Charlie Parker on Bird Notes

Apr.27, 2012


Charlie Parker solos, Frippe Records, 45 rpm (SWE) released 1960?


Extremely extremely rare 7”, between 5 – 10 copies


Another Bengt Nordström production… and again … a WILD one….with music of the HIGHEST quality of course! Nothing else mattered for Nordström.

Simple the 3 most killin Bird solos that Bengt knew. His all time favorite Charlie Parker solos. And what a collection… this IS simply some of the most amazing solos by Bird, no question!

This vinyl in 7” format was probably made even before Bengt started his Bird Notes imprint. So,  likely in the end of the 50´s or the very early 60´s ?

Recorded on his moveable recording unit at his home in Stockholm, simply recording the sound of his stereo speakers, while playing the vinyl of Bird,  with one microphone and later going to the EuropaFilm studios in Solna to make a bunch of private copies for himself and as give –away to friends and collegues.

The Bird Note / B.R.A / Frippe records discography is a WILD one… and very very collectible… but extremely hard to find any records these days… they simply doesn’t float around too much..especially the 7”´s …

A complete discography is being worked on by DC/ Olof Bright Editions in collaboration with Andra Jazz and private collectors in Stockholm… more info about this, will be posted on DC later.

Note the handwritten labels by Nordström, with adjustments by Harald Hult  (?) of Andra jazz – fame.


Charlie Parker – alto sax

Dizzy – trumpet

Miles – trumpet

Billy  Graham  bar sax

Wade Legge – piano

Lou Hackney – bass

Al Jones – drums

recorded 1952


Charlie Parker – alto sax

Bernie Leighton – piano

Ray Brown – bass

Buddy Rich – drums

recorded 1950


Charlie Parker – alto sax

Kenny Dorham – trumpet

Al Haig – piano

Tommy Potter – bass

Roy Haynes – drums

recorded 1950