new TRADES!!!

Nov.25, 2016

time again…. a lot of touring activity has slowed down the amount of trade lists this year… but more is coming… there are good stuff stored away… free jazz, jazz, free improvised music….

here is the VINYL TRADE nov / dec list:




these records are up for trade… and will shortly after be available for sale at

new sales list every first friday of the month!!!!!

some HEAVY items on the list…….

a new NU ensemble (again) !

Nov.17, 2016

IN antwerp on 23rd november – a NEW version of the NU ensmble will premiere a new hidros piece (again )




+Mats Gustafsson – saxes, conductions ( SE/ AT)
+Anna Högberg — alto  sax ( SE)
+Susanna Santos Silva – trumpets (POR/ SE)
+Per Åke Holmlander – tuba (SE)
+Hedvig Mollestad – guitar (NOR)
+Dieb13 – turntables (AT)
+christof kurzmann – lloopp, voice (AT)
+Massimo Pupillo – bass (ITA)
+Gert – Jan Prins- drums and electronics (NL)
+Ivar Loe Björnstad – drums (NOR)

Mikael Werliin – sound

lots NU activity this year…. in order to fight the global stupidities…. please JOIN US!






an attempt to rise and find the questions about the state of things of the moment.

there is an extreme unbalance on local and global layers at the moment — from ideological, economical, cultural and political perspectives –  

and we need an equilibrium of some sorts very soon.

what can make it all HEAL?

can it HEAL ?

and for how long can it HEAL?

are there more questions to find?

if we can find the questions – we might find the answers. or is it enough with the questions in order to HEAL?

only the next generation can tell. – therefor this piece is dedicated to my 9 year old daughter Leah.


Nov.14, 2016

the NU ensemble tour is over…. Hidros 6 – knockin´ and Hidros 7 – ZAP is done…. in stockholm, poznan, krakow, warsaw and wels unlimited…. we thank EVERYONE involved! and we look forward to the next time .

“see you in a minute!”


here it is…. full length…. filmed from a distance but w decent sound…

HIDROS 7 – ZAP – live at the 30th wels unlimited festival . nov 11th 2016.

hidros 7 was premiered in sardinia in september.

this is the new alternative 1.2 version with the NU ensemble that premiered Hidro 6 – knockin´in 2013.

confusing with all the different line ups ????

just wait… on nov 23rd… a new version of the NU ensemble will premiere Hidros 8 – heal in antwerp, belgium!


peace & fire / mg and the NU

soon….a map of guilt!!!

Nov.14, 2016


more info soon:


Nov.08, 2016

NU ENSEMBLE In POLAND… poznan… krakow… warsaw…. and ending at the GREAT wels unlimited festival on friday!

HIDROS 6, HIDROS 7 and some other HIDROS activities

Pintscher, Donatoni, Perra compositions, improvised solos, the thing & Joe McPhee, duos, trios and large ensemble activities and most of all: the amazing duo trumpets of legends Nyqvist and McPhee


see you in a minute


peace & fire  ////  mg & NU

Mariam Wallentin – vocals

Anders Nyqvist – trumpets

Mats Gustafsson – slide and baritone saxes

Joe McPhee – trumpet, alto and tenor sax and space organ

Agustí Fernández– piano and organ

Kjell Nordeson – vibes, drums, flexatone, glockenspiel     

dieb13 – turntables

Per Åke Holmlander – tuba

Jon Rune Strom – bass

Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – electric bass

Paal Nilssen- Love – drums


mikael werliin – sound


Nov.02, 2016

first heads up:

the whole of 2017 (!!!) means activity at the main scene at  the royal theatre in stockholm!

except for a summer break where INTENSE touring w The Thing, Fire Orchestra and others will EXPLODE!


a sensational NEW piece by Lars Rudolfsson , based two texts by the great swedish writer Barbro Lindgren.

17 actors and FIRE! on stage:

mats gustafsson

johan berthling

andreas werliiin

making 3 hours (!!!)  of music interacting with the actors.


more news soon, but now it is finnally official, what has been talked about for a long time…..

FIRE! at the royal theatre in stockholm!!!


BE AWARE!!!!! see you THERE!!!!!


Nov.02, 2016

soon starting: the NU ensemble tour of EUROPA 2016!

we will play HIDROS 6 – to Little richard and also HIDROS 7 – to frank zappa ( only in krakow and warsaw )

Fr 4 Nov – Fasching – Stockholm SE…/mats-gustafssons-nu-ensem…/MTcyMDQ=
Sa 5 Nov – Estrada Pozna?ska – Poznan PL
Su 6 Nov – Krakow Jazz Autumn – Krakow PL
Mo 7 Nov – Krakow Jazz Autumn – Krakow PL
Tu 8 Nov – Krakow Jazz Autumn – Krakow PL
We 9 Nov – Pardon, To Tu Warsaw PL…
Th 10 Nov – Pardon, To Tu – Warsaw PL…
Fr 11 Nov – Music Unlimited – Wels AT



christer bothen is sick at the moment, cant join us, but we are bringing his sounds on vinyl ( dieb13) with us.

christer will be back… ROCKIN!!!


we will also play huge nr of solos and small groups during the week of activities. CHECK IT  OUT!!!!!!!!

see you out there!!!! peace & fire —- the NU ENSEMBLE!!!!


FASCHING , Stockholm


Ingebrigt Håker Flaten & Jon Rune Strøm

Anders Nyqvist – Shining forth by Matthias Pintscher (2008/2012)


Mariam Wallentin, Joe McPhee, Paal Nilssen- Love

Agusti Fernandez – Frec (excerpt) by Hèctor Parra (2013)


HIDROS 6 – Knockin by Mats Gustafsson (2013)






Set 1

dieb13, Anders Nyqvist & Per Åke Holmlander

Kjell Nordeson – Omar II by Franco Donatoni (1985)

Joe McPhee & Mats Gustafsson

set 2

HIDROS 6 – Knockin by Mats Gustafsson (2013)




Alchemia, Krakow


day 1

set 1

Anders Nyqvist – Shining forth by Matthias Pintscher (2008/2012)

Kjell Nordeson – Omar II by Franco Donatoni (1985)

Agusti Fernandez – Frec (excerpt) by Hèctor Parra (2013)


set 2

dieb13, Mariam Wallentin

Joe McPhee & The Thing


day 2



Jon Rune Strøm – solo

Per Åke Holmlander – solo

Mariam wallentin – solo



Anders Nyqvist & Joe McPhee duo

Agusti Fernandez & Kjell Nordeson duo



tutti – improv

day 3 – Mangha, Krakow


HIDROS 7 – ZAP by Mats Gustafsson (2016)








day 1 – pardon tu- tu


Anders Nyqvist – Shining forth by Matthias Pintscher (2008/2012)

Kjell Nordeson – Omar II by Franco Donatoni (1985)

The Thing w Joe McPhee & Mariam Wallentin


HIDROS 6 – Knockin by Mats Gustafsson (2013)


day 2 – pardon tu- tu


Agusti Fernandez – Frec (excerpt) by Hèctor Parra (2013)

dieb13 zappa solo

Kjell Nordeson, Jon Rune Strøm, Joe McPhee, Per Åke Holmlander & Anders Nyqvist

HIDROS 7 – Zap by Mats Gustafsson (2016)







Wels, schl8hof- unlimited 30th festival



HIDROS 6 – Knockin by Mats Gustafsson (2013)





joe mcphee interview

Oct.30, 2016

we are all getting ready for the NU ensemble tour , starting on friday 4th nov in stockholm!

Joe McPhee is in the NU ensemble , he is  getting 77 the day before , on 3rd nov ! celebration can start!!!!


Joe McPhee — the one and very only – the only bird that can fly on one wing!

read this great and unusual interview w Joe, from august this year – in connection w a concert w Joe and The thing outside Groningen, Holland.

Joe McPhee talks to The Groningen Report

Joe McPhee by Zoltan Acs