Ken Vandermark on sleep related matters

Sep.14, 2020


check it out:

very entertaining and informative interview on the topic of sleep and the lack of it for a creative musician:


and please check the music out of Ken Vandermark — always changing, always deep, always real!




FANTASTIC sidney bechet!

Nov.04, 2017

absolutely mindblowing music involving the great sidnet bechet on bass sarrusaphone (!!!!!!!) and soprano sax. in great company!!!

but check the bass srrusaphone solo out: starting at 1,50….  WOW! hilarious!!!!!


thank you francesco martinelli for sharing!!!! grazie millle!

akira sakata!!!

Sep.16, 2015


sakata…. the man! check the sax playing out…. or check his other works out….. as researcher in marine biology…..stand up  comedy…. or as a KILLER free jazz sax player…. solo…. or in trio… or w the mighty Yosuke Yamashita trio….

sakata — the MAN!

jimmy lyons!!!

Jan.09, 2012

amazing amazing saxophonist!!!!

and his sessionography is right here:

the site is made by enthusiast jan ström. amazing work!!!!

Jimmy Lyons is something else!!!!!!!



beautiful film on marion brown

Mar.05, 2011

check this out!!!!

an amazing film by henry english on marion brown… killin footage and amazing music w ao dave burrell, sirone and bobby kapp


marion brown r.i.p.

fred anderson

Jun.24, 2010

very very sad news….

Fred Andersoon, one of the greatest saxophone players and free jazz pioneers, died this morning in Chicago.

born in 1929 and one of the founding members of AACM and always active at his Velvet Lounge in Chicago, until the very end.


Dror Feiler

Jun.17, 2010

Dror Feiler… one of the most amazing musician, activist and artist!

I owe him BIG time! for it all!

”Den politiska, eller revolutionära, sprängkraften ligger i att utmana invanda mönster. På det sättet är min musik alltid politisk även om det inte är explicit. Den bygger på revolt.”

hopefully his saxophone will be brought back to him soon… Dror neads his axe!!!



great sax player ?

Oct.09, 2009

This is one of the forgotten swedish saxplayers that didn´t make it to our checklist of saxplayers.

WHO IS THIS? Of what we heard he was active in the 80´s primarily…

plaese send suggestions of names to and win the forthcoming 7″, that will  be relaesed in 2010 featuring this amazing bari player that started his career on a undeliberately bent soprano sax (!)


checklist of saxplayers coming soon

Oct.08, 2009

after VERY intensive meetings and discussions have we finished the list , the checklist of saxplayers….

it will be published shortly on this site.

Mats Gustafsson, Harald Hult and Edward Jarvis is proud to soon present the list of sax players that of different reasons, geographical, ideological, commercial, historical or other related reasons have become neglected…

heavy heavy heavy names within jazz and improvised musics!!!

checklist coming up

Sep.06, 2009

checklist coming up on heavy heavy heavy sax players that of different reasons are forgotten or hardly heard about in the history of  jazz and improvised  music….

in close collaboration with Harald Hult of Andra jazz & Blue Tower Records ( and  artist Edward Jarvis )  will a list of 20 names be published on this site really soon.

wait for it…..

negotiations is going on at the moment to agree on the content of the list…..

checklist of 20 sax players of extreme importance… coming up!!!!

and many more (un)important list will be published in the near future… for diskaholics, freaks and related human beings…