Charlie Nothing – the psychedelic saxophone

Apr.10, 2012


The psychedelic saxophone of Charlie Nothing, Takoma c – 1015, 33 1/3 rpm (USA) ,1967


Rare American LP

This is an odd one. Alto sax improvisations by Charlie Nothing.

Only accompanied by someone playing the gong, congas and banjo ukulele… Nothing himself  maybe???

Music is a research… but of what?

We have no idea of course… but we love this music and we love this release.

This music reminds of some of the solo sax adventure that Bengt Nordström was doing in Sweden in the mid 60´s. A unique and naïve approach to the material. Charlie Nothing doesnt have the same technical skills and imagination as Nordström. You can clearly hear the technical limitations…. BUT, this record is like nothing else… and a very important link in the history of solo sax improvisations. There is a clear Ayleresque attraction here… but also a very folkish touch to it all.

Released in 1967 on John Fahey´s legendary Takoma label!

A spectacular cover with a thick card board sleeve. The drawing made by Nothing himself.


Charlie Nothing, poet, sax player, bee keeper, music instrument builder and creator of the mighty Dingulator ( guitar sculptures made of American cars….)!!!!


When DC found this vinyl in California in a used record store in 1999…. We were told that this record had been sitting in the store since its release and it has been an ongoing joke among the staff, if this record at all would be sold…


Charlie Nothing – alto sax, gong, conga, banjo ukulele