i cant even hold this idea, it´s too slippery – 7″ ´s

Apr.29, 2012

“I can´t even hold this idea, it’s too slippery” –  7”´s:


unsettled society “diomand studded cadillacs”

solger “raping dead nuns”

fuckin’ flyin a-heads “swiss cheese back”

churchmice ‘college psychology on love”

mc5 “looking at you”


Byorn Coley, Florence, MA, april 2012


record label logos

Apr.29, 2012

Record label logos –

Caroline UK (1500 series)

ESP (that weird collage one for the Parker & Powell LPs)

Patrick Sky’s “Songs That Made America Famous” (Adelphi) first press only




Byron Coley, Florence MA, april 2012