Andy Bruns & John Huscroft

Apr.10, 2012


ANDY BRUNS &  JOHN HUSCROFT assisted by EVAN PARKER, JH EP 3, 45 rpm (UK), 1980


Very limited 7”, 100 – 200 copies




An odd one. Poetry by British poets Andy Bruns and John Huscroft and some mindbending soprano sax activities by legend Parker. Produced by poet Huscroft and released on his private imprint and released in a tiny edition of between 100 – 200 copies. Came without art cover, just in a plain white sleeve.

Evan Parker comments himself on the recording;

”I seem to remember a modest non-studio set up but it really is a very faint memory.

John Huscroft was a poet who set words into musical contexts.”

This record is really worth looking for with its unique blend of poetry and improvised music activity.

The poetry is left alone.. and the framework consists of Mr Parker´s music… in a very subtle and balanced way…

Some attempts has been made in the history of jazz and improvised music over the years (most mentionable being Kenneth Patchen, Ferlinghetti, Rexroth and other beat poets in collaboration with jazz musicians in the US and Canada in the 50´s and also the work of Leroi Jones /Amira Baraka and collegues together with the roarings from the black free jazz community in the 60´s and 70´s  and furthermore the works of Michael Garrick and Joe Harriott with british poets in mid 60´s….) but  few is as succesful as this little 7” release. A pearl!

even some overdubbed Parker activity iwth tenor sax and another soprano sax… and a weird keyboard coda… ( by Parker ???)…

a pretty unique vinyl in the extensive Parker discography!



Andy Bruns – voice

John Huscroft – voice

Evan Parker – soprano  and tenor sax


ICP – caravan

Feb.12, 2012


ICP ORCHESTRA – Caravan, DIW  1001, 33 1/3 rpm, (JAP) 1982


One sided rare 7” , released together with ”Japan Japon” 12” LP


Another japan released musical BOMB…. The legendary ICP orchestra  under chef Mengelberg´s  leadership playing Ellington´s Caravan in a very wonderful and dreamy way… until… until… Peter Brötzmann enters the stage with some WILD blowing that makes hearts and clocks stop. Totally beautiful playing from Brötzmann, absolutely over the top. The greatest story teller of them all, hits again.

Listening to this music makes the world feel like a better place to be.

This piece of vinyl floats up now and then, even without the original 12” LP release – and this is why record collecting is fun, when you find exceptional music like this , packaged like this. Mishas smile (?) and they way he goes for something with his right hand, on the piano(?) , a cigarette (?)… is this photo taken just at that moment when Brötzmann enters? Another mystery….

Ellington, Mengelberg & Brötzmann… a trio hard to beat!


Misha Mengelberg – piano

Michael Moore – alto sax  and clarinet

Keshavan Maslak – tenor and alto sax

Han Bennink- drums

Joe Maassen – trombone

Wolter Wierbos – trombone

Toshinori Kondo – trumpet

Larry Fishkind – tuba

Maurice horsthuis – viola

+ Peter Brötzmann .- tenor sax


AMM – at the roundhouse

Feb.07, 2012


AMM – live at the Roundhouse – Incus EP1 , 45 rpm, (UK) , 1972


Some 100 copies made (?)



One of the earliest documents on the British Incus label , founded by Derek Bailey, Evan Parker and Tony Oxley. And definately one of the hardest to find. A rare opportunity to hear the AMM duo of Gare and Prevost!

A music with unusual qualities… very searching and balanced… no free jazz excursions… just the AMM connection, but with only two acoustic instrument. a VERY interesting study in music!

B- side is all about colour and minimal energy. Beautiful! and a very early example of what is later during the 2000´s happening in the world of improvised music and minimal improv…

AMM started in mid 60´s together with guitarist Keith Rowe, but this version is quite a spectacular one.

Amazing design, amazing music and check the original logo out, in the lower left corner of the backside!



Lou Gare – tenor sax

Eddie Prevost – drums



Feb.07, 2012



TRY ME ENSEMBLE, Blue Tower BTSHH 50, 45 rpm, (SWE) , 1991


Limited numbered edition 50 copies


Made for Harald Hult, recordshop owner (Andra Jazz in Stockholm) and a living jazzencyclopedia, for his 50th birthday. The Try Me Ensemble consisting of old and new friends of Harald gathered at the Fylkingen Studio to record a statement of love and respect. Cover made by great artist Gunnar Lundkvist (of Klas Katt fame) and title by artist Kent Lundberg. Kick ass ensemble with a.o. Dror Feiler, Sune Spångberg, Raymond Strid, Sten Sandell, Christian Munthe, Mats Gustafsson and the mighty Edward Jarvis on bari sax over a telephone line (!). There is aven a snippet of Harald himself playing a piano introduction to his own composition ”Funktion Junction” (without knowing he is getting recorded..).

Side A is a blindfold test for Harald with all musicians playing a 20 second tribute… wild…

This Ep came originally in 6 differently colored versions…




Harald Hult- piano, voice

Marie Selander- vocal

Pia Olby  vocal

Mats Gustafsson – tenor and soprano sax, guitar

Dror Feiler – reeds and metals

Johan Petri – soprano sax

Jörgen Adolfsson – soprano sax

Kari Sjöstrand – tenor sax

Paul Pignon – tenor sax and clarinet

Tommy Adolfsson – trumpet

Anders Nilsson – trumpet

Per Åke Holmlander – tuba

Sören Runolf- guitar

Ted Bjurwill – guitar

Peter Söderberg – guitar

Sten Sandell – piano

Arne Forsén – piano

Anders Lindsjö – el bass

Jan Henriksson – bass

Niklas Billström – bass

Ulf Åkerhielm – bass

Christian Munthe – bass ( on tape w Mats Gustafsson )

Tuomo Haapala – bass ( on tape w Jörgen Adolfsson – sax and Kjell Nordeson )

Sune Spångberg – drums

Kjell Nordeon – drums and trombone

Rold Fredriksson – drums

Raymond Strid – drums and guitar

Tommy Björk – drums ( on tape w Kjell Nordeson and Raymond Strid )

Edward Jarvis – baritone sax over telephone