Jun.21, 2017



new vinyl update up!!!

rare jazz related vinyls and more:

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new discaholic interviews !!!!

Jun.18, 2017

new interviews!!!!! up NOW

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extensive, in depth and full of deep dedication, info and soul!!!!

Reine Fiske — the amazing swedish guitar player extra ordinaire


Crys Cole — the amazing canadian sound artist of no comparishment

after a long time… finally new interviews up and more to come!!!! watch out! listen UP! and check it all out!


Jun.09, 2017

check it out!!!!

one KILLER video on Gotta Groove Record plant in Cleveland, Ohio.

how to make a vinyl……. a really beautiful film shot in the plant:



creative, imaginative and TOTALLY dedicated people creating some of the best sounding and lookin vinyls on the freakin planet!

The Thing were on a visit last year in the actual plant….. absolutely fantastic! life changing!



new launch catalytic sound

Jun.07, 2017


On Wednesday, June 7th, the Catalytic Sound collective launches its new website. Designed to greatly facilitate the ability to locate the newest releases and additions to the catalog, it gives visitors the capacity to search for recordings by musician, label, and album. In addition, there is a new feature, “Albums Of The Week,” randomly selected recordings from the collection of Catalytic Sound’s incredibly deep back catalog which are put on sale. Each week a new pool of CDs and LPs will be culled for this ongoing special deal- a great way to discover the immense range in the histories and music from members of Catalytic Sound. The process of ordering materials from Catalytic has also been greatly simplified, as has access to more information about the recordings and along with more reviews. This is an exciting and fantastic next step in the evolution of the Catalytic Sound project. Take a look at this new music resource and how it provides access to so much of the work to such outstanding musicians.
Catalytic Sound has been a long standing independent music cooperative, expanded its platform in December of 2016 to include the music and independent labels of Ab Baars and Ig Henneman (WIG), Terrie Hessels (Terp), Andy Moor (Unsounds), Joe Morris (Glacial Erratic and Riti), and Nate Wooley (Pleasure of the Text and Sound American). Catalytic continues to represent the music and labels of Paal Nilssen-Love (PNL Records) and Ken Vandermark (Audiographic), and as much of the discographies of Joe McPhee and Mats Gustafsson as possible. This combination has centralized access to hundreds of additional albums and more genres of music in LP, CD, and digital download formats, plus books, t-shirts, posters and other special items.
To help celebrate the launch of the redesigned site, for the rest of June enter “newsite” at checkout to receive 15% off your order.


the last performance of MOLNENS BRÖDER

Jun.06, 2017

Molnens bröder - pressbild




tomorrow in stockholm – 7 pm —- the very last performance of MOLNENS BRÖDER at dramaten — the royal theatre in stockholm

Molnens bröder – pressbild

after an amazing winter and spring with many performances…. FIRE! playing a 3 hour piece — interacting wirh 17 actors on stage! directed by the mighty Lars Rudolfsson!

it is now coming towards an end , for now that is…. t.b.c….

dont miss if you are close by!!!

peace & FIRE!

Molnens bröder - pressbild



dexter gordon´s MILANO

May.24, 2017

DEXTER GORDON´s MILANO played by 9 composers &  musicians :

a commission to record an unknown dexter gordon composition ended up like this:

Hear a Never-Before-Seen 1986 Dexter Gordon Piece, Played by 8 Different Artists


composition by Dexter Gordon

publishing company Dex Music LLC



the final LISTEN UP!

May.21, 2017

REVIEW from the 5th LISTEN up concert:




on monday 22nd may! at jazzclub Fasching — LISTEN UP! nr 5

grand finale!!!!


Guds Söner – making a jazz miracle

GUSH & Sven Åke Johansson – TJO & TJIM



it cant get better…. can it ??????


kungsgatan 65  in stockholm!


record shop: substance from Vienna — as well as label TROST / cien fuegos!!!

selling vinyls and DJ- ing!

signature drinks!!!! dont miss! the last series of FIRE! drink and radian drink was pure liquid magic!!!

dont miss the new unique signature drinks by bartender Jon at Faschings BAR – only on monday 22nd!


LISTEN UP! series at Fasching — curated by Mats Gustafsson

amazing exhibition Darren Almond…

May.17, 2017

… that is just over….just closed down….

I know…. not what you wanna read, but I have to post something about this –  since the exhibition that just stopped at the great museum of modern art in Luxemburg: MUDAM — with the creative works of GREAT artist Darren Almond — just KICKED my mind and ass really really bad! BIG TIME!

amazing works…


an amazing exhibition in 5 different rooms – with an artist record published in connection. 500 copies only.

highest recomendations!!!


Mats Gustafsson played at the finnisage – in an interaction with the artwork in 4 of the 5 rooms.

highly highly inspirational!


check the artwork of Darren Almond out!!!  & the books published with his works are sensational!

Bildresultat för books darren almond


Bildresultat för books darren almond


Bildresultat för books darren almond