Ornette Coleman – Town Hall

Oct.12, 2012

Ornette Coleman – at Town Hall 1962, ESP  1006, 33 rpm ( USA) — PRE PRESSING

extremely rare , less then 50 copies



This is the holy grail… the missing link… in the ESP catalogue…. the pre press of the classic Ornette Coleman´s debut on ESP with the classic trio of Izenson & Moffet.

This baby was pressed as a pre – press with an PR insert attached on the back of the cover. The cover is one of the most beautiful silk screened cover the DC hav ever ever seen, You wont find this record so easy… but to hold it. feel it and smell it… is worth everything, we think!!!

The silk screen cover came in a variety of colors . we have seen three different versions so far…

Music is the same as on the later 1st pressing —- with a string group attached , creating beauty beyond belief!

Ornette himself is playing overthetop – and he is overall in an amazing form, with fluent poetry gushing out of hos horn like nobody else.

This is basically Ornette’s first harmolodic chamber music based on his ideas he would later call Harmolodics.


Release comes  with an essay on The New Music by Robert Ostermann attached in the sleeve.



Ornette Coleman – alto sax

David Izenson – bass

Charles Moffett – drums

String Quartet on Track #3

Selwart Clarke: violin
Nathan Goldstein: violin
Julien Barber: viola
Kermit Moore: cello





Penis Gorilla

Apr.27, 2012


PENIS GORILLA – 33 1/3 rpm (JAP) mid 70`s ?


Extremely rare post card  manga 5″ flexi ep

This is a very very very odd one… and extremely hard to find and…. Extremely weird music.

Some kind of percussion/ voice meeting with unclear motif, journey and goal…

We got help  translating the Japanese signs and found out that the musicians on this super amazing card board flexi is: Yosuke Yamashita (!!!) together with Seichi Nakamura, Fumio Watanabe and Yoshijiro (or Ryojiro)  Furusawa — all playing percussion obviously and chanting away.

This item was originally released together with a manga magazine… but we cant find any additional info on this rare beast.

The front image is amazing… and the back of the cardboard is just… mindblowing… with a sitting down gorilla, waiting for something …(?)

Of all records DC have dealt with over the years… this one beats the most!


Yosuke Yamashita – perc, piano and vo

Seichi Nakamura – perc, vo

Fumio Watanabe – perc, vo

Yoshijiro ( Ryojiro?) Furusawa – perc , vo