nils lindberg – jazz in tv time

Oct.23, 2012


Nils Lindberg ,  jazz in TV – time, Colombia SEGS 74, 45 rpm, (NOR)  1960

Rare swedish jazz 7” pressed in Norway


This is an extraordinarily document of swedish jazz! Nils Lindberg´s arrangements for the TV – jazz orchestra of the time in a CLASSIC recording.

Both the quality of the arrangements and the solo work here makes this record a very very worth having piece of vinyl.

This record is recorded the same year as the outstanding ”Sax Appeal” by Lindberg with Lars Gullin as featured soloist. (the cd re issue of Sax Appeal includes these tracks from this 7”, for the first time re issued.)

Maffy Falay first (?) recorded work in his new country, after moving from his native Turkey. A very inspired trumpet playing here with great imagination and flow.

But the real sensation here is the totally killing tenor playing by Luleå ( a northern town in Sweden, nowadays mostly known for its fine Hockey – team!) – based Allan Lundström. With a totally unique personal voice and a very interesting and highly imaginative  sense of melodic beauty, Lundström is creating some of the finest jazz playing in Sweden in a very interesting period in the swedish jazz history: the beginning of the 60´s.

Before free was free…and during a fantastic period of research and new explorations.

Åke Persson is in great form as always , and proves the fact that he is one of the most specific voices of swedish jazz ever. Persson, Gullin, Thelin and the amazing trumpeter Rolf Ericsson are among very few swedish jazz musicians that really made themself a name on the international scene at the time. And also contributed with very distinctive personal voices and styles.

This is one of the ESSENTIAL recordings of swedish jazz! It is all about balance here. Balance! The ensemble is perfectly balanced, the voicing is spectacular and the solo works are great example of extreme individuality and balance within the concept of the group. Balance! It is all about balance!



Nils Lindberg  – piano

Maffy Falay – trumpet

Åke Persson – trombone

Allan Lundström – tenor sax

Torsten Wennberg – baritone sax

Sture Nordin – bass

Conny Svensson – drums



Monica Zetterlund- taklagsskiva

Apr.27, 2012


Monica Zetterlund – Taklagsskiva, Philips  45 rpm (SWE) 1962


Extremely rare, give away – one sided  7”


An amazing document of Monica Zetterlund in best possible form.

Music is astonishing…. Two tracks: “Nilsson” and “Katten Felix”.

“Nilsson” starts with a spoken “drama” illustrated by Zetterlund and the Orchstra… wild, dramatic and abstract…. Fantastic! and very unusual for a Zetterlund recording from this time!

After a minute the tune starts swingin… text is by amazing Swedish authors and entertainers Hasse Alfredsson & Tage Danielsson (with whom Zetterlund worked with extensively during the 60´s and 70´s), a story built  around the actual  construction  of the Philips–building  in Stockholm.

This 7” was given away to the employees after finishing building the Philips house  September 14th 1962… how many copies that survived we can only guess… and the music can only be found (?) on this very, very rare 7” !

Katten Felix, by Georg Riedel, is a calypso track with great arrangements  by the composer (?) and very sweet lyrics by the great late Beppe Wolgers.

We haven’t been able to track down the name of the orchestra or the individual members of the ensemble…. But they are GOOD! We are guessing it is a Swedish jazz studio ensemble led by Georg Riedel or Bengt – Arne Wallin.

Amazing music in an amazing packaging…. This 7” is beautiful… and the photo of Monica herself on the cover is one of the best of her ever!


Monica Zetterlund – vocals

Unknown members of the Philips Studio Orchestra usually under the leadership of Bengt – Arne Wallin (or Georg Riedel)


Lars Lystedt – Krypto

Apr.10, 2012


LARS LYSTEDT KVINTETT – KRYPTO, SweDisc 143, 33 1/3 rpm (SWE) 1964, released 1966


Promo release, very few released?


This EP is quite a sensation. Just before SweDisc closed down business in the mid 60´s . They obviously made this promo release…  in connection to the release of the classic Swedish Jazz LP with Lars Lystedt Sextett´s   ”Jazz under the midnight sun”.

SweDisc released another 7” with material from the same LP, playing the great tunes The Runner and The Hammock – with a really cool photo cover with  the band gathered around a swiming pool!

But this release came as shown on the photos. A printed sleeve made for this specific release. We can´t find any additional info, but interesting enough this 7” has its own catalogue nr. Perhaps this was a promo pre- release?

This is classic Swedish jazz by the great Lars Lystedt combo with stunning solo work by Ulander and Egerbladh! One piece by Egerbladh and one standard Charles Lloyd tune.

Ulander is as usual wonderful in his playing… warm and piercing at the same time. a totally unique voice in teh scandinavian jazz scene!

The SOUND of this ensemble is just great… the color…. the timbre… a real GROUP!

Interesting enough DC found this copy in a special store in Tokyo (!) … we have never seen this 7” in Sweden before… or after…

Lars Lystedt – valve trombone

Lars- Göran Ulander – alto sax

Berndt Egerbladh – piano

Ray Carlsson – bass

Sten Öberg – drums


ARAC – Constellation

Feb.23, 2012


ARAC , Constellation, ARAC BEP- 123, 45 rpm (SWE) 1971


Very very rare swedish jazz, between 100 and 150 copies.

This is a rare one… one of the most uncommon swedish jazz artifacts on vinyl ever. A true Norrland piece of jazz  vinyl. With the totally KILLIN Sten Öberg on drums. HE is a wiz… one of the best hidden secrets of the jazz scene ever. Active since early 60´s… he played with litterally everyone of visiting jazzplayers over the years, Lars Gullin, Stan Getz, Dexter Gordon, Bill Evans etc etc….all the visiting musicians coming up to the cold north to play. He even played with Albert Ayler and Archie Shepp… Sten is the ONE!


This 7” was made in the early 70´s with the Arac group, led by great trombone player Bertil Strandberg. All local musicians. Playing the great titled ”We aint movin” in local swedish: ”Vi flytt int” (a phrase later used by famous donwhill skiier Ingemar Stenmark and Stig Strand….)  and the swinging tune Critic choice.

Souljazz related material with some very nice arrangement and good solos by Strandberg!!!


Bertil Strandberg – trombone

Bengt Lindgren – tenor sax

Göran Strandberg – piano

Lars Gunnar Gunnarsson – bass

Sten Öberg – drums


BO NILSSON – Gorillan

Feb.14, 2012


BO NILSSON – Gorillan, GPS 1004, 45 rpm (SWE) 1966


Very very scarce and rare 7”


The Swinging world of Bo Nilsson presents ”Gorillan går in” (The Gorilla walks in) and ”Gorillan går ut” ( The Gorilla walks out) is a swedish classic. Unfortunately very rare to find.

soundtrack to the film “Träfracken”.

A very special collaboration between the ex Darmstadt composer Bo Nilsson and a bunch of reallly happening jazz musicians, including the mighty Norwegian tenor sax of Bjarne Nerem and the amazing swedish trumpet player Rolf Ericsson (of Ellington and Mingus – fame). The composer is featured on congas…

music is a very groovy funky jazz piece of SWING…(det svänger så att det svartnar…..)

and the cover is just…. freakin excellent!!!

Bo NIlsson made some amazing music in the 50´s and some  spectacular collaborations in the 60´s and 70´s. Most famous being the classic ”Lidingö Airport” that he composed for the mindblowing organ & drum duo Hansson & Carlsson.

This is very very special music and totally worth go looking for. The concept is great , cover is happenimng and the music spectacular. I KID U NOT!


Bo Nilsson – orchestration, composition and congas

Claes Rosendahl – tenor sax

Andreas Skjöld – trombon

Bjarne Nerem – tenor sax

Rolf Ericsson – trumpet

Rolg Blomqvist – sax and flute

and unknown backing ensembe


Feb.02, 2012


limited ed…

This is a wild one… bizarre… and GREAT music ( at least half the record…).

This yellow and blue cover with its blue vinyl was probably given away by airline JET in the 60´s as a souvenir to tourists… what a gift! half of the very, very short tracks is by the amazing swedish combo Lars Werner / Bernt Rosengren Quartet – that recorded the mighty Bombastica on Jazzland! With the rhythm section from the first Albert Ayler recording: Torbjörn Hultkrantz on bass and Sune Spångberg on drums — and the other half of this insane 7″ is by some swedish folk combo whistling & singing cheesy  tunes… not really happening… BUT, the unlikely combination with the Werner / Rosengren… makes the whole production a TOTALLY rockin release! All the Werner / Rosengren tracks are unreleased… and exists only on this beautiful blue piece of vinyl!

Lars Werner… one of the most amazing composers in the Swedish jazzhistory! Together with the most kickin tenorplayer around…and the bass and drums… are just my all time fav – swedish pair.


this gem is not at all… easy to find….

but worth all the effort….. every tone by Rosengren is pure poetry… and the way the piano trio is handling the music, is something on its own! amazing ballads… amazing jazz….


Lars Werner – piano

Bernt Rosengren – tenor sax

Torbjörn Hultkrantz – bass

Sune Spångberg – drums





Feb.02, 2012

Bengt”Frippe” Nordström,  music minus one,  45 rpm (SWE), 1962

limited edition, 5 –  10 copies made

the vinyl document of all time! my absolute favourite music on vinyl… I KID YOU NOT!

Bengt Nordström, that also produced Albert Aylers first epos”Something Different”, plays on the EP four (4!!) versions of Ornette Coleman´s classic “When will the blues leave” – Together (!) with the Ornette Coleman Quintet… from a LP played in the background in Bengt´s kitchen in 1962! Hilarious… this music have everything!

Bengt is starting to solo usually when Walter Norris is starting his own solo… and after that Bengt plays along ( and over ) and also take the out – head together with Ornette and Don.. to finish the take.

amazing versions… and they are all pretty different! absolutely FANTASTIC! Music ( and life … ) doesnt get better than this!!!

This copy was given to me by Bengt back in the early 90´s.

check an extensive text on the beast of a vinyl ( sorry… only in swedish…):


Bengt Nordström – grafton alto sax

accompanied by

Ornette Coleman Quintet (on vinyl):

Ornette Coleman – alto sax

Don Cherry – trumpet

Walter Norris – piano

Don Payne- bass

Billy Higgins – drums