

A list of 10 great songs from Tom Waits, one of my heroes outside free jazz and improvised music. No preferential order. I could easily list another 10 favorite titles by master Waits.


Tom Traubert´s blues

Hold on

Jersey girl

Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis

Kentucky Avemue

Saving all my love for you

That feel

Never let go

Falling down

Take care of all of my children



Bjorn Thorstensson, October 2012

Five pieces of music…

Apr.18, 2012

Five pieces of music that have created special pictures in my mind. I won´t tell you which. You create your own pictures!


Song for Chè (from Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra: Impulse AS-9183)


Praise Innocence (from Michael White Spirit Dance: Impulse AS-9215)


Future Memories (from Frank Lowe Doctor Too-Much: Kharma PK 2)


Hamba Khale (from Gato Barbieri/Dollar Brand Hamba Khale! Togetherness MN 004)


Applebluff (from Sunny Murray´s Untouchable Factor ¨Apple Cores¨ Philly Jazz 4)




Björn Thorstensson, Tidaholm, April 2012

Five 7¨ vinyls of great historic and musical interest.

Apr.18, 2012

Five 7¨ vinyls of great historic and musical interest.


Marva Broome Mystifying Mama/For all we know  Horse Record HS400 506

w. uncredited performance by Art Ensemble of Chicago


Ba D´Axa  And if he comes back once day/Hello Chi/don´t you go  Galloway 600 120

w. Art Ensemble of Chicago


Billie Hawkins  I´m coming home/Last call for love  Heartbeat G70W-5168/5169

This is the very first recording with the Sun Ra Arkestra in 1956. Label says Sun Ra Orchestra.


Pichy Mazzei y sus all stars  RCA Victor AVE-164

Young Gato Barbieri on tenor. From 1958.


Jack Treese  Oh! America  Saravah SH 0061

Steve Lacy on soprano sax.


Björn Thorstensson, Tidaholm, april 2012


Apr.02, 2012










Björn Thorstensson, Tidaholm, April, 2012