La Maison Fille du Soleil

Nov.26, 2012


Francois Tusques – La Maison Fille du Soleil, Studio Seriptone SN 4- 64- 2 , 45 rpm (FRA), 1964


very very rare 7″ pressed in  max 75 copies, probably less


This is nothing else then a BOMB. and a mythical one….an masterpiece of early free jazz… a MISSING LINK!!!!!

there has been whispers about a lost Don Cherry recording….. and here it is: “La Maison Fille du Soleil”, with music by the mighty and legendary Francois Tusques! One of the most amazing musicians, pianist and minds of the international free music.

earlier then most… and creating absolute KICKIN  free jazz in Europa in the 60´s and onwards. Tusques has made many many great records… and many of them are forgotten about , both in france and the rest of the world. Francois Tusques is nothing else then a sensational player that needs way more recognition for what he has done and for what he IS doing!!!

we will present some of them here at DC. There are two CLASSIC and essential Lps, that you ALL have to hear and own: “FREE JAZZ” and “Le Noveau Jazz” … absolutely mindbening and beautiful jazz…. free…. jazz!!!!

But this is without any doubt the rarest of the rarest and the one Don Cherry recording  you havent heard yet.

Don Cherry were collaborating with Tusques and his two french collegues ( bassist both of them: Bob Guerin and J- F Jenny Clarke ) on this music made for a Curbosier exhibition in Nantes in  december 1964.

This is Don Cherry ´s very first meeting with french jazz musicians and we can say that it had a definate effect at least on the musicains participating on this legendary ep! Cherry got also help from Tusques while recording the epic “MU” album with Ed Blackwell later: Tusques used the sustain pedal of his piano to make that reverb on Dons trumpet. So this historical BYG – duo record  actualy has a secret guest: Francois Tusques!

Don Cherry was also supposed to be participating on the mentioned masterpiece “Le Noveau Jazz” with a.o. Barney Wilen!!! But Cherry couldnt make it at the time it was recorded…. what music that could have resulted in!!! 😉

“Indes” and “Occident”  are the two Tusques originals played here…. and the only thing we can say about the music is:


and  the world needs more of this kind!




there is also one existing acetate with a hand made cover, by curbosier….

does it ever get heavier then this?????????????? :



Francois Tusques – piano

Don Cherry – cornet

J-F Jenny Clarke – bass

Bob Guerin – bass




from private collection


Rollins 3 / Miles 5 on Bird Notes

Apr.27, 2012


Sonny Rollins Trio / Miles Davis Quintet – Bird Notes BN3/NB4, 45 rpm (SWE) 1962?

Extremely, extremely  rare 7”, between 5 – 10 copies.



A musical bomb in vinyl format! The Swedish producer Bengt Nordström again…

Nordström pressed a bunch of favorite music onto vinyl in the early 60´s.

These two sides were always superfavorite music of his. The music was way later released on Dragon records in LP and CD format , but this is the very original first pressing of this specific music!

Recorded by Bengt himself in front of his radio during the very broadcast from the Nalen  Club and the Stockholm Konserthuset. Hilarious!

Music is of course as good as it gets and the whole concept of making a vinyl, in this way,  of the music back in the early 60´s is quite spectacular! Rollins in absolute TOP form and Stitt stretching ouuuuuut….. with a Miles in great shape! It SWINGS!

This is perhaps the hardest one to get for the Miles and Rollins completists!

No art cover… but a note written by Nordström on a type writer accompanying the vinyl.

DC knows about 3 existing copies… but there is likely a couple more done


Sonny Rollins – tenor sax

Henry Grimes – bass

Pete LaRoca – drums

recorded 1959




Miles Davis – trumpet

Sonny Stitt – tenor sax

Wynton Kelly – piano

Paul Chambers – bass

Jimmy Cobb – drums

recorded 1960


Charlie Parker on Bird Notes

Apr.27, 2012


Charlie Parker solos, Frippe Records, 45 rpm (SWE) released 1960?


Extremely extremely rare 7”, between 5 – 10 copies


Another Bengt Nordström production… and again … a WILD one….with music of the HIGHEST quality of course! Nothing else mattered for Nordström.

Simple the 3 most killin Bird solos that Bengt knew. His all time favorite Charlie Parker solos. And what a collection… this IS simply some of the most amazing solos by Bird, no question!

This vinyl in 7” format was probably made even before Bengt started his Bird Notes imprint. So,  likely in the end of the 50´s or the very early 60´s ?

Recorded on his moveable recording unit at his home in Stockholm, simply recording the sound of his stereo speakers, while playing the vinyl of Bird,  with one microphone and later going to the EuropaFilm studios in Solna to make a bunch of private copies for himself and as give –away to friends and collegues.

The Bird Note / B.R.A / Frippe records discography is a WILD one… and very very collectible… but extremely hard to find any records these days… they simply doesn’t float around too much..especially the 7”´s …

A complete discography is being worked on by DC/ Olof Bright Editions in collaboration with Andra Jazz and private collectors in Stockholm… more info about this, will be posted on DC later.

Note the handwritten labels by Nordström, with adjustments by Harald Hult  (?) of Andra jazz – fame.


Charlie Parker – alto sax

Dizzy – trumpet

Miles – trumpet

Billy  Graham  bar sax

Wade Legge – piano

Lou Hackney – bass

Al Jones – drums

recorded 1952


Charlie Parker – alto sax

Bernie Leighton – piano

Ray Brown – bass

Buddy Rich – drums

recorded 1950


Charlie Parker – alto sax

Kenny Dorham – trumpet

Al Haig – piano

Tommy Potter – bass

Roy Haynes – drums

recorded 1950


Andrew Hill – ping 1003

Apr.10, 2012

ANDREW HILL COMBO, PING 1003, 45 rpm (USA) 1956


Extremely rare 7”



A magnificent piece of vinyl. A true treasure.  Recorded october 1956. A very young Andrew Hill playing with local Chicago musicians… legends to be, all of them. On a tiny tiny doo- wop label in Chicago! There are other releases on the Ping label that includes Hill backing up different vocal groups. But this is the one to go look for.

Two fantastic sides were cut, both with the Art Ensemble of Chicago bass player Malachi Favors rockin his bass in a steady beat and with great drummer Wilbur Campbell swingin like mad. Andrew Hill is playing organ on one track, in a fantastic way, that makes us wish he would have been doing that a bit more during his long career as one of the main renewer of contemporary jazz!

Side A features the permanent Arkestra member Pat Patrick in one of rare performances outside the Arkestra. Patrick is handling his Bari axe as very few had done at this period in jazz. ”Down Pat” is a stunning piece with swing, heat and some very creative soling! Also a great introcuctionary solo by Von Freeman here! a freakin fantastic tenor solo, way ahead of its time actually..

Side B features Chicago´s own Von Freeman, of New Apartment Lounge – fame. This is a very early recording of Freeman, but you can hear all the typical signatures; the chicago tone, the delicate but still advanced phrasing and an inventive melodic journey over all! fantastic!

Very few copies exists of this extremely rare 7” and they are usually pretty beaten up. This is understandable… people have been playing this record repetedely, since it is so GOOOOD! A very interesting example of early (re)search of musical freedom in the Windy City of Chicago, where both Sun Ra Arkestra and AACM had their headquarters, building up the Jazz to come.


Excellent additional info on PING records can be found here:


Andrew Hill – piano and organ

Von Freeman – tenor sax

Pat Patrick – baritone sax

Malachi Favors – bass

Wilbur Campbell – drums


Michael Garrick – Anthem

Apr.10, 2012


Michael Garrick Quintet ANTHEM, argo ZFA 92, 45 rpm (UK) 1965


Very rare uk 7”

Another UK jazz gem. The mighty Michael Garrick Quintet in a pretty unusual setting… with an organist and a vocal group “The Elizabethan Singers”….

Free jazz and sacred music… what could go “wrong”?

It is to DC a pretty weird mix… but the playing is so gooooood! Harriott is beaming of energy even if the music is a bit overthetop pretentious perhaps ?

But we can assure you all… anything with Joe Harriott from this period ,mid 60´s, is worth going after.

Very few sax players had the same energy and luminous quality… Harriott was spectacular and this 7” is one of the hardest to find. His whole discography is a very hairy challenge… many of his 7” and 12” releases are made in very small editions and very sought after. His partner Shake Keane is heard playing “sacred” with the organist in a unusual way… but the big thrill here is of course Harriott!


Michael Garrick  – piano

Joe Harriott – alto sax

Shake Keane – trumpet

Coleridge Goode – bass

Colin Barnes – drums

Simon Preston – organ

The Elizabethan Singers – voices


Art Blakey – Stop driving…

Apr.09, 2012


ART BLAKEY  – stop driving us crazy, GRC 5748, 45 rpm (USA),1959


Very very rare hard bop 7”


We cant really find so much info on this rare beast of jazz, but it does have a very interesting story and background:

Produced by The General Board of Temperance of the Methodist Church in the US as a soundtrack to a traffic safety film (!!!).

This instruction film seems to have its intention to prevent people to actually kill themselves by driving… and the music is supposed to be helping against that general idea. It must help… since the music is first class hard bop — classic Messengers style! But what an idea!

Rusty, a spy from Mars, pays a visit to Earth and discovers how its inhabitants disrespect one another by driving poorly. The film espouses a Christian viewpoint on safety, stating that “reckless driving is a sin.”  The 1950s-style animation is great and quite inventive visually!

Interesting enough if you listen to the whole soundtrack there is a lot of “special effects” made by the Jazz Messengers, in order to illustrate car crashes, marsians (!) and related activities! Even a very short “free” trumpet solo by Morgan…

We cant find this music released in any other format and it’s a KICKIN piece of vinyl – with an amazing cover, that seems to be in a unique size… slightly larger then the normal standard 7” covers.

Benny Golson wrote the two pieces: No Time for Speed, Hard Driving Blues and Art Blakey put a group together of the highest skills and levels: Lee Morgan om trumpet, Jerome Richardson on baritone sax (!), Bobby Timmons on piano and Jymie Merritt on bass plus the drummer himself on the drum stool. It SWINGS and there is amazing soloworks from Lee Morgan and Jerome Richardson.

A Sensational 7” !!!

You can see the film here:

and here:


Lee Morgan – trumpet

Jerome Richardson – baritone sax

Bobby Timmons – piano

Jymie Merritt – bass

Art Blakey – drums



SACHA DISTEL – altitude 10500

Feb.02, 2012

Sacha Distel – altitude 10500, Philips b372.662F, 45 rpm (FRA),1959


a very odd one. and it is here because of the whole idea with this recording and its release…. not because of rarity…

This 7″ has music with Sacha Distel on great and creative jazz guitar playing a Django piece “Nuages” in an inspiring way with excellent control. The b – side is a odd chanson in jazz style…

so music is not very adventurous, BUT its recorded onboard a Air France Caravelle in 800 km/ h speed (!) on 10.500 meters altitude!!!! WILD!

is this the only one recorded up in a plane ? I wish that also Derek Bailey would have had such an idea.

I love the way that he french stewardess is ending the B-side.


Sacha Distel – guitar with unkown trio