La Maison Fille du Soleil

Nov.26, 2012


Francois Tusques – La Maison Fille du Soleil, Studio Seriptone SN 4- 64- 2 , 45 rpm (FRA), 1964


very very rare 7″ pressed in  max 75 copies, probably less


This is nothing else then a BOMB. and a mythical one….an masterpiece of early free jazz… a MISSING LINK!!!!!

there has been whispers about a lost Don Cherry recording….. and here it is: “La Maison Fille du Soleil”, with music by the mighty and legendary Francois Tusques! One of the most amazing musicians, pianist and minds of the international free music.

earlier then most… and creating absolute KICKIN  free jazz in Europa in the 60´s and onwards. Tusques has made many many great records… and many of them are forgotten about , both in france and the rest of the world. Francois Tusques is nothing else then a sensational player that needs way more recognition for what he has done and for what he IS doing!!!

we will present some of them here at DC. There are two CLASSIC and essential Lps, that you ALL have to hear and own: “FREE JAZZ” and “Le Noveau Jazz” … absolutely mindbening and beautiful jazz…. free…. jazz!!!!

But this is without any doubt the rarest of the rarest and the one Don Cherry recording  you havent heard yet.

Don Cherry were collaborating with Tusques and his two french collegues ( bassist both of them: Bob Guerin and J- F Jenny Clarke ) on this music made for a Curbosier exhibition in Nantes in  december 1964.

This is Don Cherry ´s very first meeting with french jazz musicians and we can say that it had a definate effect at least on the musicains participating on this legendary ep! Cherry got also help from Tusques while recording the epic “MU” album with Ed Blackwell later: Tusques used the sustain pedal of his piano to make that reverb on Dons trumpet. So this historical BYG – duo record  actualy has a secret guest: Francois Tusques!

Don Cherry was also supposed to be participating on the mentioned masterpiece “Le Noveau Jazz” with a.o. Barney Wilen!!! But Cherry couldnt make it at the time it was recorded…. what music that could have resulted in!!! 😉

“Indes” and “Occident”  are the two Tusques originals played here…. and the only thing we can say about the music is:


and  the world needs more of this kind!




there is also one existing acetate with a hand made cover, by curbosier….

does it ever get heavier then this?????????????? :



Francois Tusques – piano

Don Cherry – cornet

J-F Jenny Clarke – bass

Bob Guerin – bass




from private collection


various sun ra singles

Apr.26, 2012


a collection of the rarest, most ass kickin and simply the most beautiful Sun Ra singles ever made… a treasure!!!

all from the Björn Thorstensson collection!!!







A foggy day/Daddy´s gonna tell you no lie Saturn 9/1954 (USA)

rec. 1954 or 1955 in Chicago. Nu Sounds vocal group + Sun Ra p, dir.








Dreaming/Daddy´s gonna tell you no lie Saturn SR 401/2 (USA)

rec. in Chicago 1955. Cosmic Rays vocal group + Sun Ra p, Richard Evans b, Robert Barry dr, Tito cga.

nb – this copy is the reissue from 1983











Bye Bye/Somebody´s in love Saturn B222/B223 (USA)

rec. in Chicago 1955. Cosmic Rays vocal group + Sun Ra p dir, Richard Evans b, Robert Barry dr, Jim Herndon timbale








I´m coming home/Last call for love Heartbeat G70W-5168/5169 (USA)

rec around January 1956 in Chicago. Billie Hawkins voc + Sun Ra and his Orchestra: Sun Ra p; Wurlitzer ep; arr, Art Hoyle tp, Dave Young tp, Julian Priester tb, Pat Patrick as; bars, John Gilmore ts, Wilburn Green cb, Robert Barry dr, Jim Herndon tymp.

ed´s note —  this is ONE of just a couple SUN RA HOLY GRAILS… IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND AND F****N FANTASTIC MUSIC!!!!!!!… the first appearance on record by  the Arkestra according to the books…










Medicine for a Nightmare/Urnack Saturn Z222 A/B (USA)

rec around February 1956 in Chicago. Sun Ra Wurlitzer ep, Art Hoyle tp, Julian Priester tb, John Gilmore ts, Pat Patrick bars, Wilburn Green eb, Robert Barry dr, Jim Herndon tymp.








Super Blonde/Soft Talk Saturn Z1111 (USA)

rec around February 1956 in Chicago. Sun Ra p, Art Hoyle tp, Julian Priester tb, John Gilmore ts, Pat Patrick bars, Wilburn Green eb, Robert Barry dr.

ed´s note —  this is ONE of just a couple HOLY GRAILS… IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND AND F****N FANTASTIC MUSIC!!!!!!!….maybe only 5 copies existing…










Saturn/Call for all demons G70W-5237/5259 (USA)

rec around February 1956 in Chicago. Sun Ra Wurlitzer ep; p, Art Hoyle tp, Julian Priester tb, John Gilmore ts, Pat Patrick bars, Wilburn Green cb, Robert Barry  dr, Jim Herndon tymp.

ed´s note — this is ONE of just a couple HOLY GRAILS… IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND AND F****N FANTASTIC MUSIC!!!!!!!… maybe only 3 – 5 copies existing….









Happy New Year to you!/It´s Christmas time Saturn M08W405/3 (USA)

rec 1956 in Chicago. The Qualities + Sun Ra harmonium, unidentified g bells, wood blocks.

the greatest doo wop vinyl ever ????











October/Adventur in Space Saturn 874-A/B (USA)

October rec 1959 in Chicago. Sun Ra p, Walter Strickland tp, Nate Pryor tb, Marshall Allen as, John Gilmore ts, Pat Patrick bars, Ronnie Boykins b, Robert Barry dr; Adventure rec 1956 or 1957 in Chicago. Sun Ra p, Jim Herndon tymp, Robert Barry dr, prob. John Gilmore bells, unidentified bells, scrapers.








M uck M uck/ Hot Skillet Mama Saturn 4236/7 (USA)

rec prob. March 1957 in Chicago. Yochannan voc, Sun Ra p, Pat Patrick ts, prob. Victor Sproles b, prob. Robert Barry dr.








Hours after/Great balls of fire Saturn J08W0245/6 (USA)

rec early 1958 and around September 1958 in Chicago. On Hours after Sun Ra p, Everett Turner tp, Marshall Allen as, James Spaulding as, John Gilmore ts, Pat Patrick bars Ronnie Boykins b, William Cochran dr, Alvin Fielder dr. On Great balls.. Sun Ra Wurlitzer ep, Lucious Randolph tp, John Gilmore ts, Pat Patrick bars, BeBop Sam Thomas eg, William Cochran dr, Alvin Fielder dr, Jim Herndon tymp, unidentified perc.

ed´s note — this is ONE of just a couple HOLY GRAILS… IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND AND F****N FANTASTIC MUSIC!!!!!!! …we have only seen one copy so far….








The Sun One/Message to Earthman Saturn 1502 (USA)

rec 1959 in Chicago. Yochannan voc, Sun Ra Hammond B-3 organ, Walter Strickland(2) & Lucious Randolph(1) tp, Marshall Allen as, John Gilmore ts, Ronnie Boykins b, unidentified dr.








The Sun Man speaks/Message to Earthman Saturn 986 (USA)

reissue of 3. with different take of track #1.personel as above.







Space Loneliness/State Street Saturn L08W-0114/0115 (USA)

rec around June 17 1960 i Chicago. Sun Ra bells; perc; gong; p, Phil Cohran violin-uke; cnt; perc; voc, Nate Pryor tp; bells, John Gilmore ts; cl; perc; voc, Marshall Allen as, fl; bells; voc, Ronnie Boykins space gong; b; voc, Jon Hardy dr; erc; gong.









Tell her to come on home/I´m making believe Saturn 144M (USA)

rec 1962 in NYC. Little Mack voc, Sun Ra p; dir, John Gilmore ts, Ronnie Boykins b, prob. C. Scoby Stroman dr.







Blues on planet Mars/Saturn moon Saturn 911-AR (USA)

rec 1967 or 1968 NYC. Sun Ra solar sound instrument(Hohner clavinet), John Gilmore ts; perc; voc, Pat Patrick perc; voc, Robert Barry dr; perc, Clifford Jarvis dr; perc, Marshall Allen perc; voc, James Jacson perc; voc.








The Bridge Saturn 1982Y(USA) one-sided single

rec 1967 in NYC. Sun Ra Gibson Kalamazoo org; clavioline, Jothan Callins or Wayne Harris p, prob. Ali Hassan tb, Marshall Allen as; voc, Danny Davis as; voc, John Gilmore ts; voc, Pat Patrick bars; voc, unidentified b, poss. Clifford Jarvis dr, James Jacson voc; perc, Mobarak Mahmoud recitation.










Journey to Saturn/Enlightenment Saturn ES 538 A/B (USA)

rec 1972 or 1974 unknown location(1), 1970-1974 Philadelphia (2). Sun Ra Hohner clavinet (2); org (1), Danny Ray Thompson bars (1), prob. Clifford Jarvis dr (1), June Tyson voc, John Gilmore dr (2); voc, other Arkestrans voc (1).







I´m gonna unmask the Batman/The perfect Man Saturn ES 537B (USA)

rec 1974 (1) in Philadelphia, May 24 1973 (2) in NYC. Sun Ra Rocksicord (1); Mini-Moog syns (2), Akh Tal Ebah tp (1), Marshall Allen as (1); ob (2), John Gilmore ts, Danny Ray Thompson bars (1), Robert Underwood dr (1), Danny Davis dr (2), Stanley Morgan cga (1), Sam Bankhead voc (1).









Disco 2100/Sky Blues Saturn DISCO 2100 A/B (USA)

rec January 23, 1978 in Milano. Sun Ra Crumar Mainman; keyb; p, Michael Ray tp, John Gilmore ts; timb, Luqman Ali dr.









Rough House Blues/Cosmo Extesions Saturn SR 51879 A/B (USA)

rec May 1979 in Montreal. Sun Ra p; syn, prob Luqman Ali dr (1), unidentified dr (2).







Quest/Outer Space Plateau Saturn Gemini 1982Z (USA)

rec 1982 in the Hause of Ra. Sun Ra org, prob. Fred Adams tp, Marshall Allen as, John Gilmore ts, James Jacson bsn.









A Blue One/Orbritation in Blue Saturn SRA-9991/9992 (USA)

rec early 1962 in NYC. Sun Ra p, Pat Patrick bars, Ronnie Boykins b, Tommy Hunter dr,unidentified hand clapping.











…and there is more out there… much more… in outer space… much more…



Sunny Murray – The Lie

Apr.10, 2012


Sunny Murray – The Lie , DIW 850925, 33 1/3 rpm (JAP) 1965


Limited edition 7”, japanese only


This is the sensational track that was left over at the classic JIHAD session of Sonny/ Sunny Murray, recording Sonny´s Time Now on the legendary record label of poet Amira Baraka (Leroi Jones). Released only in Japan as a 7” ep on vinyl. Accompanying the japanese edition of this classic free jazz bomb!

The music is of course absolutely mindblowing and just mesmerazing! Recorded november 11th, 1965 in New York with the label owner reciting his own poem in a classic manner.

Albert Ayler and Don Cherry at their peaks — ripping the flesh out of it all. And with two amazing bass players backing them up, Worrell and Grimes.

Released in japan in a limited run… almost 6 minutes of pure…music…extacy… and BEAUTY!


Albert Ayler – tenor sax

Don Cherry – trumpet

Lewis Worrell – bass

Henry Grimes – bass

Sunny Murray – drums

Leroi Jones (Amira Baraka) – poetry


Brion Gysin – Junk

Apr.10, 2012

Brion Gysin – Junk, mosquito 8900, 45 rpm (FRA) , 1983


Rare French 7”

The legendary Brion Gysin in a project with Ramuntcho Matta and other French musicians.

Gysin is doing his sloooow reading poetry with a pretty funky background… BUT the big thrill here is of course…. the other legend of this piece of precious vinyl : Don Cherry on pocket trumpet!!!!

Playing beautifully and light… jumping melodically behind the voice of Gysin, creating patterns of poetic beauty!

Don Cherry and Brion Gysin together is nothing else then FANTASTIC!




Brion Gysin – voice

Ramuntcho Matta – guitar, production

Fil Mong – bass

Abdoulaye Prosper Niang – drums

Jean – Pierre Coco –talking drum

Don Cherry – trumpet

Yahr Leker – bass

Frederic Cousseau – drums


ALFRED PANOU – Je suis un sauvage

Feb.14, 2012

ALFRED PANOU – Je suis un sauvage, Saravah, SH 40 01,  45 rpm, (FRA) 1969

Very rare french 7”

Yet another (!) french rare single with free jazz related material… and this one is kickin serious b**t! Dont really know who Alfred Panou is…BUT, we do know that the exceptional combo of Art Ensemble of Chicago is backing him up… what could go wrong with Lester Bowie & co behind you?

This is a BEAST of music! Recorded in the famous Saravah studios oct 14th 1969!!!

Panou is mixing a french spoken word with shouts and noises… backed up by the amazingly groovy AEOC! Favours electric bass is evil! and Lester Bowie and co are in terrific form! this a very very excellent and creative mix of two different (?) traditions.

both a – side and b- side are mindblowing and great examples of AEOC in best possible form! YES!!!!

I never seen another copy of this one.

The cover cant really be misunderstood…. Amazing drawing!

The AEOC in the late 60´s and early 70´s must be one of the most exceptional and most  happening combos in Jazz  History whatsoever… everything is worth having with them from this period. Everything! Go hunting!

There are also some scarce off- recordings with Fontella Bass (former wife of Lester Bowie) from the same period that is very much worth looking for.


Alfred Panou – voice

Lester Bowie – trumpet

Joseph Jarman – reeds and misc instr.

Roscoe Mitchell – reeds and misc instr.

Malachi Favors – bass


KOMEDA – Le Départ

Feb.14, 2012


KOMEDA  – Le Depart, Philips 437376 BE, 45 rpm (FRA) 1967, dec 28th.


Very very rare soundtrack 7”

A Jerzy Skolimiwski film with a kick ass soundtrack… just a super track by the great  polish composer and piano player Krystof Komeda with an insane, totally over-the-top line up of free jazz icons: Don Cherry, Gato Barbiero, J-F Jenny Clark, Jacques  Thollot and others. And YES, the music is as good as you can imagine. This music later came out as a 12” lp in japan with the complete soundtrack. BUT… this is the one to look for. Yet, anoter examply of how many amazing 7” that came out in France during the 60´s and 70´s with really happening free jazz related music. The film is great, the cover is great, the music is great… its all pretty happening…

A- side starts with a french chanson, nicely arranged and comes back as third track as an instrumental piece…and now shit starts flying: Don Cherry taking the lead voice in this moody piece of music…overthetop great trumpet playing (!!!)

Side B starts with classic and hard hitting free jazz led by Komeda at the piano. great track! Barbieri and Cherry playing beautiful unison lines… collective improvisation with muted trumpet and all… Barbieri always there supporting. Great open session with walking slow walking bass ends 1st track on b -side. Ending track is weird little arrangement and totally KICKIN!


K.T. Komeda – composition

Don Cherry – trumpet

Rene Urtreger – piano

Jean – Francois Jenny Clark – bass

Gato Barbieri – tenor sax

Jacques Pelzer – alto sax , flute

Jacques Thollot – drums

Edy Louiss – organ

Philip Catherine- guitar

Luiz Funtez – trombone




Feb.10, 2012


YOSUKE YAMASHITA TRIO –Battle Royal (Rikidozan), Columbia AH – 363, 45 rpm (JAP) 197?


Very rare japanese soundtrack on 7” vinyl

A music BOMB! The sensational Yosuke Yamashita Trio. The legendary trio…

With Seiichi Nakamura on piercing tenor sax, Yosuke Yamashita on attack piano and snare drum whirlwind Takeo Moriyama on drums playing the great composition Battle Royal. Explosive music, that is shooting itself out of the membrans of the speakers…. Hilarious! The flip side is something different….there is always two sides to things?

The trio is delivering! And in what a way!!!! A BOMB!!!!

Anyone who has seen the film?

My copy is signed by the pianoplayer while working together in Tokyo in 2009.

A lot can be told about this trio, the only thing that is certain, is that all , ALL, their vinyls are worth getting, period!


Yosue Yamashita – piano

Seiichi Nakamura – tenor sax

Takeo Moriyama – drums


SUN RA – Super Blonde

Feb.10, 2012


SUN RA ARKESTRA – Super Blonde/ Soft Talk, Saturn Z 1111, 45 rpm (USA), 1956


Extremely rare original Saturn 7”. According to my and my fellow discaholics knowledge and existing discographies only 5 copies are known to still exists….

”The mystery” 7” by Le Sun Ra and his Arkestra. Super Blonde is the holy grail for all Ra- collectors. This is the very second 7” that Saturn records released ( we believe that the 7” released as simply “Saturn” is the very first one…. But we only know of one existing copy so far….)  and what a record o start it off with! Music is totally fantastic! With an early incarnation of the Arkestra and a very very jazzy sound and a TOTALLY killin arrangement by Ra, with great contribution by John Gilmore, Pat Patrick, Julian Priester and one of the most amazing jazz drummers ever: Robert Barry! Both A –side and B- side is totally SWINGIN! This item is for sure one of the rarest record you can look for if you are looking for rare free jazz related goodies. There must be more copies somewhere, but they NEVER float up…

The track Super Blonde came out on the 12” Lp SuperSonic Jazz that is a KILLER album by Ra.

There is a long and very exciting story about how this piece of vinyl finally made it to my collection and it might eventually be told one day by the mighty ”Vinyl Freak”, my discaholic brother in Chicago… who naturally has a copy as well of this holy grail.

The music is so good that it hurts… and luckily enough – for non discaholics –  it is available on various sound sources these days.

BUT… the 7” is the one to get, of course…


Sun Ra – piano and arrangement

Art Hoyle – trumpet

John Gilmore – tenor sax

Julian Priester – trombone

Pat Patrick – baritone sax

Jim Herndon – Tympani

Wilburn Green – bass

Robert Barry – drums




Ornette Coleman – Man on the Moon

Feb.08, 2012

Ornette Coleman – Man on the Moon, EMI/Pathe Marconi C006-90643, 45 rpm (FRA) 1969

very rare french only edition w picture sleeve



This is something to look for, something to have, something to love and to listen to.

AMAZING music with the quintet of all times: Ornette, Dewey Redman, Don Cherry, Charlie Haden and Ed Blackwell!!!

This amazing unit is in its PEAK! the uptempo Man on the Moon on the A -side followed by beautiful short ballad Growing up on the flip side. Man on  the Moon has some extremely interesting live electronic activity by Emanuel Ghent – totally ROCKIN! Music doesnt get better then this…

Recorded in July 1969 at Ornette´s last session for Impule…(the US impulse 7″ version shows up as a promo from time to time… but the French original version is the ONE to get) — future music for all!

The image on the front with Ornette playing his classic Grafton plastic alto makes me just smile and wanna dance!

a MUST have!!!!


Ornette Coleman – alto sax

Dewey Redman – tenor sax

Don Cherry – trumpet

Charlie Haden – bass

Ed Blackwell – drums



COLTRANE – interview

Feb.08, 2012

JOHN COLTRANE – interview 1966,  SR #P-91, 33 1/3 rpm (JAP), 1966


Flexi disc, japanese only, strictly limited, bonus 7″ released with 1 st press of 3LP box set, King records


An odd one! But amazing  content:John Coltrane talking about Ornette, Miles, Kirk, education, vietnam war  and meanings of music and related matters… a revelation to hear!

under the skin interview… recorded by TBS Japan at Tokyo Prince Hotel, 18th July 1966.

On the favourite format all the time: the flexi! and a blue one….. with a picture cover!!!


John Coltrane interviewed