FIRE! – på dramaten with guests

Apr.25, 2017

FIREs foto.

FIRE! på NEONDÄMON! dramaten , stockholm- torsdag – 27 april , 8 pm


ett unikt akustiskt gästspel i samband med FIRE!´s aktiviter med MOLNENS BRÖDER på dramaten under året:


FIRE!  genomför en akustisk konsert till fri entre i restaurangen neondämeon på Dramaten i Stockholm med två extremt intressanta gäster:


anna högberg – saxofoner !!!

Bildresultat för anna högberg

och den nya sensationen:

isak hedtjärn- klarinett, sax o annnat

kolla in isaks magiska jazzvistlingar!

bullsfuckineye!!!! detta liknar INGET annat….

Bildresultat för isak hedtjärn

reflection from LISTEN UP nr 1

Apr.13, 2017

ladies and gents.

I just need to let you know that we were watching and listening to  a small miracle at the GREAT jazzclub Fasching in Stockholm last night.

I kid you not. I seldom do this. Being a musician myself – i really dont wanna make a review of other musicians and artists, collegues and friends.

BUT…. yesterday at jazzclub Fasching something happened.

and I wanna make a reflection at least. to SHARE some of it with YOU!

the previliged audience could hear a quartet of seldom heard freedom play together.

the moment was there. the instant now.



Phil Minton – voice and trumpet

Lars Göran Ulander- alto and soprano sax

Elsa Bergmann – bass

Sten Öberg – drums


free jazz…. freejazz….. freed jazz…

Freed jazz with SWING! I have to say it right away: the interplay between Sten Öberg on drums and Elsa Bergman on bass… was nothing else then a sensation!!! Sten Öberg is perhaps the best hidden secret of the swedish jazz scene!  EVER! He has played w basically everyone: From Lars Gullin, Lars Lystedt, Stan Getz and others to Phil Minton and other  great improvisers! He is now approaching 80 (!!!) years young… and I have seldom heard him so active, so full of energy, so full of JOY!

The way Sten plays… the way he swings…. we were just shaking our heads yesterday. it was INSANE! no one…. no one plays like this these days. in every moment…. swinging, commenting, supporting, interacting. The sense of detail!

I saw very many musicians in the audience that looked very shocked… with a FAT smile in their face…. shaking their legs, tapping their fingers — headbanging at the tables!

the sense of detail… the sense of swing… the sense of form and structure. everyone in this 4tet has it. it was pure joy to hear.

I have to confess right away: this was one of the best live concerts I have seen the last 10 years! it was really overthetop GREAT!

Phil whistling, grunting, singing,moanin and occasionally playing the trumpet ( again!!!!). The balance in the group was spectacular. from the lyrical free blowing of Lars Göran Ulander to Mintons extreme vocal techniques to the supergroove tandem beauty of Öberg and Bergman… the balance. Giving space to each other. supporting. sharing.

The 4tet used some of the materials they recorded back in 1969, released 1999 on Blue Tower Records. simple motifs and riffs that came and went. The way that the music was flowing was really really different to most free jazz concerts I heard  before. no immediate stops… many overlaps of poetic beauty…. no manic desperation… just interaction and trust. sharing the moment together.

just spectacular!

Sten Öberg. I say Sten Öberg. I call for Sten. I vote for Sten.

this is jazz. free jazz. freed jazz.

I kid you not!


peace & all fire —–  mg


ps. and opening up for the 4tet…. another TOTALLY beautiful concert…. signe emmeluth, alto sax… she did an amazing solo set. exploring her horn in a very innovative way. micro tonal poetry in the first part that turned into a fest of jazzy atonal phrasing in a flow that hasnt been heard in a long time before at jazzclub Fasching. The opening set alone was nothing else then FANTASTIC!


what an evening!!! the extremely attentive audience in Stockholm all went home with a smile… I have seldom seen such a positive atmosphere after a concert.

Thank you Signe, Thank you Up Umeå 4tet- thank you Fasching.

and…. THANK YOU Sten Öberg!!!




Apr.12, 2017

LISTEN UP! UP Umeå with Phil Minton

TONIGHT!!!!! 12 april.

LISTEN UP nr 1 — first in the serie of mats gustafsson curating jazzclub Fasching in stockholm.

artist in residence in the spring

the return of the UP UMEÅ! – kvartett of Phil Minton!!!

Phil Minton – trumpet och röst
Lars Göran Ulander – altsax
Elsa Bergman – bas
Sten Öberg – trummor

and an amazing opening act of

Signe Emmeluth solo sax


plus extra special bonus DJ: Harald Hult of legendary ANDRA JAZZ records hop in sweden.

teh god father of jazzvinyl and educational behaviour in stockholm since many many years.

DJ set AND selling rare vinyls to YOU!

and the UP UMEÅ cd – recorded in 1969 and released on haralds Blue Tower Records!!!!


LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!



FASCHING, Stockholm, 8 pm —  KUNGSGATAN 63



new update vinyls for sale

Apr.08, 2017


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painting- dance – music !!!

Apr.07, 2017

a new meeting w great visual artist Torbjörn Johansson and visionary dance Annika Kompart and musician Mats Gustafsson

at Danshallarna in Copenhagen, Denmark.

24th april 2017


Torbjörn Johanssons foto.

new trades march 2017!

Mar.21, 2017

New updates. And a long list this time!

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new releases march 2017

Mar.16, 2017

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mats gustafsson & joachim nordwall – map of guilt

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Jazz and Blues – Mats Gustafsson & Craig Taborn – Ljubljana

mats gustafsson & alfred vogel – blow and beat

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Mar.13, 2017

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE at jazzclub FASCHING in stockholm this spring is

mats gustafsson.

programserie LISTEN UP! is here:

12 april: UP UMEÅ with Phil Minton + Signe Emmeluth (solo)
10 maj: ZU + Anna Högberg (solo)
12 maj: Radian + Signe Dahlgreen (solo)
13 maj: Fire! + Sofia Jernberg (solo) + Isak Hedtjärn (solo)
22 maj: Hedvig Mollestad trio + GUSH & Sven-Åke Johansson + Guds Söner

minifestivals every event:

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Senaste nytt









Feb.25, 2017

premiere is done!!!

MOLENENS BRÖDER is up and running!

…for almost the whole year of 2017.


recent reviews here: ( all in swedish so far….)


Molnens bröder på Dramaten – ett konstverk helt enkelt


Sofia Pekkari och Rasmus Luthander.