Ornette Coleman – Town Hall

Oct.12, 2012

Ornette Coleman – at Town Hall 1962, ESP  1006, 33 rpm ( USA) — PRE PRESSING

extremely rare , less then 50 copies



This is the holy grail… the missing link… in the ESP catalogue…. the pre press of the classic Ornette Coleman´s debut on ESP with the classic trio of Izenson & Moffet.

This baby was pressed as a pre – press with an PR insert attached on the back of the cover. The cover is one of the most beautiful silk screened cover the DC hav ever ever seen, You wont find this record so easy… but to hold it. feel it and smell it… is worth everything, we think!!!

The silk screen cover came in a variety of colors . we have seen three different versions so far…

Music is the same as on the later 1st pressing —- with a string group attached , creating beauty beyond belief!

Ornette himself is playing overthetop – and he is overall in an amazing form, with fluent poetry gushing out of hos horn like nobody else.

This is basically Ornette’s first harmolodic chamber music based on his ideas he would later call Harmolodics.


Release comes  with an essay on The New Music by Robert Ostermann attached in the sleeve.



Ornette Coleman – alto sax

David Izenson – bass

Charles Moffett – drums

String Quartet on Track #3

Selwart Clarke: violin
Nathan Goldstein: violin
Julien Barber: viola
Kermit Moore: cello





een miralekse tocht – icp 013

May.05, 2012

Mengelberg – Bennink Duo– Een mirakelse tocht , ICP 013 , 33 1/3 rpm, (NL) , 1972

Very rare 6 disc flexi release


A beautiful set of 6 flexi discs in 8 (?) inch format… amazing packaging… amazing music… amazing feel… this set has it all.

Bennink and Mengelberg in absolute top form taking it all away, on piano, drums, trumpet, vocals and such… in the typical slightly anarchistic way that is a signum of these two master- minds and players of European free improvised music.

Totally essential music and totally essential release! Flexis are the THING! Then… and now.

This period in European free music history is a very active one… just after the language had been established and the collaborations have started between the “German” school, the “English” school and the “Dutch” one… those were the three main perspectives. And very many collaborations started around this period that lasted for a long period of time.

But very few releases has this mindbending feel to it.

Very hard to find and very much worth looking for.

Highest possible recommendations!!!! Comes in a handstamped envelope, sometimes with  the written address of the customer on the front.




Misha Mengelberg  – piano

Han Bennink – drums, soft trumpet, prepared trombone, khene, dhung and voice


Penis Gorilla

Apr.27, 2012


PENIS GORILLA – 33 1/3 rpm (JAP) mid 70`s ?


Extremely rare post card  manga 5″ flexi ep

This is a very very very odd one… and extremely hard to find and…. Extremely weird music.

Some kind of percussion/ voice meeting with unclear motif, journey and goal…

We got help  translating the Japanese signs and found out that the musicians on this super amazing card board flexi is: Yosuke Yamashita (!!!) together with Seichi Nakamura, Fumio Watanabe and Yoshijiro (or Ryojiro)  Furusawa — all playing percussion obviously and chanting away.

This item was originally released together with a manga magazine… but we cant find any additional info on this rare beast.

The front image is amazing… and the back of the cardboard is just… mindblowing… with a sitting down gorilla, waiting for something …(?)

Of all records DC have dealt with over the years… this one beats the most!


Yosuke Yamashita – perc, piano and vo

Seichi Nakamura – perc, vo

Fumio Watanabe – perc, vo

Yoshijiro ( Ryojiro?) Furusawa – perc , vo


Willy Lundin – Interpop

Apr.11, 2012




Willy Lundin – Interpop, Record material 4059, 33 rpm (SWE), mid 60´s


Rare promi flexi

This is an odd Swedish flexi… wow! Made to promote great sax player Willy Lundin´s new group “Interpop” – an attempt to make success with the 60´s pop sound…

Two “actors” talking in Swedish about Willy Lundin and his way of making music and how great Interpop is and in how many different styles they can play in!!! Various music examples illustrates what the “actors” are talking about and how “GREAT” this new project of Lundin is.

The new sound of Willy Lundin with B3 organ and echochamber and all is pretty rockin

Part of the material is actually pretty great, funky soul jazz…. But the attempts to make a swingin “bossa” , a “tango” and a “cha- cha” can be left aside…

Lundin was a truly great jazz alto and tenor sax player and we don’t really know how this Interpop project of his succeeded back in the days….this new way of presenting his music and his band was sponsored by the “Artistförmedlingen I Göteborg” (The artist agency in Gothenburg” with telephone number and all.

Lundin played with drummer Kenneth Fagerlund quite a bit and also with great Swedish piano player Jan Johansson. From time to time Lundin was also playing on his accordeon in various jazz settings.

This odd flexi in its beautiful picture cover is one of the hardest records to find if you wanna have your Swedish jazz discography complete… good luck!!!

he: ” …a band that is so deadly great (“dödsbra”) must be coming back and play again”

she: ” Mmmmmmmmh,  I hope so, I hope so!”



Willy Lundin – alto and tenor sax

Unknown instrumental quartet with organ, trombone/ trumpet, bass and drums.

“she” – Jaenette Axvi – voice

“he” – Jan Cederquist – voice


ICP – 5″ Flexi ep

Feb.08, 2012


ICP Orchestra – My baby has goen to Shouwburg, VERENIGING CULTUREEL JONGEREN PASPORT, CJP 33 1/3 rpm (NL) 1972?

strictly limited edition flexi 5″ !!!


another insane flexi from the European Improvised music scene… starting off with some electronic noise with a series of rock n´roll licks from the 50´s coming behind … followed by pretty ridicolous  american jive talk action… BUT, there is hard core music going on here…. Han Bennink hitting harder then ever, Willem Breuker at his best – chewing the mouthpiece up, Maarten van Regteren Altena slamming the bass brutally and the might Michael Waisvisz making amazing outer- space noise on his putney-synthesizer-harmonica….pheeeeuwwww…. HILARIOUS!

B-side is a weird prog/ psych / jazz attempt….. by Tom Barlage, w organ, el bass and all…

this flexi is released by a youth center in Holland.. end the edition we have no idea about, and the year of recording is a mystery… but likely early 70´s.

a must have…


Han Bennink – drums

Willem Breuker – sax and vocal

Willem van Manen -trombone and vocal

Kees Klaver  – trumpet

Michel Waisvisz – putney synth harmonica

Maarten van Regteren Altena – bass