AI ????

Jan.03, 2022




something I never thought I would get involved in.

improvised music and AI !!!

it happened  and it sounds like NOTHING I have ever heard before….

limited edition vinyl… very limited….



Written, performed, and produced by Mats Gustafsson  & Tony Lugo

Mats Gustafsson: Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass Saxophones, Flute
Tony Lugo: Drums, Electronics
Mats Gustafsson & Tony Lugo: Concatenative Synthesis & Machine Listening Algorithms

Recorded May-July 2021 by Olof Madsen at Discaholic Studios, Nickelsdorf, Austria & Craig Bowen at Tempo House, Baltimore, MD
Mixed by Craig Bowen
Mastered by Lasse Marhaug

Artwork by Peter Brötzmann

Essay by Christian Munthe, “Who is the player?”
Produced by Christian Di Vito/ SUPERPANG

release march 1st , 2022

pre order now:

new 5 ” !!!!

Nov.13, 2019

a new 5″ lathe cut – limited to 75 copies is released by Bocian records!!!!


2 short (!) solos on fluteophone and pianoharpa.

perhaps the first time in the history of music that this combination of instruments are used ??!!

nevertheless —-  released as we breathe!

it will soon, be very much gone… for a limited time only at a very generous price. order form Bocian bandcamp site!


release fest —- marvel motor!

Jan.25, 2018



at blue tomato right now  in Vienna —- inyrface MOTOR!

the thing records – news in the wire

Sep.04, 2013


THE THING RECORDS … soon to launch the 1st release : BOOT!

the message is out!


new digital release

Sep.01, 2013

new label… .new formation… new format… new music…. all new:

a new release on spanish discordian records —


new release july 2013

Jul.06, 2013

here is a new release , one-sided LP , ready for pre order!!!!


Mats Gustafsson (reeds) and Didi Kern (drums; famous for playing with BULBUL, BROKEN.HEART. COLLECTOR, FUCKHEAD,…) are playing a show at Eissalon Joanelli in Vienna.

limited to 222 copies.

this is the pre-order for the first 70 copies, remaining copies will be go online when they are here (will be around july 19th).



new release coming up in  fall: Fire! on rune grammofon, gustafsson & vandermark on CvsD, The Thing´s BOOT on the thing records, gustafsson & nilssen- love: LP and 2x ep on Bocian records, gustafsson & moore: lp  on Oto records and a whole series of duo recordings w gustafsson & thurston moore, eye, christian marclay, joe mcphee… all on vinyl and cd, gustafsson solo LP on Multi- Kulti records and some other secret releases, to be announced soon!!!!


Apr.03, 2013

new records out…. fighting the stupidity in various and mysterious ways:



merzbow / pandi / gustafsson – CUTS … LP, CD, DL…

+ a very rare and recent  interview with massami akita aka merzbow:





swedish azz – eric karlsson & all stars. 2 x 10″ LP limited edition



barry guy new orchestra – small formations , 5 x cd box



hausswolff, gustafsson, mori& lundén, sewer election – limited 100 copies ed



(fake) the facts – dieb13/ gustafsson / siewert – record store day 7″



Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet – concert for fukushima, wels 2012, DVD



more records on vinyl ( or related format) coming up… in various speed….

correction w mats gustafsson, LP , The Thing – BOOT, Fire! – new studio recording, solo in poznan 2 lp -set, Gustafsson & Nilssen – Love duos on 7″ and 12″, Vandermark & Gustafsson duo, 4 smalltown supersound duos and a contra bass sax solo + in may 2013: Gush 25th anniversary 25 copies , 7″ vinyl…


fire orchestra EXIT reviews

Jan.19, 2013

more reviews of EXIT!

the new release by Fire! Orchestra on Rune Grammofon, limited first edition on WHITE vinyl!!! 500 copies only…rumour is that it is sold out already….

STONES – Stetson & Gustafsson

Jan.19, 2013

STONES  out on rune grammofon!!! NOW!

getting tons of reviews, some entertainingly bad and some entertainingly good:

latest ones:



pete margasak/ chicago: