new trades june 2011

Jun.23, 2011

welcome to the new trade list of vinyl.
the big summer trade!!!
some bombs…. and some heavy mint FMP lps…. some mean stuff!
and an extremely rare brötzmann casette!!!!!

check it out and send me an email at:

offer me vinyltrades in return for what you are interested in and we might have a deal.

rememeber that most of the trades are gone  within the first two days after publishing the list…. BUT, there is of course still stuff available form the past lists… scroll down and check them all out!

good luck!



a bomb…..

Henri Chopins very famous and ridicously rare mag for experimental art, text & sound and sound art… with an accompanying 7″ vinyl…. you NEVER see the OU´s…. this is the SHIT to collect!!!!

this is:

Edition OU nr 33

with soundcontributions by great experimentalists Heidseck, chopin, dufrene and wolman on the 7″ and written contributions by ao Chopin and the one and only BRION GYSIN!!!!

highest recomendations! classic stuff!!!!!!!!!!




another bomb…a BRÖTZBOMB!!!!!

Felix Dröse – New York Kunsthalle

an extremele rare art edition wiith the works of the great german visual artist Felix Dröse…accompanied by a casette with Peter Brötzmann (!!!!) never issued anywhere else….. ROCKIN MUSIC! and in a beautiful edition box!!!

it doesnt get better then this! in an limited edition of 380 copies and signed by the artists!

You will never see this again….. serious offer please!!!!


Sorry… of course TRADED!!!!!


and the third BOMB of the summerlist…. this is INSANE…… on polish Muza label…..

Manfred Schoof Quintet

playing Oleo…..with a line up of:

Evan Parker (!!!) , Manfrd Schoof, Alex von Schlippenbach, Buschi Niebergall and Han Bennink…. YOU NEED THIS ONE!

this line up has never been credited before… and there is no information  on the jacket… but this is what it is!

and its GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!! very very GOOD! one track with all you need…..

serious offers only…..


of course…. TRADED right away….sorry



and some heaaaaaaavy FMP´s:

Manfred Schoof Quintet  – The Early Quintet, FMP 0540

amazing music and a stellar line up! jazz / free jazz at its best… this is a forgotten masterpiece!!!!

Niebergall….. a monster…. always!!!!! mint condition



Schlippenbach Quartet – Anticlockwise , Fmp

a KILLER disc…. with the mighty TRIO of all times…. with the extra flavour of Alan Silva…. this is RAW and essential!

music is simply just KILLIN!!!! and in mint condition……



Sclippenbach Quartett – the Hidden Peak , FMP 0410

another Schlippie BOMB… this is european free improvisation at the highest level there is… the mighty TRIO again… this one with the late and great Peter Kowald… no more words necesarry… a MUST have and in mint condition…



Schlippenbach Quartett — Three Nails left, FMP 0210

and… here it is….. one of my all fav records all time… THREE FUCKIN NAILS LEFT…. ooooooh my….

from 1975… this music is kickin serious butt…. and vinyl and jacket is mint…. music is beyond good….


MJT + 3…. with Muhal Richard Abrams…. japanese pressing of CLASSIC early freer jazz on Cadet

second time I found this one for the list…amazing early attempts of freeing the shit up! really great jazz… creative and swingin with the late and great Walter Perkins on drums… he was the MAN! highly recomended!!!!


Leif Elggren – Flown Over by an Old king, Radium

This is the ONE object by the mighty mighty mighty Swedish conceptual artis and sound genius Leif Elggren to have.

very rare to find…. and an amzing example of his visionary art!!! it took me years to find this one… on the great Gothenburg label Radium. just….. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!



Sonny Sharrock – Guitar

This is the one guitar player to check out, if you dont have all his stuff already…. there is not many records. he is the one pioneer of WILD guitar playing…. takayanagi and sharrock and you have it all!!!!

this is a very very interesting solo guitar LP… highest recomendations. not the rarest… but KILLIN!!!!!


Peter Brötzmann Group – ALARM FMP 1030

check the line up…. BRÖ, Breuker, frank Wright (!!!), Kondo, bauer, tomlinson, schlippenbach, miller & moholo… no need to talk more about this…

really rare to find these days. and in MINT condition.

If this music doesnt kick yr ass…. nothing will!!!! I mean… Brötzmann and Frank Wright together……..



Be cool in Munich Part 2, private edtion.

a very very rare edition of Penck free jazz editions…. with a line up of just the cream…. just the cream:

Frank Lowe, Butch Morris, Billy Bang…. and Dennis Charles….. and on top of that the one Phil Minton!!!!!

it is as good as it looks….. still sealed!!!!


and a SUN RA bomb:

Live at Red Creek, Rochester NY

in a very limied run of 100 copies… on  a very obscure italian  label… something WILD!!!! when did u last time see this one?



and another bomb bomb bomb BOMB!!!!!




Franz Koglmann – Opium for Franz on Pipe Records.

this is IT! one of the rarest free jazz vinyls ALL TIME!

austrian Koglmann with Steve Lacy (!!!) and Bill Dixon (!!!)…. how WILD is that ??? with a hand painted front cover and signed on the back. in excellent condition… this is really something different and amazing! very very rare…. just amazing! with the booklet…..

very serious trade offers please… u will not see this one again… since it will be gone very soon….



Tony Oxley – Incus 8

!!!!!! this is one of the most amazing records ever done….

nuff said!!!!!



Greg Goodman – The constructions of Ruins

one of a very few Greg Goodman records.. he is the SHIT…. heavy hitting piano player….. indeed!!!

this record is amazing… free improvisation at its best. mint condition. rockin rockin rockin…..

Steve Lacy – Dreams on Saravah

an amazing meeting with the Steve Lacy group and maestro Derek Bailey….  a true masterpiece… and really hard to find!!!


and at last… one of the most amazing free jazz documents ever:

Sonny Sharrock – monkey – pockie – boo on BYG

this is quite a monster…. sonny sharrock ROCKIN! with Linda Sharrock totally screaming her brains out….

I love this!!!  just mindblowing and very very essential!!!


so…. please email at

offer trade for the trades…. first one to offer a good trade gets the goods…..

vinyl for vinyl….

vinyl for vinyl…..


good luck! and have a nice summer with searching for rare vinyls ///// mg