Jun.30, 2014

FIRE! working with the most kickin theatre director in sweden Lars Rudolfsson in :


by Roland Schimmelpfennig

directed by Lars Rudolfsson

music direction by Mats Gustafsson

sound: Mikael Werliin

PREMIERE 7 feb 2015 !!!



FIRE! w David Sandström (Refused) & Mariam Wallentin (Wildbirds  & Peacedrums ) !!!!!!!!

and actors Vanna Rosenberg & Gustaf Hammarsten


a unique event with Fire! playing live three months in a row at the Orion Theatre in Stockholm

+ every Saturday in march & arpil, in addition : the Fire! CLUB : with spectacular international acts of creative music performing. Rock, Noise, free jazz, experimental music, DJ´s, jazz, performance, contemporary dance, poetry, pop in all various shapes and forms!

exact program TBA….. but very heavy, creative and different music and performances will appear during the period of the project!

“free your ass and your mind will follow”

a MEGA HAPPENING —- a SOUND POEM —- of music, poetry, art, acting, performance all based on the text by Roland Schimmelpfenning!





period: feb , march & april 2015

info and contact:

duo thurston moore

Jun.30, 2014

comin up this weekend…. jazzin in copenhagen — thurston moore & mats gustafsson


more news soon!
including an HUGE VINYL TRADE UPDATE!!!!

discaholic interviews update

Mar.24, 2014

two new amazing discaholic interviews – on the OTHER site – on the OTHER side of things…


Stephen O´Malley – legendary musician and noise poet – Sunn O)))  & discaholic….




Bruno Johnson — OKKA disk producer, bar legend and discaholic…



& two new VAX DAX texts…. in swedish;

the thing on tour!!!

Feb.16, 2014

in Europa right now — THE THING —- playing BOOT material and related activites!
check tour schedule:

check these great photos from Michael Parque from the recent concert in Nantes:


soon —- a brand new 7″ EP — with unreleased material from BOOT!

coming out soon on The Thing records  /// TROST records!!!


Feb.10, 2014

w Mats Gustafsson & Martin Küchen
under Vienna…making noises…..
filmed by Johannes Heuer

new interview – new releases

Jan.28, 2014

a new interview – this time in swedish – on the blog Det Tornas Rymd


& 2 new releases — on vinyl of course!


after many years of silence and recharging of batteries and related matters. they are back. inspired by Jimmy Giuffre

and others.



check it out  / buy it :


2. Mats Gustafsson & Paal Nilssen – Love  duo — SIN GAS

following up the congas & bass sax duets of CON GAS.

this is a sax & drum full out battle! hard core free jazz splatter metal blow out!

LP, CD and T – shirt!!!

Jan.21, 2014

Fire! Orchestra scandinavian tour is over for this time!

8 concerts & one studio recording…. check this video — with unique material — studio recorded in copenhagen and an interview.

Fire! Orchestra is back in spring and summer… and fall! s**tloads going on….. more news soon!!!

Fire! Orchestra – Enter from Unseen Recordings on Vimeo.

two amazing art exhibitions in Stockholm and one in Chicago

Jan.17, 2014



in stockholm, sweden:

Christian Marclay

Edward Jarvis



one amazing exhibition ending – one starting.

Christian Marclay´s — CHALKBOARD

anna högberg – alto sax playing a version of CHALKBOARD — 18 & 19th january.

last chance!!!! do NOT miss!!!

see a video here, w mats gustafsson making a solo sax reading of CHALKBOARD:


Edward Jarvis´s — VI ÄR ALLA GUDS SLAVAR

opening up jan 18th!!!


in Chicago, IL:

& JOHN SPARAGANA: Crowds and Powder

in Chicago:

the amazing John Sparagana at CorbettVSDempsey:

dec 13 – jan 25th