Feb.07, 2012



TRY ME ENSEMBLE, Blue Tower BTSHH 50, 45 rpm, (SWE) , 1991


Limited numbered edition 50 copies


Made for Harald Hult, recordshop owner (Andra Jazz in Stockholm) and a living jazzencyclopedia, for his 50th birthday. The Try Me Ensemble consisting of old and new friends of Harald gathered at the Fylkingen Studio to record a statement of love and respect. Cover made by great artist Gunnar Lundkvist (of Klas Katt fame) and title by artist Kent Lundberg. Kick ass ensemble with a.o. Dror Feiler, Sune Spångberg, Raymond Strid, Sten Sandell, Christian Munthe, Mats Gustafsson and the mighty Edward Jarvis on bari sax over a telephone line (!). There is aven a snippet of Harald himself playing a piano introduction to his own composition ”Funktion Junction” (without knowing he is getting recorded..).

Side A is a blindfold test for Harald with all musicians playing a 20 second tribute… wild…

This Ep came originally in 6 differently colored versions…




Harald Hult- piano, voice

Marie Selander- vocal

Pia Olby  vocal

Mats Gustafsson – tenor and soprano sax, guitar

Dror Feiler – reeds and metals

Johan Petri – soprano sax

Jörgen Adolfsson – soprano sax

Kari Sjöstrand – tenor sax

Paul Pignon – tenor sax and clarinet

Tommy Adolfsson – trumpet

Anders Nilsson – trumpet

Per Åke Holmlander – tuba

Sören Runolf- guitar

Ted Bjurwill – guitar

Peter Söderberg – guitar

Sten Sandell – piano

Arne Forsén – piano

Anders Lindsjö – el bass

Jan Henriksson – bass

Niklas Billström – bass

Ulf Åkerhielm – bass

Christian Munthe – bass ( on tape w Mats Gustafsson )

Tuomo Haapala – bass ( on tape w Jörgen Adolfsson – sax and Kjell Nordeson )

Sune Spångberg – drums

Kjell Nordeon – drums and trombone

Rold Fredriksson – drums

Raymond Strid – drums and guitar

Tommy Björk – drums ( on tape w Kjell Nordeson and Raymond Strid )

Edward Jarvis – baritone sax over telephone