NEW TRADES feb 2010

Jan.31, 2010

Trades feb 2010!!!

a new selection of trades is offered below. please answer for your offers.



The try me ensemble – try me / blue tower records btshh 50 (SWE)

Very very rare 7” ep, made in 50 copies only, for the 50th birthday of record shop owner and enthusiast Harald Hult. Recorded 1990 in stockholm with the cream of the Swedish improvised music scene w a.o. Iskra, Dror Feiler, two slices , Sten Sandell, Mats Gustafsson, Raymond Strid etc etc. never for sale before…and now only for trade…

SORRY – traded!


Very rare ESP 7” (!).

The classic Ayler trio playing Holy Family … and Ornette playing with Izenson & Moffet. Unbelievable music and one of the true gems of free jazz on 7”!

ESP didn’t make many 7”´s…. and this one is the ONE to get!

SORRY – traded!


Merzbow – the Art of Merzbow – way out 007, 7” (USA)

Amazing music… one of the strongest documents of merzbow fury.

You cant have enough of merzbow on 7” format!! Fill your jukebox up!

Great condition vinyl in heavy cardboard sleeve.

still available!!!!



Take a deep breath… this jewel never freakin shows up… it took me over 10 years to find it. And funny enough I got hold of two copies within the same week…

Evolution Ensemble Unit – Concrete Voices !!!!! LP (JAP)

Mototeru Takagi and Toshinori Kondo taking it away!!! Insane free jazz meltdown combined with amazing version of a.o. Monk…

Takagi… one of the meanest and most ferocious tenor sax players ever. WILD!!!

Yes, it is good as you think. Truly amazing… and very very rare!

sorry TRADED!


Milford Graves & Don Pullen – Nommo, SRP 290, LP (USA)

A CLASSIC free jazz bomb… one of the finest documents of free jazz ever done. Piano and drums in a dialogue that just lifts the roof off.

A personal fav and really hard to find these days.




Willem Breuker – my baby has gone….ICP Flexi Disc!!! (NL)

I had this extreme rarity on my list in the fall… it disappeared the first day of the trade list. And its understandable why… rarer then rare and in one of the greatest formats ever: the 5” flexi disc.

All you need!



Sun Ra and his Arkestra – Super Sonic Jazz, Saturn ( 2nd press ) (USA)

One of the most amazing Arkestra documents. Music is just over the TOP!!!


This is the 2nd pressing (the original 1 st press is rarer then hens teeth…) of a monster album! Still rare to find… and its Sun Ra at his preem!





Mats Gustafsson / My Cat is an Alien – cosmic debris nr 4 (ITA)

Limited 12” Lp / 100 copies only with an original artwork by MCIA. Sealed in bubble plastic. NEW. This is copy nr 69 / 100. Released 3 years ago… and already very very rare. This is a vinyl that will hardly ever show up again…




Hold on to yr hats… this one is GREAT and RARE… very rare:

AR Penck with Frank Lowe, Jeanne Lee, William Parker, Billy Bang and Dennis Charles. What a line up!!! Unbelievable… and mega rare… all the pencks Lps are rare… but this one beats most of them. And music is ROCKIN!

AR Penck & ensemble – Goin Through, Private release 12” LP (GER)

This one will go really fast…without doubt.

STILL AVAILABLE!!! the offers has NOT been strong enough for this BOMB!!!


Yosuke Yamashita Trio – Mina´s second theme, Victor LP ( Jap)

The early Yamashita trio playing their EXPLOSIVE free jazz in a manner not equal to anything else. With the mighty Takeo Moriyama on drums.

This music simply just blow my mind off off off every time I hear it…




Howard Riley Trio – Angle , CBS ( UK)

A 1968 BOMB of improvised music by one of the classic trios of European free music. Barry Guy and Alan Jackson beating the shit out of the instruments… with a Howard Riley at his very very finest. Fantastic music… Piano Trio the way it should be!

Really hard to find these days and worth looking and waiting for… seriously!




Peter Brötzmann Quartet – lila eule nr 1 & 2, stop smiling 7” EP (USA)

One of the first recorded material of Brötzmann together with Peter Kowald.

A 1965 free jazz excursion of highest quality!!!

Limited release with a Chicago based magazine, Stop Smiling. Released some years ago and Completely GREAT! Cover made by Brötzmann… one of the most beautiful 7”´s ever done…



Sonic Youth w Mats Gustafsson – Lightning, Olof Bright editions, 7” EP (SWE)

Very limited edition of 100 copies made in the year of 2000… makes this 7” one of the rarest SY collectibles ever. It never shows up! Came originally inside of an art edition Black Box , made for an art exhibition in Ystad, Sweden. A handful of artists copies were made and this is one of them,

Very… very rare…

and STILL AVAILABLE…a  2 nd copy… the first went fast…


Dudu Pukwana & Spear – Flute music, Virgin (UK)

Super great LP of music w John Stevens and mongezi Feza a.o.

A 1974 recording of great british / South African free jazz… a lp u don’t see every day.

Not the rarest… but rare enough…




and a close up on the labels:



And again… another one of Bengt Nordström´s magic rarities:

Bengt Nordström – Plastic Alto/ the Bass Player & Reality – Bird Notes (SWE),12”LP

Without cover, comes in a white and black cardboard sleeve.

Frippe´s classic solo recordings + a track by great Swedish bass player Sven Hessle. This record was probably done only in 20 copies or so. Hand stamped labels by Bengt Nordström himself. Music History… I kid you not!!!

Very very rare!

The Plastic Alto track is one of the best solo tracks he ever recorded! Amazing!



And finally… this is the BOMB of the February trade list… the HOLY GRAIL of European improvised music:
FOR EXAMPLE – workshop freie musik 1969 – 1978 / FMP 3 LP Box w Book. (GER)

Solos, groups and orchestras on separate LPs and an amazing Book of great footage and texts about the music and its players.

Perhaps the most important document of the European scene ever made.

Made in only 200 copies!!! 200 copies only…

This monster never shows up these days.

I cant recommend it enough. The perfect combination of GREAT music, rarity and amazing design. It never gets better then this. Great condition as well!


Never rereleased, this holy grail includes music by Brötzmann, Globe Unity, Frank Wright Unity, Steve Lacy, Han Bennink, Derek Bailey etc etc….


Only serious trade offers please.

SORRY TRADED!… of course…..

Please email to with your trade offers…

New trade lists coming up every month… the first one to come up with a good offer gets it. I don’t wait to compare offers. The first goooooooooood offers gets the get!

One vinyl per day keeps all the doctors away…