henry rollins

Jun.25, 2013

a Blue Note LIST — best of Blue Note

assembled in holland,  for a Blue Note CD compilation by Henry Rollins  in 2010


Modal Mood -  Dexter Gordon
Sortie -  Art Blakey
Asiatic Raes – Sonny Rollins
The Rake – Dizzy Reece
Creepin’ In -  Horace Silver

Far Away Lands -  Hank Mobley
Open Sesame -  Freddie Hubbard
Our Thing – Joe Henderson
Sunset – Kenny Dorham
Blue Train -  John Coltrane

Stolen Moments -Booker Ervin
Footprints – Wayne Shorter
Maiden Voyage – Herbie Hancock
Voodoo -  Sonny Clark

Les Noirs Marchant -Bobby Hutcherson
Subterfuge -  Andrew Hill
Out To Lunch – Eric Dolphy
There Is The Bomb -  Don Cherry
Airborne  – Ornette Coleman

Starbrite -  Duke Jordan Quintet


henry rollins , 2010

outstanding voices

May.30, 2013

A list of 10 outstanding voices from different music scenes.


Some are very well known and some are less known, some are American and some are European, they are all great and they all have their own unique personality. No preferential order. Just enjoy all of these outstanding voices.


Willie Nelson

Janis Joplin

Tom Waits

Little Richard

Van Morrison


Freddie Wadling

Monica Zetterlund

Eric Burdon

Richie Havens

vinyl list as of march 2013

Apr.13, 2013

vinyl list as of march 2013

kevin ayers “joy of a toy” (harvest 1969)
kevin ayers “the confessions of dr. dream and other stories” (island 1974)
thomas köner “novaya semlya” (denovali records 2012)
eartha kitt “just eartha” (RCA 1959)
sonic youth “evol” (SST 1986)

vinyl list as of february 2013

Feb.21, 2013

vinyl list as of february 2013
carles santos “perturbacion inesperada” (linterna musica 1986)
olivier messiaen “die himmelfahrt christi” (schwann ams-studio 1972)
coil “aqua regis/panic/tainted love” 12″ (K.422 1985)
luigi nono “como una ola de fuerza y luz” (deutsche grammophon 1974)
francoise hardy “ihre grössten erfolge” (bellaphon/disques vogue 1970)

Five endurable 12” with a lot of Tuba.

Feb.14, 2013

Five endurable 12” with a lot of Tuba


Red Callender – Callender Speaks Low – Crown CLP 5012

Max Roach – Deeds Not Words – Riverside 673004

Taj Mahal – The Real Thing – Columbia CG 30619

The Tuba Trio – Essence-The Heat And Warmth Of Free Jazz – Circle RK2976/1 & /2

Black Arthur Blythe – Bush Baby – Adelphi  AD 5008



Per- Åke Holmlander, Stockholm, April, 2012


indispensable early Zappa 12” that you NEED in your collection

Feb.14, 2013

YOU – stop being a bully and so condescending. The five

indispensable early Zappa 12” that you NEED in your collection



The Mothers Of Invention – Absolutely Free – Verve 2317-035

The Mothers Of Invention – We’re Only In It For The Money – Verve 2317-034

Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention – Uncle Meat – Bizarre 2MS 2024

Frank Zappa – Hot Rats – Bizarre RS 6356

Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention – Burnt Weeny Sandwich – Bizarre RS 6370


Per- Åke Holmlander, Stockholm, April, 2012


Five records I re-bought at Disk Union in Tokyo

Feb.05, 2013

Five records I re-bought at Disk Union in Tokyo:


REPULSION: Horrified (1989)

Together with the first Sadus record this is probably my favorite album in that era when thrash merged into death metal. And Repulsion just made this one masterpiece of an album before they split up. “Horrified” holds up well today – great riffs, arrangements and a perfect raw production. The extreme metal genre never really topped this one.

Reason for buying again: the original Necrosis vinyl release for a low price.


BEACH BOYS: Holland (1972)

“Pet Sounds” and “Surf’s Up” have better songs, but “Holland” is the Beach Boys most fully realized album. It cost a fortune to record (they went to Holland and built their own studio), and except for the last-minute tucked-on “Sail On Sailor” didn’t produce any hits. Nor did it sell well, but it’s a fantastic album that grows on every listen. Brian Wilson also made the nutty/brilliant bonus 7″ with the totally bizarre “Mount Vernon and Fairway” piece, which sounds like something Neil Hamburger could have made.

Reason for buying again: pristine copy complete with the bonus 7″ single.


KISS: Music from the Elder (1982)

The best KISS album of them all. The band were not doing good by 1982, but instead of copying one of their early hit albums they went ahead and did this arty concept album – which was to be followed up with a movie, comic book and prestigious stage show. The album bombed and everything was cancelled. The band later disowned the album, but don’t let Gene Simmons let you think otherwise, this is their best record.

Reason for buying again: upgrade to Japanese pressing with handsome gatefold cover for 600 yen? Sold.


NOCTURNUS: The Key (1990)

Florida death metaller’s first (and best) album is a satanic sci-fi concept album about a cyborg travelling back in time to kill Jesus. And the music is just as mind-blowing. At a time when keyboards in metal were as uncool as could be, Nocturnus not only got away with using them, but also made a classic album of the genre. When you listen to this album you will feel like a devil-worshipping cyborg.

Reason for buying again: finally got this on vinyl.


JON GIBSON: Two Solo Pieces (1977)

Really underrated minimalist organ album from the late 70s. I don’t know much about Mr Gibson, so I can’t really tell much about it, except that I’ve listened to this album many times over they years. All young people discovering drone music need to hear this one, it’s as good as anything by La Monte Young ever did.

Reason for buying again: original sealed vinyl copy for a reasonable price.


Lasse Marhaug, January 2013


vinyl list as of january 2013

Jan.19, 2013

vinyl list as of january 2013

russell haswell “7″8trkEP” (ideal 2011)
theodore trottner “stiletto 7″ test press” (2012)
the jon spencer blues explosion “controversial negro” (matador (promo) 1997)
marja-leena sillanpää “bring new life to 33 of them” (phantom archive (flexi) 2012)
the bryan ferry orchestra “the jazz age” (bmg 2013)

Joachim Nordwall Diskaholic January 2013

Jan.17, 2013

Vinyls that keeps me warm in a cold Stockholm, January 2013.

1. John Fahey “Volume 3: The Dance of Death & Other Plantation Favourites” LP (Takoma 1967)
2. Carl Michael von Hausswolff “Matter Transfer” LP (iDEAL 2012)
3. Various Artists “Islands Inbetween Touch33″ LP (Touch 2012)
4. Russell Haswell “FACTUAL” LP (Editions Mego 2012)
5. Lightning Hopkins “Texas Blues Man” LP (Arhoolie Records 1969)
6. Philip Corner “Gong/Ear: dance-ing, 1&2″ LP (Roaratorio 2012)
7. Steve Reich “Four Organs/Phase Patterns” LP (Shandar 1970)
8. Kevin Drumm “Relief” LP (Editions Mego 2012)
9. Edgar Allen Poe & Leif Elggren “The Rocking Chair” FLEXI DISC (Firework Edition Records 2012)
10. Johns Lunds “Plays Metatrons Cube” 3×7″ (Yoyoooy 2012)



the just now list

Jan.07, 2013

The just now list;

# The Lester Young/Buddy Rich trio (Verve)
# Giuffre 3 “Thesis”  (Verve)
# Vyssotskij 16 (Melodia 1979)
# Charles Mingus presents Charles Mingus (America)
# Jazz of the air Vol 1 . vogue microgroove L.D.E.007 w Eldridge a.o.
# SOS (Skidmore/Osborne/Surman) Ogun 1975
# Bridges – double  picture LP w denley, reinertsen, beins a.o.
martin müchen, jan 2013