Apr.06, 2020

new things

Apr.01, 2020

new things happening… some good , some bad.


this is very much worth checking out, some new faces, some old :

great line up — let yourself be surprised!


and check this one out! arranged by the great CorbettvsDempsey gallery in chicago!!!!!

this is AMAZING!!!:

Corbett vs. Dempsey presents…

Sequesterfest (Vol. 1)

Monday, April 6th, 7-10pm (Central Standard Time)

Featuring: Ken Vandermark, Arto Lindsay, Ikue Mori, Joe McPhee, David Grubbs, Claire Chase

As part of the Quarantine Concerts, a herculean live-stream series hosted by Experimental Sound Studio, Corbett vs. Dempsey is pleased to present the first incarnation of Sequesterfest, an evening of creative music.  This event features an all-star lineup of improvisers, composers, and contemporary music performers, a virtual marquee assembled in unity of spirit during a time of unparalleled global weirdness and alienation.  In its maiden voyage, Sequesterfest will feature six sets, each half-hour long, viewable by means of Twitch or on the ESS website.  Donations are requested on a sliding scale – as much as you can afford, as little as you are able – and all proceeds go 100% to the musicians or to their designated redirect.  CvsD has been deeply inspired by the optimism represented by the Quarantine Concerts, and we are proud to be associated with the ESS team in this joint endeavor.  There’s been heightened recognition recently of the perils of the gig economy and the challenges facing those whose income is dependent on it.  Musicians invented the gig economy.  They play gigs.  We took the word from them.  And live music is not only their livelihood, it’s their whole lives.  Sequesterfest is an opportunity to hear these brilliant musicians, a round-up that would have seemed nearly impossible – or would have required a trip to a remote festival village somewhere in Austria – until now.  And to support these intrepid gigging artists.  Hey now, captive audience, reduce the social distance – join us, tell your friends to join us, tell them to tell their friends, and don’t forget to donate!

Stay tuned for specifics on Sequesterfest (Vol. 2), which will take place in the afternoon on Saturday, April 18th.

Sequesterfest (Vol. 1)
April 6, 2020

7pm (CST): David Grubbs
Rocking guitar and voice (in the headphones) from a book-lined living room in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

7:30pm (CST): Joe McPhee
Beaming multi-instrumental solos from the Batcave in Poughkeepsie.

8pm (CST): Ikue Mori
Sounding housebound electronics at her flat in NYC.

8:30pm (CST): Claire Chase
Intoning flute, bass flute, and Bertha the BIG flute from Claire’s apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

9pm (CST): Ken Vandermark
Plying sundry reed instruments at Catalytic Headquarters in Andersonville, Chicago.

9:30pm (CST): Arto Lindsay
Submitting voice and choice noises on guitar across the street from a fancy deli in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.


the correct answer is…

Mar.24, 2020


Evan Parker Paul Rutherford Kenny Wheeler Barry Guy John Stevens Trevor Watts : Spontaneous Music Ensemble 1966

extra jazz quiz

Mar.22, 2020

in these weird times… maybe what we need except for help (for the healthcare systems and the sick and poor) –

is a new (extra) jazz quiz ????

probably not.

but , i found this amazing photo:

so, make a guess of all names on the photo –  and win a ticket to the next live concert close to you, IRL

if u can guess the year – we will supply you with a free corona beer.


comment on FB – or email


Mar.12, 2020

most concerts ths spring are cancelled as of NOW.

I m extremely sorry – but the new travel rules w most  countries in EU and the US makes it impossible to work.

it is a BIZARRE situation – that we might talk a lot about in the future .

BUT —– the fact is that:

THE NEW QUIET – Thurston Moore / Mats Gustafsson scandinavian record hunt tour is now cancelled. march 17-22nd. CANCELLED

duo McPhee & Gustafsson – other minds festival , SF, beginning of april CANCELLED

duo Kjell Nordeson california, late march – CANCELLED

FIRE! ORCHESTRA in padova and all over italy….. CANCELLED – we hope that other orchestra gigs will happen as planned

and more ….CANCELLED


please check for updates on my website and FB .

we are sorry for the inconvinience — FIGHT all stupidity – global and local, especially at these weird times!

be WELL, be STRONG! — peace & FIRE !

FALLING south american activity

Mar.06, 2020



FALLING — w Christof Kurzmann — on the road again — colombia and brazil —

FALLINGS AND FAILINGS — all along! /////  see you out there!  /  !


Feb.25, 2020


see you out there!!!

THE END with a new 10 ” tour only vinyl!

only for sale at the concerts!!!


Feb.13, 2020


it is out!

Online exclusive deluxe edition of the LP, only 50 copies, each copy autographed by Mats, with liner notes by Byron Coley, 11×17 poster from the show this was recorded at, MP3 download card, and Mats’ personal 3-page vinyl wantlist  with OBI insert, in a resealable PVC sleeve!! Black vinyl. Super limited!!

a new solo lp – strictly limited edition of only total 200 copies….. out of which 50 is signed in a superstrict limited run.

played on saxophones and 3 vinylkillers — it is all about icehockey and fishing (!!!)

released by the Canadian label “the black dot”. BC based record shop with no opening hours!

buy it here:

mighty scandinavian FREE JAZZ foursome in Denmark!

Feb.12, 2020


hitting denmark this week —-  after many years of recharging and preparing!

NOW is the time! —– see you out there!!!!


12.02.2020 Copenhagen Alice Denmark
13.02.2020 Aalborg Studenthuset Denmark
14.02.2020 Aarhus TBA Denmark
15.02.2020 Odense Teater Momentum Denmark

the mighty Edward Jarvis

Feb.04, 2020


after all the years…. there is info online aboit one of the mightiest painter all time:
Edward Jarvis. check his icon paintings out!!!



soon again to be on the cover of  a THE END release —-  10 ” vinyl in end of feb 2020!!!

and check his exhibition out — right now in athens, greece at the GREAT underflow gallery!!!