Wants & Needs

May.03, 2020

the following vinyls I NEEEEED!!!!

If you have acess to any of these and wanna trade or sell please contact me immediately(!!!) and/or  if u wanna get the complete wantlist of mats gustafsson for future trades and sales:

Pekka Airaksinen one point music                                                                ORLP 025 (fin)
Alan Davie Music workshop      ADMW                                                                                   ADMW 001 (GB)

Jef Gilson                                             A Gaveau                                                                              SFP 10.004 (FRA)

Milford Graves & Don Pullen    At Yale University – hand painted cover   SRP 286 (USA)

Joe Harriott & Amancio d`Silva   Hum Dono                                                                        Columbia SCX6354  (UK)


Infinite Spirit Music                         live without fear                                                             Ancient Africa 009055 (USA)

Kosuke Ichihara                                 Departure                                                                          CBS/Sony 50296 L (JAP)

Roland Kirk                                          Triple Threat                                                                   King 539 (USA)

Eero Koivistoinen                           Valtakunta                                                                          Otava OTA LP 66 (FIN)

Eero Koivistoinen                           odysseus                                                                              Otava OTA LP 69 (FIN)

Eero Koivistoinen                           The Original Sin                                                                Scandia SLP 561 (FIN)

Byard Lancaster                              New Horizons- sounds of liberation                      Dogtown (USA)


Cold Castle National JAZZ 1962 (with Chris McGregor)                                                New Sound NSL 1010 (SA)

Tunji Oyelana with Chris McGregor      AIYE NLA/OMONIKE                                     JIKA 1017 (SA)

New Music ensemble                       New Music Ensemble (1964)                                  NME 101 (USA)

New Music ensemble                       New Music Ensemble 2 (1965)                               NME ? (USA)

Pat Patrick                                            Sound Advice                                                                   Saturn 770 (USA)


Dudu Pukwana and the spears                                                                                                  Quality LTJs 232 (SA)

Sam Rivers                                            Contours                                                                    Blue Note 4206 (USA)

Masahiko Sato         Amalgamation – Kokotsu No Showa Genroku        Liberty Records – LTP-9018) (jap)


Sun Ra                                                                           Super Sonic jazz                                  Saturn  216 (USA)

Song of the Stargazers                        Saturn 487 (USA)

Discipline 99                                        Saturn 61674(USA)

Angels and Demons at Play               Saturn 9956 (USA)

Visits planet Earth                               Saturn 207 (USA

Masayuki Takayanagi                      A jazzy profile of JoJo                                                   Victor SMJX -10096 (JAP)

Masayuki Takayanagi                      Flower Girl                                                                        WA 1001 (JAP)

Cecil Taylor                                          (Ferrari Soundtrack)                                                   CBS/ Sony (?) (Jap)

Cecil Taylor                                          Jazz Advance                                                                    Transition TRLP 19 (USA)

Mike Taylor                                          Pendelum                                                                          Columbia SX 6042 (UK)

Uncle Funkenstein                            Together again                                                                R & L, AGII 1002 (USA)

Mal Waldron                                        Left Alone                                                                          Betlehem 6045 (USA)




+ of course obscure Musique Concrete & Sound Poetry records and OU editions of any kind…

+ of course obscure PJ Harvey, Cramps, Merzbow and bizarre garagerock 7?, 10? or 12?