Mar.01, 2023

HIT THE WALL Discaholic auction #5

Download the catalogue here! UP NOW!

bidding starts march 1st — ends march 31st.please email: mats@matsgus.comwith any questions or/ and bids

TRADES are welcome!

Auction catalog #4

Feb.28, 2022


download the catalogue using the link above


Mar.01, 2021

download your catalogue and get in touch with questions, bids and comments:

AUCTION NR 2 is over

Jan.02, 2021

the auction nr 2 is over. congrats to all winners!

auction nr is about to go online AND on real paper!

march 1st 2021.

please email us to get a pdf or/ and a printed catalogue:


Nov.15, 2020

Auction #2


The auction starts today and ends at the 15th of December!
Downloadable catalog beneath.

 Download the auction catalog here!


Oct.11, 2020

DISCAHOLIC auction NR 2.

rare free jazz, jazz, improvised music, noise and MORE!


This is the 2nd list of Discaholic Auctions. Rare vinyls and more. Put together by Discaholic and Ayler- completist Mats Gustafsson. This list nr 2. is in collaboration with Swedish Discaholic and Sun Ra- completist Björn Thorstensson. After over 30 years of trading rare records with each other, we will be offering some of the rarest and most unusual records available and more…

Inspired by the great auctioneer and jazz enthusiast Roberto Castelli in Milan, and his amazing auction catalogue “Jazz and Improvised Music Auction List”!

Forget Discogs, Popsike, eBay… this is the real deal!

The times are weird. We miss live music. We miss the music and the social aspects around touring and playing. We miss hunting in real record shop. We miss meeting real people. We miss a LOT of things. But we need to keep fighting the stupidities down, globally and locally. With whatever we have. We need to find new sources of inspirations and informations. In our case… it is all within our record collections! We are now trimming our gardens a bit and sharing those fruits and branches with you. Old school auction. Highest bid wins.  This time on pdf and online… next time: most definitely on paper. The real deal.

Bids by email:

Bidding start Nov 15th, 2020.

Bidding ends Dec 15th, 2020.


Free Jazz, Improvised music, Jazz, Experimental music, Concrete poetry and more. Rare vinyls, Flexis, Cassettes and USB- bracelets(!).

TRADES are welcome – please indicate and suggest – all offers will be considered!!!!!


2 tempting examples from the upcoming catalogue:

Abdul-Hannan                                          The Third World                                       Third World AH 1                                      VG+/VG+                                                     Extremely rare killer free jazz / spiritual jazz slide with a hard blowing David S Ware hitting all fans possible! Impossible to find in ANY condition.

The Trio                                                    By Contact                                                Columbia  YS 2733 AX                              NM/NM              The true 1st press on Japanese Columbia. John Surman, Barre Phillips and Stu Martin in absolute top form. Mental and a magnificent  album of gushing melodical free jazz.  Great shape. No obi.


…a vinyl a day keeps the doctor away…