SWEDISH AZZ – the return

Dec.01, 2021

SWEDISH AZZ is back!!!!!  …. in a slightly new version, exploring new pieces.

we havent given up on the swedish jazz tresure.  Old pieces from the legacy os Swedish jazz in updated versions.

first attempts:

10.12 – Sångbolaget, Stockholm, Sweden http://www.sangbolaget.se/hem-4/
11.12 – Teater Trixter, Göteborg, Sweden   https://feedback.facebook.com/events/1952410878265945/







Susana Santos Silva – trumpet

Mats Gustafsson – baritone sax and flute

Alexander Zethson – piano and keyboard

Dieb13 – turntables

Per Åke Holmlander – drums and tuba




A new updated version of SWEDISH AZZ is back!

New instrumentation and new material. The same basic idea is intact though: to play swedish jazz from – primarily – the 50s and 60s, and to turn it into a contemporary setting and sound. To go deeper into the heritage of swedish jazz.

The world needs more swedish jazz… and it needs very likely to be delivered by SWEDISH AZZ.


SWEDISH AZZ started in 2008 and took a pause in 2015 to recharge the batteries and to find new material for a new setting. NOW IS THE TIME!


SWEDISH AZZ will now dive deep into wellknown and unknown pieces by Eje Thelin, Dick Gyllander, Lennart Åberg, Per Henrik Wallin, Börje Fredriksson and of course Lars Gullin… as well as others…

To treat the wonderful melodic lines of the swedish jazz in a respectful and loving way, by putting them in new situations, forms and structures. This is our goal and mission.


The swedish jazz legacy will be treated in an unusual instrumentation and approach of electronic and acoustic sounds mixed together.

We like to put the swedish jazz heritage in a contemporary situation and sound.

Why trying to repeat what was already done so well?  We prefer to listen to our heroes and sources of inspirations at home (on vinyl…) rather than hearing tame and watered down repititions being done live now. The quality and uniqueness of the materials of swedish jazz from the ”golden years” of the 50s and 60s are amazing and very creative to our ears. And we hope that by putting it in a contemporary and experimental setting that we will be able to make new (and old ) generations curious of swedish jazz… made back in the days… and made now… and for the future….