peter brötzmann – for adolphe sax

Oct.13, 2012


Peter Brötzmann – For Adolphe Sax, BRÖ 1, 33 1/3 rpm, (GER) 1967


Very rare 1st edition. Max 500 copies




The European free jazz EPIC!

Brötzmanns first recording in his own name… with mighty German bass player Peter Kowald (as well as Brötzmann also based in Wuppertal his whole life) , in company of Swedish jazz drummer Sven – Åke Johansson, that left his native country with his drumkit only some years earlier and met with Brötzmann & Kowald in Belgium by accident… managed to find his way to Wuppertal, on a mysterious and full-of-myth-path, to continue his musical research with the two Peters.

This is simply just beautiful music —- full of high energy freee jazz blowing of the highest possible quality, with a very very unique interaction between the three players —- this beast will BLOW you away.

“Morning glory”…. Just listen to it… and be swiped away!!!

It has a very definite sound and the music is the earliest example (recorded june 1967) of what later media and educationists wanted to call the German school… we don’t care about those definitions really… we can just confirm what we hear…. And that is a treat!

The music is… ACTIVE, in  a way… that just makes this record a CLASSIC and something that everyone neeeeeeds to hear in order to fight the stupidity back


The 1st edition on Brötzmann´s own BRÖ label, comes with a beauuuutiful silkscreened black& white cover and hand stamped labels. KILLING!

The whole estetique…. The ROAR of the music… the rarity… the sound… the feel… we tell you:

The FEEL! Makes this a MUST have – whatever it takes!

The music later came out on FMP with a similar cover, but the vibe… the thing… is with this one edition.


Peter Brötzmann – tenor and baritone saxophones

Peter Kowald –bass

Sven- Åke Johansson – drums