Andy Bruns & John Huscroft

Apr.10, 2012


ANDY BRUNS &  JOHN HUSCROFT assisted by EVAN PARKER, JH EP 3, 45 rpm (UK), 1980


Very limited 7”, 100 – 200 copies




An odd one. Poetry by British poets Andy Bruns and John Huscroft and some mindbending soprano sax activities by legend Parker. Produced by poet Huscroft and released on his private imprint and released in a tiny edition of between 100 – 200 copies. Came without art cover, just in a plain white sleeve.

Evan Parker comments himself on the recording;

”I seem to remember a modest non-studio set up but it really is a very faint memory.

John Huscroft was a poet who set words into musical contexts.”

This record is really worth looking for with its unique blend of poetry and improvised music activity.

The poetry is left alone.. and the framework consists of Mr Parker´s music… in a very subtle and balanced way…

Some attempts has been made in the history of jazz and improvised music over the years (most mentionable being Kenneth Patchen, Ferlinghetti, Rexroth and other beat poets in collaboration with jazz musicians in the US and Canada in the 50´s and also the work of Leroi Jones /Amira Baraka and collegues together with the roarings from the black free jazz community in the 60´s and 70´s  and furthermore the works of Michael Garrick and Joe Harriott with british poets in mid 60´s….) but  few is as succesful as this little 7” release. A pearl!

even some overdubbed Parker activity iwth tenor sax and another soprano sax… and a weird keyboard coda… ( by Parker ???)…

a pretty unique vinyl in the extensive Parker discography!



Andy Bruns – voice

John Huscroft – voice

Evan Parker – soprano  and tenor sax


Brion Gysin – Junk

Apr.10, 2012

Brion Gysin – Junk, mosquito 8900, 45 rpm (FRA) , 1983


Rare French 7”

The legendary Brion Gysin in a project with Ramuntcho Matta and other French musicians.

Gysin is doing his sloooow reading poetry with a pretty funky background… BUT the big thrill here is of course…. the other legend of this piece of precious vinyl : Don Cherry on pocket trumpet!!!!

Playing beautifully and light… jumping melodically behind the voice of Gysin, creating patterns of poetic beauty!

Don Cherry and Brion Gysin together is nothing else then FANTASTIC!




Brion Gysin – voice

Ramuntcho Matta – guitar, production

Fil Mong – bass

Abdoulaye Prosper Niang – drums

Jean – Pierre Coco –talking drum

Don Cherry – trumpet

Yahr Leker – bass

Frederic Cousseau – drums



Feb.01, 2012

EDITION OU 33 , 33 rpm (FRA), 1967

limited edition 969 copies

with Gil J Wolman, Bernard Heidseck, Francois Dufrene and Henri Chopin.

kick ass soundpoetry and experimental sounds. amazing piece by Dufrene, breathings and oral noise…

another breathing piece by Wolman and a soundpiece by Heidseck that makes your hats fall off.

texts and poetry in english and french. one text by the mighty Brion Gysin!!!

signed by Heidseck!


Gil J Wolman

Bernard Heidseck

Francois Dufrene

Henri Chopin