Apr.06, 2012



the very centre of jazz in the north, the very centre of HC in Scandinavia with an amazing jazzclub and jazzfest ( last weekend of cotober ), ROCKIN rockclub at Scharinska and other related activities!

always good vinylactivities and these days 4 shops worth visiting:



this is a NEW shop that popped up…. and it is brutally good.

psych, jazz, punk, hard core and all related. lots of 7 inches… and 12 inches…. and…..

and it is all in old school- nostalgic yellow “ölbackar”( beer crates ) – like it should be!!!

the owner, magnus, is very knowledgable and helpful!

the walls are filled w goodies and there is shitloads in the store…

this is one of the better shops in scandinavia for 2nd hand vinyls – for SURE!




sharing space with a high end store

LYD hi Fi store. also worth a trip in itself!


HiFi-LYD i Umeå / High flying records
S. Majorsgatan 9
903 36 Umeå

tis – fre: 11 – 18
lör: 11 – 15







focusing on jazz and classical music as well as some folk and related matters. really nice bookstore as well.

Skolgatan 98
903 31 Umeå





the store where it all started for Olof Madsen, Edward Jarvis  Mats Gustafsson and many others in the twon of birchtress…. back in the 80´s. Where Brötzmann´s Machine Gun  and Coltrane´s Ascension were discovered. still running and kickin with shitloads of vinyls back in the store. Stanley started it and it is KICKIN!

Burmans Musik | Box 348 | 90107 Umeå | 090-120242






this is the SHIT when it comes to ROCK and related!

always been and will always be… the importance of this shop , locally and above… is IMMENSE!!!

great great and very knowledgable  staff and amazing stuff all around! neeeeeeds to be checked out.

lars garage… the reason why it is all ROCKIN!

garageland located these days in the mighty Scarinska Villan.


Scharinska, Storgatan 65, Umeå. Sweden