Feb.02, 2018



MatsErwanBW                                                                                                                    photo: micke keysendal


erwan keravac- bagpipes

mats gustafsson – saxophones and piano mate

Free-jazz saxophone / noise vs  New bagpipe tradition

Unusual points of view on a modern music by the meeting of techniques of saxophone suedo-Austrian transferred by the American and European jazz answering a Scottish instrument become hybrid by the french modern music.

Microtonals Clusters, pneumatic noise, circulating frenzy, oscillating, resulting in a new poetic energy!

Compressed air by cylindrical and conical projectors. Air of the delivery, liquified Air, split up Air, concen- trated Air.

LUFT Removal,
To give to the Air a new prospect




debut 2 volume  LP release coming out 2018 –    on OMLOTT:



Erwan Keravec

Erwan is a Breton piper (Scottish bagpipes) whose eclectic path ranges from traditional to contemporary music and improvisation. This encompasses bagads (Breton bagpipe bands), the Niou Bardophones quar- tet, a traditional duo with his brother Gue?nole? Keravec, free improvisation with Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Ben?at Achiary, Arfi, Camel Ze?kri, etc.

He write and play music for modern dance companies (Boris Charmatz, Daniel Linehan, Emmanuelle Huynh, Gae?lle Bourges, Ce?cile Borne, Mickae?l Phelippeau). He plays solo pieces, ‘Nu-Piping’ written for him by such composers as Philippe Leroux, Se?bastien Be?ran- ger, Xavier Garcia, Zad Moultaka, Bernard Cavanna, Franc?ois Rosse?, Benjamin de la Fuente and Susumu Yoshida. For such commissions, he is associate artist with the Centre de Cre?ation Musicale at The?a?tre de Cornouaille in Quimper, Brittany.

Lastly, in ‘Urban Pipes’ Erwan presents his work as a composer and an improviser, both in solo and in duos –with Ben?at Achiary, Gue?nole? Keravec, Alain Mahe?.