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Jan.25, 2012

UPDATE  – 2016

for the majority of all my upcoming tours and the status of it all, check my agent Danielle Oosterop´s great website:

it is all there up for grabs!!!!









Live Dates

Jun.17, 2010

Date City Venue Country
13.05.2017 Stockholm Fashing Sweden
Mats Gustafsson solo at Darren Almond exhibition
14.05.2017 Luxembourg MUDAM Luxembourg
Mats Gustafsson Solo
23.05.2017 Göteborg Folk Sweden
NU ensemblen play HIdros 7 – ZAP
30.06.2017 Roskilde Roskilde Festival Denmark
Two Bands and a Legend
06.07.2017 Kongsberg Kongsberg Jazzfestival Norway
07.07.2017 Kongsberg Kongsberg Jazzfestival Norway
15.07.2017 Gent Gentjazz Belgium
Mats Gustafsson Solo
29.07.2017 Weidingen Kunst in Weidingen Luxembourg
11.08.2017 Beazau Beazau Beatz Austria

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