NEW RELEASE of recycled recycling

Dec.06, 2009

new release on Doubt Music:
Otomo Yoshihide, Mats Gustafsson and Mikito Ozeki – With Records

Mats Gustafsson´s solo LP on Tyfuus “It´s all about” has been sent in 10 copies to Japan and the visual artist Mikiti Ozeki. The vinyl has then been transformed into 10 visual pieces and thereafter been displayed at a gallery in Tokyo and played on 10 seperate turntables as part of the Yoshihide / Ozeki exhibition in sep/ oct 2009.


Otomo Yoshihide has then recorded the 10 vinyls onto a CD, that now is available from Doubt Music in a limited numbered edition!!!


check Mikito´s GREAT visuals out at his page: