Apr.06, 2012


the home of Zlatanism…

and some serious art activities…. galleries… artists… and related… and some pretty fuckin happening vinyl hunting terretories:




Rundgång (“feedback”) is a relatively new shop but kickin serious butt!

new and used… all formats… great vibe, great staff — check it out! focus: experimental and beyond…

Kristianstadsgatan 14
214 23 Malmö





one of the most amazing galleries in Sweden… cutting edge exhibitions… beyond it all…

and a small but amazing vinyl section with some excellent shit waitin for ya!

also procucer of great concerts and amazing vinyls as” Treffpunkt”

Galleri Ping-Pong
Att: Gert-Olle Göransson
Rådmansgatan 7
211 45 Malmö





really great store for rock, pop and jazz… cds primarily… but the vinyls are slowly taking over…

great films and books and amazing espresso!!!

Folk å rock
Lilla torg
Skomakaregatan 11
211 34 Malmö