ICP – 5″ Flexi ep

Feb.08, 2012


ICP Orchestra – My baby has goen to Shouwburg, VERENIGING CULTUREEL JONGEREN PASPORT, CJP 33 1/3 rpm (NL) 1972?

strictly limited edition flexi 5″ !!!


another insane flexi from the European Improvised music scene… starting off with some electronic noise with a series of rock n´roll licks from the 50´s coming behind … followed by pretty ridicolous  american jive talk action… BUT, there is hard core music going on here…. Han Bennink hitting harder then ever, Willem Breuker at his best – chewing the mouthpiece up, Maarten van Regteren Altena slamming the bass brutally and the might Michael Waisvisz making amazing outer- space noise on his putney-synthesizer-harmonica….pheeeeuwwww…. HILARIOUS!

B-side is a weird prog/ psych / jazz attempt….. by Tom Barlage, w organ, el bass and all…

this flexi is released by a youth center in Holland.. end the edition we have no idea about, and the year of recording is a mystery… but likely early 70´s.

a must have…


Han Bennink – drums

Willem Breuker – sax and vocal

Willem van Manen -trombone and vocal

Kees Klaver  – trumpet

Michel Waisvisz – putney synth harmonica

Maarten van Regteren Altena – bass