the mighty Edward Jarvis

Feb.04, 2020


after all the years…. there is info online aboit one of the mightiest painter all time:
Edward Jarvis. check his icon paintings out!!!



soon again to be on the cover of  a THE END release —-  10 ” vinyl in end of feb 2020!!!

and check his exhibition out — right now in athens, greece at the GREAT underflow gallery!!!


FANTASTIC sidney bechet!

Nov.04, 2017

absolutely mindblowing music involving the great sidnet bechet on bass sarrusaphone (!!!!!!!) and soprano sax. in great company!!!

but check the bass srrusaphone solo out: starting at 1,50….  WOW! hilarious!!!!!


thank you francesco martinelli for sharing!!!! grazie millle!

albert ayler on film

Jul.20, 2016

have u ever seen anything like this ?
ayler playing on film… scorching away… taking it all away!!!






akira sakata!!!

Sep.16, 2015


sakata…. the man! check the sax playing out…. or check his other works out….. as researcher in marine biology…..stand up  comedy…. or as a KILLER free jazz sax player…. solo…. or in trio… or w the mighty Yosuke Yamashita trio….

sakata — the MAN!

article on the best jazz record shop

Jun.18, 2015

finally —- a kickin article on ANDRA JAZZ in stockholm and its owner and king of ceremonies: Harald hult!!!

in swedish only….. but try translating it.


two amazing art exhibitions in Stockholm and one in Chicago

Jan.17, 2014



in stockholm, sweden:

Christian Marclay

Edward Jarvis



one amazing exhibition ending – one starting.

Christian Marclay´s — CHALKBOARD

anna högberg – alto sax playing a version of CHALKBOARD — 18 & 19th january.

last chance!!!! do NOT miss!!!

see a video here, w mats gustafsson making a solo sax reading of CHALKBOARD:


Edward Jarvis´s — VI ÄR ALLA GUDS SLAVAR

opening up jan 18th!!!


in Chicago, IL:

& JOHN SPARAGANA: Crowds and Powder

in Chicago:

the amazing John Sparagana at CorbettVSDempsey:

dec 13 – jan 25th




swedish azz playing graphic scores

Nov.10, 2013



the swedish azz tour is over for this time….

with some amazing musical results this time. — further research in swedish jazz from the “Golden age” of jazz… the Swedish 50´s and 60´s…

playing two graphic scores from 1966, recording for LP release on Not Two Records in 2014!

summer is gone by Bengt Ernryd

fåglarna ( the birds) by Gilbert Holmström


spectacular s**t!!!!

Ernryd – trumpet and Holmström – tenor sax,  were joining us for the concert at Rönnells in stockholm and the recording!

there are more to come….


photos Micke Keysendal


amazing tuba!

Jan.25, 2012


please check a great article on GREAT monster tuba player Per- Åke Holmlander!!!!

why is there no feature article on this BEAST of a tuba player in ALL major newspapers and specialiced magazines????

the greeeeeat jazz site DIG JAZZ is publishing very many great articles on jazz – chcek it out! only in swedish so far… but google translate might help a bit…

jimmy lyons!!!

Jan.09, 2012

amazing amazing saxophonist!!!!

and his sessionography is right here:

the site is made by enthusiast jan ström. amazing work!!!!

Jimmy Lyons is something else!!!!!!!