Sep.06, 2019






photo: danielle oosterop


R Crumb on gustafsson

Mar.22, 2019

again….. a reminder on mats gustafsson facts:

new interview – 15 questions

Aug.23, 2018

new interview up on the great  and interesting site:


check it out here:


new technique

photo: Johnny Corvette

my favourite things

Dec.12, 2016

new interview in italian…. my favourite things….. lists and comments and more… all in italian! va bene!


Mats Gustafsson

new interview

Nov.30, 2015

new interview:

executed by the great sammy stein – this time focusing on the jazz and the “industry of jazz”.

recent interviews and shit

Oct.04, 2015

one in swedish by the greatest sport journalist in sweden: CEGE BERGLUND!




solo video! and feature in the Quietus!

Nov.11, 2013

a mats gustafsson feature in the great web mag THE QUIETUS is published as of today:


and check out:

a recent sax solo by Mats Gustafsson was filmed by great and excellent film maker, photographer, sausage maker and webmaster Micke keysendal!!

see below. and:


at the iDEAL fest in stockholm, nov 8th, 2013,  at the legendary FYLKINGEN space!

support iDEAL:


support FYLKINGEN:


support keysendal:

interview in somethin else!

Nov.09, 2013

a huge  interview – on the great site: SOMETHING ELSE!

extensive interview and many unique video clips!

by great uk writer sammy stein  – check his other stuff out!

Oct.05, 2013