Oct.29, 2009


* Robert Pozar Ensemble – Good Golly Miss Nancy on SAVOY!!!!

another completey forgotten GREAT free jazz WRESTLER! rare like freakin crazy and GREAT like HELL!

late 60´s stuff of WILD quality and really interesting directions and perspectives. produced by the great late BILL DIXON ,RIP….

* Gunter Hampel Group + Jeanne Lee on wergo

another forgotten gem! amazing music…with an absolutely fantastic and WILD Willem Breuker ripping and ripping and ripping.

Jeanne Lee was one of the most amazing singers all time… what a voice! This music is a monster! sensitive, beautiful and full of high octane energy! a MUST in every collection.Hampel group in the late 60´s were just an amazing unit!!! mindbending!

* Svein Finnerud Trio – Norskt Jazzforum

a classic… a monster session… rare as f**k. björnar andressen driving the music like no one else. free jazz and still freeeeeee

I have been looking long time for this beauty! it makes me smile… and keep smiling….TOTAL interaction! fantastic!!! a hidden gem!

*Happy Sounds in Sweden… Lars Werner & Bernt Rosengren Quartet ( JET EP 02)  on a blue 7? vinyl… what a beauty! amazing find… unreleased music by one of the most important swedish jazz groups ever. A give-a-way 7? for tourists visting sweden in the early 60´s… how many copies are left? One of the rarest jazz items ever from my beloved country… and amazing music… short tracks… but compressed with poetry…

*April Fool / Coming Muhammad Ali. One of the rarest and weirdest Lps ever… from a Muhammad Ali title fight in boxing april 1st 1972.. relaesed on a japanese label NO 197241… a collage mix with boxing commentary and ASS KICKIN music by Yosuke Yamashita Trio… absolutely MINDBLOWING music.  A KNOCK OUT!

*Joe Maini 4 x cd box — monster alto sax player and literally unknown. unfortenatly playing russian roulette one time to much

* Ronnie Ross – Cleopatra´s needle, 12? LP on british fontana. – absolutley beautiful hard swinging jazz- jazz. great pieces and absolutely KILLIN bari playing… a monster LP!

* Jan Garbarek – Til Vigdis. Garbarek´s first record… very very rare and never rereleased unfortunately…BUT completely GREAT! like an insane mix of Rollins, Ayler,Coltrane and most of all Garbarek himself. a CLASSIC! a MONSTER

* BLACK UNITY TRIO – AL FATIHAH on salaam records , with Joe Philips on wiiiiiild alto sax and Abdul Wadud on cello… one of the masterpieces of american free jazz. THIS IS FOR SURE THE SHIT!!!! MINDBLOWING!!!!

*2 to 10 -saxophone adventure w Motuteru Takagi on duo and in larger ensembe… MEGA rare vinyl, with GREAT cover…. Takagi is blowing his brains out on his bass clarinet. really strong and OPEN free jazz, the way we like it!

* George Lewis & his new orleans music on RED VINYL 7?… on Good Time Jazz 1005 recorded 1950 in new orleans… this is just amazing… “mama don´t allow”… all u need! I just got this beaty and its signed by Geo Lewis… scary… and simply just beautiful!

* Stan Kenton – City of Glass , 10?  on capitol. ooooh… what is this… its just amazing… some really freaky contemporary shit here… not at all what u expect. really amazing music. and really well played and conducted. I`m confused and really happy!

* Errol Parker trio – bostella jazz on brunswick. / early almost free… very special… nice!very nice!

* Lucky Thompson & Guy Lafitte – passin time on columbia / the amazing Lucky T…always the BEST!!!

*Martial Solal – si le vent te fait peur on columbia / soundtrack w the mighty Solal. very rare ep w the great trumpeter Clark Terry!

*Barney Wilen – SUSPENSE  / soundtrack “un temoin dans la ville” with Barney Wilen!!!  original 7? w Kenny Dorham, Duke Jordan and Kenny Clarke… WOW!

*Brigitte Fontaine w Art Ensemble of Chicago – L´Ete L`Ete on Saravah. speaks for itself… CLASSIC and wonderful!

* Sun Ra – Enlightment & Journey To Saturn on Saturn… enough said…any saturn 7? is worth having!!!


* Chris McGregor Septet – Up To Earth on stamford Audio / amazing session w Evan Parker, Dudu Pukwana, Louis Moholo, Mongezi Feza ( the GREAT!)  and others..mindblowing session on vinyl!!!

*Joseph Scianni w David Izenson – New Concepts on Savoy. very very interesting and heavy session w the mighty David Izenson. another great Savoy release at the time when they were releasing heavy hitting free jazz for a short period in the late 60´s!

*Jazz at the Golden Circle – anthology on japanese only vinyl label Marshmallow Export. amazing never before relaesed sessions w Dexter Gordon Quartet, Kenny Dorham quartet, Bill Evans Trio w Palle Danielsson, Ben Webster w Bo Skoglund (!) and Eje Thelin Quintet… holy shit, its heavy!!!

*Marion Brown – Leo Smith duo – Creative improvisation Ensemble on japanese Freedom, / japanese vinyl only… fantastic free jazz on alto sax and trumpet. KILLIN!!!!

*Jamil Shabaka & Alex Cline – Duo Infinity onAten Records / very odd and rare early (1977) LA free jazz session!

*Johnny Hartman and the Andrew Hill Trio – Sittin in with… on VGM records. / sesssions from 1961 w young Andrew Hill…. trying later coming concepts out w the mighty singer Hartman…. very unusual music….!!!

* FMT  – You got a Freedom on Alm – Uranoia / this is something else…. WOW! a trio session from 1978 w Yoshiaki fujukawa on reeds, the mighty Keiki Midorikawa on cello and master Sabu Toyozumi on drums… very very rare and just amazing muisc!!!!

*Chick Corea – Circulus vol 2 on jap Blue Note / original pressing of the classic Circle sessions w Braxton, Holland and Altschul…  this music is just a BOMB!!!

*Glenn Spearman – Night after Night on Musa Physics / the late tenor hero Glenn Spearman in a mindblowing explosion w Donald Robinson on drums. a 1981 free blowing!!!

* Barney Wilen – Nouveau Jazz on Jap columbia / japanese pressing of a classic french release…. and the music is as good as u might excpect… with Francois Tusques, JF Jenny Clark, Bob Guerin and the great Aldo Romano!!! what a line up!!!!!

*Han Bennink & Willem Breuker new acoustic swing duo on ICP / the classic first ICP vinyl in 12? format…hand design covers by Han. I found two different copies… and they are beautiful!!!! beautiful! one of them is signed by Han in 1968 and the other one is a very unusual collage… something to collect… how many versions do u have ?

*Tadd Dameron & John Coltrane – Mating Call on Prestige. / the first pressing of one of the GREATEST freakin jazz albums ever ever ever…. no sweat!!! beautiful cover and amazing music. it doesnt get better then this!!!

* Sun Ra – Deep Purple on Saturn / classic and very very bizarre session w Stuff Smith on violin. this one came w a cover… I have never seen this one w cover bofore…. beautiful blue cover…

and a 10? BOMB:

* Guido Manusardi – FREE JAZZ on electrocord, / original pressing of this classic session w italian pianist Manusardi together w Romanian musicians… exploring the freedom of jazz…. wonderful, just wonderful….another BOMB to the collection…