recent finds april 2009

Oct.18, 2009

Recent finds march / april 2009

The White Stripes – Jolene / Hello Operator // sympathy for the record industry 619
the ultimate version of Dolly Partons mega hit Jolene.

Little Richard – Tutti Frutti/ I m just a lonely Guy // Specialty 561-45
The king… the one and only… on a beaten up piece of vinyl. Just the way we like it! Rockin!

The Pop Group w Tristan Honsinger – we are all prostitutes // rough trade rt 023
A Fantastic croup with a fantastic guest….. I had no idea about the existance of this piece of vinyl w a supercool DIY cover.

Bustmonsters – Weedhead E.P. // WildWestRecords 011
Rare, insane and beautiful full blast vinyl with an even more insane cover… w massami akita making noise on the drums

Rolf Ericson Sextet – Russ and Arlene… // Metronome MEP 247
Wonderful Swedish jazz from the golden era of jazz w. The help of great Freddie Redd trio and some beeeeeaaaautiful soloing by swedish tenor sax player Erik Nordström


Aaron Dilaway – green silcscreened fishes
A GREAT document from noise maestro Dillaway. Released on a beautiful blue vinyl with green fishes swiming around on the silkscreened side of the vinyl. Great design – great music!

Masahiko Togashi & Masayuki Takayanagi – Pulsation 1983 // King Records K28P 6244
The guitarist of guitarist in a very creative duo w percussionist Togashi. Beautiful cover with the two men looking at the sea (!)
A must have…

The JR Mitchell / Byard Lancaster Experience – Live at the Mac Alester Collage ´72 // DogTown Records
A Free Jazz BOMB! After 15 years of searching it feels good to finally have bought this rarity!
And it ROCKS! Like mad! A BOMB!
And with JR mitchells own stamp in one of the corners…. Yum!

The Music Machine – The Music Machine ,Talk Talk // Original Sound LPM 5015
One of the GREATEST garage records ever in its first release. All you need…
Just a FANTASTIC record. Beautiful cover

Georgie Fame – The Two Faces of Fame // CBS 63018
Great jazz singing with exceptional band including Terry (!) Oxley on drums, Kenny Wheeler on trumpet and Gordon Beck on piano…

Sun Ra – Universe in Blue // Saturn ESR 200
Another BOMB… every new Saturn LP is a BOMB… this is no exception.
A BEAUTIFUL cover. ”Helped” by someone in the arkestra with some black ink…
Just amazing… just amazing…