Mar.21, 2012


Jim O`Rourke interview nov , 2010





How are you?


very very tired


You are how?


tired very very


How you are?


very tired very


Are you how?


very tired very




-The above is a qoute from a Sten Hansson piece ” How are you”. An eminent text-and sound piece from the 60´s. Are you interested in those forms of expressions?


i most definitely was interested in that generation of sound poets, when i started studying japanese my whole life became sound poetry, hahahaha.


-What forms of expression interest you the most at the moment?


being fluent.




because your brain goes nuts not beable to express what is going on inside there, when you know you could just switch languages and speak perfectly, but then no one will understand you.






-When ?


jesus, who knows, probably never.




-Why on earth did u stop collecting vinyl records? Does that mean that you are cured from your diskaholism? Or is there still a chance that you will join the club again? This is of high importance for our readers to find out…


well, mostly because i moved and then didnt have a stereo for three years. i finally got my stereo back together, only to find out tokyo works on 50hz base instead of 60hz base, so the tubes in my amp flicker slowly like they are possesed and the system blanks out after a few minutes. but, seriously, how can you keep buying records, hahaha




-We have been eating and drinkin together (and making some noises in between) some years now, after that first meeting we had at Derek Bailey´s Company Week in London in 1990. What is your absolute favourite food and drink in: Europe?


probably pumpkin ravioli in italy, jesus, that’s good.


-Japan? Why so?


green pepper kushiage at akiyoshi. that stuff is like going to heaven. but you have to wait 3 minutes before you eat it. my favorite crossbreed food here is mochi pizza. if done right, it’s amazing.


-Do you have any new funny stories to tell? Sweden needs to be amused  now, since the last election went really bad and people are pretty depressed now, with fascists in the goverment… and the Norwegians are still better then us  in cross country skiing. We need to hear something that cheers us up a bit these days.


i thought you wrote cross dressing skiing. are the danish best at that?



-At EXACTLY what point did you get into creative and improvised musics?


when i borrowed derek and dave hollands duo record from my local library. because it was on ecm, they had it, even though it was yet the big label it is now. this would be around 1980 or so. man, i had NO idea what that was, but i loved it.. i just cross-referenced from there…



-At EXACTLY what point did you get into creative films and related?


same time, esp because film books usually have more far out directors than music books do. also i was going to my local cinema almost everyday, i lived a block from it, and they kind of just let me in after a while, i was the little kid from down the lane, hahaha


-At EXACTLY what point did this interview bored you to pieces?


when i finished it, lost it, and now, am doing it all over again.



-What does A- ha and Rolling Stones have in common?


they are both bands i turned down producing. the a-ha one was honestly a schedule conflict. a lot of my friends are upset i didnt do that one.


-What does Hawaian shirts and guitar playing have in common?


henry kaiser, who i am actually listening to right now. his new boogie record with tyetuzi akiyama.


-What is your favourite Sparks record?




-Roy Harper record?


hor’s doeuvres and the b side of lifemask.


-John Abercrombie record?


Gateway 1


-When did u play your best guitar solo?


on the first edith frost record


-And when did u play your worst?


on the first edith frost record


-Is there a difference in working with Jeff Tweedy and Werner Herzog?

like night and day, and that’s not meant in a bad way. they have completely different energy levels, and paces to getting things done. funny because mr. herzog says he would always trade everything in to be able to play an instrument, (please don’t!!!) and i feel the same way the other way around, hahaa.




-Is there a difference in playing the accordeon and EMS synthi?


an accordian is heavier! and for some reason very expensive in japan.





-When will there be a new film by you to watch?

you know, i’m not sure, but i’m going to be directing a video next month, my first that will use mosaics, but unfortunately not a porn film.


-What is appealing to you about making films?


well, it’s not the making them that is appealing, i just prefer it as an “art form”, if you must use a word. when i have made films, its not that i set out to make a film, just that the idea i wanted to do fit with film more than music. i havent made one in years, but that may change.


-What in the process of making  films is kickin yr butt?


it’s all in the editing, hahaa. not really, but i do get a kick out of the possibilities of editing in film.


-The readers of this page is crazy about lists of all kinds (actully they are not… I have been asking them for over a year now to send in their fav lists and nothing fuckin happpens)… so I thought I should ask you to make some lists, top 5,  of your favourite:



– Horror films


seance on a wet afternoon

exorcist 3

the shout

little murders







– Songs

thunderclap newman-something in the air

judee sill-the kiss

peter ivers-even stephen foster

roy harper-lifemask

claudio rocchi-volo magico



– Sports


none at all


– Words









-Can u tell us about the new pop project of yours, I know that u already made a first concert in Japan? Your own songs?  Have u recorded the project already?


i did one show with my new band in kyoto, but we only did one new song. it’s still going to take a long time to finish this record, which ironically i wrote ten years ago. we’ll see. it’s going to cost a fortune to make, but, i will persevere, maybe.



-What records is there to be added to your collection?


derek bailey on nondo. dear readers, help me out.


-What instruments is there to be added to your collection? You played like 200 different instruments on your last solo project…is there any instrument left to explore? Is there an instrument that you really wished that you were able to control and play?


i really really really wish i was good at pedal steel. in terms of traditional instruments, it’s my favorite. other than that i like using my serge.


-Can British musicians improvise?


oh man, what are you trying to do to me?




-Is this interview way to long already?


months, hahaha



first published in Nya Upplagan  in Swedish, 2011