een miralekse tocht – icp 013

May.05, 2012

Mengelberg – Bennink Duo– Een mirakelse tocht , ICP 013 , 33 1/3 rpm, (NL) , 1972

Very rare 6 disc flexi release


A beautiful set of 6 flexi discs in 8 (?) inch format… amazing packaging… amazing music… amazing feel… this set has it all.

Bennink and Mengelberg in absolute top form taking it all away, on piano, drums, trumpet, vocals and such… in the typical slightly anarchistic way that is a signum of these two master- minds and players of European free improvised music.

Totally essential music and totally essential release! Flexis are the THING! Then… and now.

This period in European free music history is a very active one… just after the language had been established and the collaborations have started between the “German” school, the “English” school and the “Dutch” one… those were the three main perspectives. And very many collaborations started around this period that lasted for a long period of time.

But very few releases has this mindbending feel to it.

Very hard to find and very much worth looking for.

Highest possible recommendations!!!! Comes in a handstamped envelope, sometimes with  the written address of the customer on the front.




Misha Mengelberg  – piano

Han Bennink – drums, soft trumpet, prepared trombone, khene, dhung and voice