ICP – caravan

Feb.12, 2012


ICP ORCHESTRA – Caravan, DIW  1001, 33 1/3 rpm, (JAP) 1982


One sided rare 7” , released together with ”Japan Japon” 12” LP


Another japan released musical BOMB…. The legendary ICP orchestra  under chef Mengelberg´s  leadership playing Ellington´s Caravan in a very wonderful and dreamy way… until… until… Peter Brötzmann enters the stage with some WILD blowing that makes hearts and clocks stop. Totally beautiful playing from Brötzmann, absolutely over the top. The greatest story teller of them all, hits again.

Listening to this music makes the world feel like a better place to be.

This piece of vinyl floats up now and then, even without the original 12” LP release – and this is why record collecting is fun, when you find exceptional music like this , packaged like this. Mishas smile (?) and they way he goes for something with his right hand, on the piano(?) , a cigarette (?)… is this photo taken just at that moment when Brötzmann enters? Another mystery….

Ellington, Mengelberg & Brötzmann… a trio hard to beat!


Misha Mengelberg – piano

Michael Moore – alto sax  and clarinet

Keshavan Maslak – tenor and alto sax

Han Bennink- drums

Joe Maassen – trombone

Wolter Wierbos – trombone

Toshinori Kondo – trumpet

Larry Fishkind – tuba

Maurice horsthuis – viola

+ Peter Brötzmann .- tenor sax