Nov.12, 2009

Trades nov 2009!!!! (next update will come in the very beginning of december… with another bomb… a joe mcphee – bomb…)

time again… almost all the old trades from october are gone… see below the new list…

but here is a new list of HEAVY items… “be quick, be swift” ( Sonny Rollins)


TRADED SORRY…….Jailhouse  w Ruediger Carl, Markus Oehlen and Albert Oehlen 7” on meeuw muzak mm015
Highly sought after artist record in mint condition. Purple(!) vinyl…
Legendary band w 3 legends, one free jazz and two art – dito…


TRADED, SORRY……Jan Johansson – Top Meeting on Life records  lst 1000, 7”
Legendary swedish piano player and improviser Jan Johansson w danish Lars Black and US Dan Jordan in a highly rare 7” on danish label Life. Great music and highly collectible. In NM condition.


Sun Ra – The perfect Man / I m gonna unmask the Batman, 7” on Saturn
Rare and simply fuckin FANTASTIC music!!! This is the SHIT!
One of the BEST Ra releases ever.. very funky , very outa space…
Truly freakin amazing music.
It ll blow yr mind off off off!!!! A MUST HAVE! u dont see saturn 7″´s so often these days…


Mats Gustafsson – Trees and Truths 3 x 7” on Olof Bright OBEP 6,7,8
Limited edition, signed , stamped and numbered by yrs truly this copy is  298/ 300
Solo recordings from 2002 on baritone and tenor sax.
Sold on eBay one year ago at 850 E!!!
I just found this copy in Berlin…



Bernt Rosengren – Improvisationer.
12” LP on SJR  LPS – 1

MONSTER record. The monument of early swedish free jazz! This is one of the heavvvyiest records ever recorded in Sweden. Free the jazz!
From 1969… it blows the paint off the walls.
Beautiful cover and KILLING music!
Very rare these days… w the classic Rosengren Quintet recorded by legend Göran Freese! Relaesed on musician owned SJR label. NM condition.



Åke Hodell – Spirit of Ecstasy – the way to Nepal
12” LP on Caprice CAP 1149

CLASSIC text and sound compositions by swedish legend and pioneer Hodell.
The one and only! His vinyls are highly sought after these days. Now defunct label Caprice released this killer in 1980. Mint condition.


Alexander von Schlippenbach Trio – Pakistani Pomade
12” LP on FMP 0110.

THIS IS THE SHIT! Free jazz or improvised music or… music… doesnt get better then this….fuckin hell!
MONSTROUS music! One of the most amazing documents of europan music ever recorded. Seriously! Evan Parker and Paul Lovens at their freakin BEST!
A Classic of the Classic! And rare these days… rare…rare… rare…


12” LP on Qbico.

Limited edition of only 125 copies.
Just relaesed and sold out immediately.
I have a couple of Lps for trade. Sorry not for sale…
Our Prayer ( Don Ayler) and Sprits / Angels treated on baritone sax and music box…
Recorded this summer in south of sweden.


And the bombs of the BOMBS!!!!!! :
Kauro Abe – Winter 1972
12” lp on MN 3039

released back in the days in only hundred (100) !!! copies… never ever for sale before…
Rarer then hens teeth…
One bootleg CD was relaesed 10 years ago and another legal CD is now available in japan, but this is the original release. This copy is NEW(!!!) never played…
And… the music… is completely FANTASTIC!
I think this is the best material that Abe ever recorded!!! A KILLER!
Solo sax in a way never heard. I was chocked listening to this ABSOLUTE MONSTER first time! I m still in chock…
No Art Cover…just came in white plain sleeve with soft plastic wrapping.
Only for trade… what record can match this one ?serious trade only…

who has a copy of that Steve Lacy Japanese gallery edition to trade with ?