La Maison Fille du Soleil

Nov.26, 2012


Francois Tusques – La Maison Fille du Soleil, Studio Seriptone SN 4- 64- 2 , 45 rpm (FRA), 1964


very very rare 7″ pressed in  max 75 copies, probably less


This is nothing else then a BOMB. and a mythical one….an masterpiece of early free jazz… a MISSING LINK!!!!!

there has been whispers about a lost Don Cherry recording….. and here it is: “La Maison Fille du Soleil”, with music by the mighty and legendary Francois Tusques! One of the most amazing musicians, pianist and minds of the international free music.

earlier then most… and creating absolute KICKIN  free jazz in Europa in the 60´s and onwards. Tusques has made many many great records… and many of them are forgotten about , both in france and the rest of the world. Francois Tusques is nothing else then a sensational player that needs way more recognition for what he has done and for what he IS doing!!!

we will present some of them here at DC. There are two CLASSIC and essential Lps, that you ALL have to hear and own: “FREE JAZZ” and “Le Noveau Jazz” … absolutely mindbening and beautiful jazz…. free…. jazz!!!!

But this is without any doubt the rarest of the rarest and the one Don Cherry recording  you havent heard yet.

Don Cherry were collaborating with Tusques and his two french collegues ( bassist both of them: Bob Guerin and J- F Jenny Clarke ) on this music made for a Curbosier exhibition in Nantes in  december 1964.

This is Don Cherry ´s very first meeting with french jazz musicians and we can say that it had a definate effect at least on the musicains participating on this legendary ep! Cherry got also help from Tusques while recording the epic “MU” album with Ed Blackwell later: Tusques used the sustain pedal of his piano to make that reverb on Dons trumpet. So this historical BYG – duo record  actualy has a secret guest: Francois Tusques!

Don Cherry was also supposed to be participating on the mentioned masterpiece “Le Noveau Jazz” with a.o. Barney Wilen!!! But Cherry couldnt make it at the time it was recorded…. what music that could have resulted in!!! 😉

“Indes” and “Occident”  are the two Tusques originals played here…. and the only thing we can say about the music is:


and  the world needs more of this kind!




there is also one existing acetate with a hand made cover, by curbosier….

does it ever get heavier then this?????????????? :



Francois Tusques – piano

Don Cherry – cornet

J-F Jenny Clarke – bass

Bob Guerin – bass




from private collection