May.14, 2022


Improvised music & folk music from Sweden, Norway, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal and Sápmi!!!

Playing EE Opus ONE (2022) and PLUGS EXTENDED (2000, 2018, 2022) version 13.

news ways and directions of traditional folk music and free improvised music!!!

conductions, graphic scores, free improvisations and many many deeper folk melodies!



Maniucha Bikont (PL) – vocals, tuba
Daniel Formo (NOR) – organ, prepared piano
Arne Forse?n (SWE) – prepared piano, clavichord
Anders Hana (NOR) – langeleik, hardingfele fiddle, jew’s harp
Helga Myhr (NOR) – hardanger fiddle
Susana Santos Silva (POR/SWE) – trumpet
Sylwia S?wia?tkowska (PL) – suka
Mats Gustafsson (SWE/AUT) – sax and flutes, conductions

Mikael Werliin  (SWE) – sound

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjF_LOMJ6DE
EE OPUS ONE (album): https://matsgustafsson.bandcamp.com/album/ee-opus-one

A NEW ensemble of international artists and musicians, working within the fields of Contemporary Experimental Music, Noise, Improvised music, Contemporary Folk, Free Jazz and other experimental music-fields and traditions. Creating NEW traditions and perspectives.

Ensemble E works under the leadership of Mats Gustafsson and play a variety of graphic scores and game pieces, composed and initiated by Gustafsson.

Ensemble E focuses on the frictions and balances between solo music expressions and the collective interaction. Instant conductions, graphic scores and instructional pieces are used for the ensemble in its collective form and structure.

Solo music by each member of the EE puts into the overall form – bridging in between the collective group activities – within the fields of Folk Music, Improvised Music and pre-composed Contemporary Music. A genre-evasive ensemble of extreme diversity and complexity!

Ensemble E is making deeper research into traditional and non-traditional ways of expressing the folk music of Scandinavia, Portugal and Poland and how, by putting these traditions in entirely new situations, a radically NEW music can occur!

The personal languages and identities of each member of Ensemble E is key to how the music is able to go into deeper research mode and explore completely new territories of Contemporary Music! Traditional acoustic instruments in direct interactions and deeper tactility of complexities, where only the acoustic colors, interferences and spectrums from each individual instrument are communicating, without filters and electronic processing. The instant interaction between each individual player and the collective urge, perspectives and needs of the music create a NEW platform, a new possibility for generations to come. A NEW music!

“EE Opus ONE” (2022) by Mats Gustafsson
Including interactive ensemble-conductions and solo pieces by each individual of the Ensemble E within Scandinavian, Portugese and Polish Folk music, Contemporary music and Improvised music.

Booking: g.palushkin@gmail.com

FIRST ALBUM: https://www.trost.at/mats-gustafsson-ee-opus-one.html