THE QUALATIES/ SUN RA – it´s christmas time

Feb.10, 2012

THE QUALATIES – It´s Christmas time, Saturn MOBW 4052, 45 rpm (USA), 1956



Very rare original saturn 7”


This is the x- mas record of all time!!! As a bonus you get also an amazing happy new year song with some unbeleviable bass singing… deeeeeep down!

A Doo –Wop group not known to me but they are backed up by the incredible Sun Ra Arkestra in one of their off-space-jazz- attempts.

The songs are written by Sun Ra and his manager/ label mate Aalton Abraham. Amazing songs! They are TOTALLY staying inside of  you after the first listening.

All the off-space-jazz- attempts made by Ra and produced by Abraham are worth looking for – and some of them are really WILD, some are just beautiful -problem is that very many people these days are looking for them!

Why the ”n” is missing on the recordlabels ”Satur” beats me…

…part of the RA – mystery….

is this the best doo- wop vinyl ever recorded ????



The Qualaties – unidentified male vocal quartet

Sun Ra – harmonium

unidentified guitar

unidentified bells

unidentified wood blocks