mouthpiece extraordinaire!!!

May.12, 2021

just sayin´….


this is REALLY something else!!!



FALLING at Blöde mittwoch!

Apr.21, 2021

FALLING!!!! Kurzmann & Gustafsson

TODAY : at Der Blöde dritte Mittwoch #107

online streaming –

8 pm —-  CET, wednesday april 21st, 2021

Gustafsson & Kurzmann 07 by Michele Giotto

Susanna Gartmayer & Manu Mayr [konzert]
Deborah Hazler & Jan Maria Lukas:
„Cunt’scape, Tetrahedrons and Illumination“ [performance]
Mats Gustafsson & Christof Kurzmann: „FALLING“ [konzert]
featuring “Follow Me…” Ausstellung von Maja Osojnik
(restream vom Ausstellungsrundgang)



Apr.12, 2021

a loooooooong interview is published in  the great online mag “”

check it out! – and check the magazine out – loads of interesting writings.

all in french.





Mar.31, 2021



the LAST day of the auction is today  — beacuse of time-difference with the US , the deadline will slip into tomorrow morning, April 1st,  European time.

still time to bid – still time to ask for guidance and info  etc.

just email us:

interest has been HUGE — and we are looking fwd to another auction in August with many more rare records of free jazz, jazz, electro acoustic music, improvised music, contempory music and ALL related.

peace  & vinyl  ///  mats gustafsson

2 days left of auction….

Mar.29, 2021

we are soon wrapping it all up. old school – no joke !!!!

it has been an INTENSE auction with lots of response, inquiries and bids

still lots  of vinyls and posters to  bid on!!!

check it out here:


email us with any questions — and we are happy to answer.

the last days of the AUCTION!!!!

Mar.26, 2021

deadline is coming up!!!


march 31st is the day for bids…. to get some insane vinyls and posters and related!!!

the auction is coming to an end — we had a LOT of inquiries and  comments on the list — and we are trying our best to answer it all. Please hit us w more questions and we are happy to respond.

we can always give certain guidance and send additional photos and info on all objects. Just ask!

this auction has ben a great success and we plan to come back with another auction in August – be aware –  be afraid! ;))

send all questions and comments to:

derek bailey!!!!

Mar.04, 2021

EXCELLENT article by the mighty Tony Mostrom!!!

on the greatest guitar master mind of the scene: Derek Bailey:




OLD SCHOOL: NO JOKE! discaholic auction #3

Mar.01, 2021


THE CATALOGUE is here! please share!

bid starts March1st – and ends March31st.

please forward any questions, bids and comments to:

check the discaholic corner website for more info:




KONGSBERG sponsoring problem

Feb.20, 2021

the mighty kongsberg jazz festival (with it great legacy and history)  is making some shady and BAD decisions at the moment.

a TOTAL meltdown.

check this link:

Mats Gustafsson kommenterer «Kongsberg-saken»


only in swedish for now — translation coming up soon!

weapon sponsoring and music does NOT belong to each other. this is SICK!!!!



the new FIRE! album

Feb.14, 2021

out Feb 19th on Rune Grammofon.


film trailer by Martin Malm!!!

RCD2217 – FIRE!: Defeat (LP/CD)

we have been WAITING for this release….. and soon it is here.

DEFEAT! music for a new time…