CHIC STREETMAN – ode to mafeen

Feb.14, 2012


CHIC STREETMAN – Ode to Mafeen, Saravah SH 40059, 45 rpm (FRA) 1975


Very rare french single

Another obscure french 7” that doesnt pop up that often anywhere.  Great singer and guitar player Streetman playing his thing in the great (!) company of brazilian percussionist Nana Vasconcelos and maestro Steve Lacy !!!

A- side starts with bluesy guitar and singing with lacy in the background making lines of beauty… but for sure this is one of the most obscure Lacy entries ever…

B- side starting in a billiard hall… blues starts up… and a piano comes in…

There is a variety of rare and obscure french singles made in the 60´s and 70 ´s with free jazz icons such as Lacy and members of the Art Ensemble of Chicago that were made and DO exists… but they are very very hard to get. But… worth looking for — I kid you NOT!

Wherever Stephen Lackritz shows up… you need to check it out. Always contributing and adding something with his own very distinctive voice. He was the maestro.

This is definately one of the hardest to get in his dioscography.

check more steve lacy music at an excellent discography;


Chic Streetman – guitar and vocals

Nana Vasconcelos – percussion

Steve Lacy – soprano sax

Jean Paul Asseline – piano