Penis Gorilla

Apr.27, 2012


PENIS GORILLA – 33 1/3 rpm (JAP) mid 70`s ?


Extremely rare post card  manga 5″ flexi ep

This is a very very very odd one… and extremely hard to find and…. Extremely weird music.

Some kind of percussion/ voice meeting with unclear motif, journey and goal…

We got help  translating the Japanese signs and found out that the musicians on this super amazing card board flexi is: Yosuke Yamashita (!!!) together with Seichi Nakamura, Fumio Watanabe and Yoshijiro (or Ryojiro)  Furusawa — all playing percussion obviously and chanting away.

This item was originally released together with a manga magazine… but we cant find any additional info on this rare beast.

The front image is amazing… and the back of the cardboard is just… mindblowing… with a sitting down gorilla, waiting for something …(?)

Of all records DC have dealt with over the years… this one beats the most!


Yosuke Yamashita – perc, piano and vo

Seichi Nakamura – perc, vo

Fumio Watanabe – perc, vo

Yoshijiro ( Ryojiro?) Furusawa – perc , vo