new dates

Aug.01, 2021

new technique

so…. finally…. – it has been a while –  some live action will happen again….. check the new update of touring dates…. more will come….


soooooon live….. but , first some more recorded music

Jul.06, 2021



pandemic times created some amazing longdistance collaborations!

i was VERY happy to be invited by Jan St Werner and Kid Millions to join them!


and…..soon…. live shows…..w “Fire!”, “The End”, solo, with a new group “Nu Music 4” with Okay Temiz, Goran Kajfes & Christer Bothén, a trio with  Moor Mother,  “Fire! Orchestra CBA” and a duo w Andreas Røysum…. and more much more… waiting for  confirmations about travels and more….. the first tour schedule in 17 months will soon be up and running! see you all soon ////  peace & fire   //// mg




Jun.11, 2021

today is the date! today is the day – TILIQUA RARE RECORDS UPDATE!!!


leave everything else aside and DIVE DEEEP into it:

TILIQUA RECORDS MAIL ORDER – Stick your nose in the Speakers and get Frostbite.


May.18, 2021


MAY 18th.  8 PM , CET


directed by Haris Atajic

produced by Bogdan Benigar and acnkarjev dom

many cameras, many empty seats, many broken reeds… lot of saxophones and some flutes….




May.17, 2021


Mats Gustafsson x Darren Almond
Dark Light, 2021 
each unique


We are pleased to announce a collaborative limited edition record comprising a unique artwork by Darren Almond and music by free jazz musician Mats Gustafsson, produced on the occasion of Almond’s exhibition, Dark Light on view at Galerie Max Hetzler, Paris.
Exploring the notions of dark and light, this collaborative album features two vinyls — one black and one clear — each with an artwork by Almond on one side, and music by Gustafsson on the other. In his improvised and experimental composition, Gustafsson who sees music as colour, density and form responds to these works through an innovative use of the saxophone as a conduit for breath. In Light, breath, usually silent and invisible, becomes an audible materialisation of air and life. In Dark, the layered sounds are pushed to their extreme and pared back to their essence, re?ecting the subtleties of nightfall, the shades that are obscured and become one before revealing themselves again over time.
Handfoiled onto each of the records are abstracted numerical digits in gold and silver, pure conductors of light. When played, the clear record reveals the numbers orbiting on the reverse, occasionally catching the light as it spins, while the black record obscures the presence of the image. Playing on synethesia, the spinning numbers respond to the sound.
NEW VINYL EDITION  —–  solo saxophone and live electronics by Mats Gustafsson
50 COPIES ONLY!!!!!!!!
order at :

mouthpiece extraordinaire!!!

May.12, 2021

just sayin´….


this is REALLY something else!!!



FALLING at Blöde mittwoch!

Apr.21, 2021

FALLING!!!! Kurzmann & Gustafsson

TODAY : at Der Blöde dritte Mittwoch #107

online streaming –

8 pm —-  CET, wednesday april 21st, 2021

Gustafsson & Kurzmann 07 by Michele Giotto

Susanna Gartmayer & Manu Mayr [konzert]
Deborah Hazler & Jan Maria Lukas:
„Cunt’scape, Tetrahedrons and Illumination“ [performance]
Mats Gustafsson & Christof Kurzmann: „FALLING“ [konzert]
featuring “Follow Me…” Ausstellung von Maja Osojnik
(restream vom Ausstellungsrundgang)



Apr.12, 2021

a loooooooong interview is published in  the great online mag “”

check it out! – and check the magazine out – loads of interesting writings.

all in french.





Mar.31, 2021



the LAST day of the auction is today  — beacuse of time-difference with the US , the deadline will slip into tomorrow morning, April 1st,  European time.

still time to bid – still time to ask for guidance and info  etc.

just email us:

interest has been HUGE — and we are looking fwd to another auction in August with many more rare records of free jazz, jazz, electro acoustic music, improvised music, contempory music and ALL related.

peace  & vinyl  ///  mats gustafsson

2 days left of auction….

Mar.29, 2021

we are soon wrapping it all up. old school – no joke !!!!

it has been an INTENSE auction with lots of response, inquiries and bids

still lots  of vinyls and posters to  bid on!!!

check it out here:


email us with any questions — and we are happy to answer.