Dec.16, 2017

is sold out…. thank you for supporting vinyl and music culture everybody!

vol 2 is being worked on… to be released in 2018 by Marhaug Förlag.



enjoy the upcoming weekends —- mery merry XMAS and ALL!

Top Five Records foto.


Dec.09, 2017

one of the greatest is no longer with us.

he changed the music as we know it….. BIG TIME!





Bildresultat för sunny murray


Dec.07, 2017

so, it is happening soon now…. the discaholic book release in an antiquarian book (!) shop —- but it all make sense: since it is the BEST one — legendary RÖNNELLS in Stockholm.

monday  – dec 11th 2017.  1830


Mats Gustafsson & Reine Fiske: vinyl killer confessions
Magnus Nygren (OJ) frågar Mats Gustafsson
Reine Fiske & Mats Gustafsson höjer volymen
Mats Gustafsson frågar Harald Hult (Andra Jazz)
Reine Fiske & Mats Gustafsson – the FINAL confession

En kväll på Rönnells med frågor och svar åt alla håll.
Chefredaktör Magnus Nygren på OrkesterJournalen frågar Mats Gustafsson varför en bok likt detta kan behövas och andra relevanta frågor.
Mats Gustafsson frågar skivaffärlegenden Harald Hult om hans syn på samlande och annat som kan sätta ljus på allas vår förhållning till discaholism och arkiverande av informationer, upplevelser och emotioner.
Kvällen inramas av musik med hjälp av vinyler, vinylkillers, gitarrer och saxofoner – trakterade av The Fellow Discaholics : Reine Fiske (Dungen, Motorpsycho, Träd, Gräs och Stenar) och Mats Gustafsson (Fire!, The Thing, Nu ensemblen).

Kvällen är ena hälften av en två kvällar sammanhängande enhet som bekämpar den överhängande dumheten gemensamt —- del 2 – den 12e dec på RÖNNELLS- en Don Cherry- kväll under ledning av Orkesterjournalens chefredaktör Magnus Nygren, med bl.a. Christer Bothén och Mats Gustafsson och en del OHÖRDA & OERHÖRDA musik- spår med DON CHERRY!

Entré 150:- (250:- för både Discaholics och Don Cherry-kvällen)
Förköpsbiljetter finns på Rönnells från 17 november.


The irony is that the book is SOLD OUT, in just a few days it was all gone… it exist lo longer w the publisher, artist or the distributor.

BUT — RÖNNELLS were smart and baught a whole bunch of books early on —–  so come and grab them while u can!!!

Press text: Discaholics – record collector confessions vol 1.

Swedish saxophone player/improviser/ composer/music archivist Mats Gustafsson has worked in the outer regions of jazz, avant-garde, experimental rock and free improvisation for more than 35 years.
Gustafsson is also a passionate record collector who strongly believes that actively nurturing the urge to seek for rare and obscure vinyl is a gateway to higher musical knowledge – a knowledge that it is a musician’s duty to share. He has coined the term Discaholism – and on his website Discaholic Corner he interviews fellow artists who have the same urge to spend all their waking hours obsessing about music and records.
This book presents ten selected interviews with artists/record collectors:Brian Morton,Byron Coley,Dennis Lyxzén,Elena Wolay,Harald Hult,Henry Rollins,Oren Ambarchi,Paal Nilssen-Love,Thurston Moore& Robert Crumb – Also included are 25 TOP 10 lists of Gustafsson’s personal vinyl obsessions; an in-depth interview with Gustafsson himself by Lasse Marhaug; numerous illustrations and photos; plus a one-sided 7” vinyl single with an exclusive new track recorded 2017, created using elements from Gustafsson’s record collection.

I am absolutely a “discaholic.” I never heard this term before.Did you invent it? It’s totally appropriate. I have it bad. – Robert Crumb



Nov.22, 2017

jazzwise pushing for the end, in their latest issue –  in january – the end is here!

jazzwise pre

reviews of the book vol 1 – DISCAHOLICS

Nov.15, 2017

coming in…. the reviews…. today is the day of release!!!

be quick and order the book at yr local store – or see you at one of teh upcoming THE THING concerts in EUropa the next weeks — or get in touch w the publisher:





first one out: Italian review:





Nov.12, 2017

tonight: nov 12th… at SONIC CITY FEST 2017… in belgium:



trio….. thurston moore…. stephen o malley…. mats gustafsson…..

expect jazzballads and more….



Nov.10, 2017

it is here! in the discaholic archive… arrived today with a lorry….

the book!

the BOOK!


discaholics! – record collector confessions vol 1

on lasse marhaugs editions:



available at mailorder from:


and in selected shops from mid november!


please note the book release concert on dec 11th at RÖNNELLS in STOCKHOLM.

interviews, talks, discussions and music with “The Fellow Discaholics” –  on sax and guitar…….

more info to come….

the wire feature… discaholics vol 1 – release…

Nov.08, 2017

check it out!

a recent interview made by The Wire´s Derek Walmsey:



discaholics vol 1 – record collector confessions are to be published nov 15th…

more info here:



duo with Hamid Drake

Nov.05, 2017

Iannis Koufaelas foto.

for the first time in 22 years….. playing a duo w Hamid Dranke again!!!

at the beautiful Sarajevo Jazz Festival last weekend.

after years of projects  and different groups: trios, 4tet, large group and ensembles etc…. back to where it started in chicago in 1995;  the duo! and again — honoring the legacy of Don Cherry and other releated activities!



FANTASTIC sidney bechet!

Nov.04, 2017

absolutely mindblowing music involving the great sidnet bechet on bass sarrusaphone (!!!!!!!) and soprano sax. in great company!!!

but check the bass srrusaphone solo out: starting at 1,50….  WOW! hilarious!!!!!


thank you francesco martinelli for sharing!!!! grazie millle!