Jul.20, 2009


Currently there is a fantastic Cy Twombly exhibition in Vienna.  4th june – 11 oct 2009.

it HAS to be checked out. two floors of a good bit of the greatest stuff Twombly was dealing with. Early photography, sculptures, paintings, sketches and collages.

First time ever in Austria such a big retrospecive is shown….

truly truly amazing!!!

after seeing the dna changing collection in Houston last year….

… Cy Twombly became a very essential part of my universe. The great Menil collection in Houston basically built a whole gallery around his art!!! completey amazing… I couldnt fuckin believe it! It was really like stepping into another ( and truly great!) universe!

It took my breath away!!!!

If u ever are close to Houston, Texas, you need to check it out ( actually dont forget the Mark Rothko chappel… not so bad, either…). Its worth any kind of trip to just go there!!!

The Cy Twombly Gallery… one of the greatest art experience I ever had in a museum!!!

and if u cant make it to Texas, just go to Vienna before that exhibition closes! Momuk is also selling a really great catalogue in connection to the exhibition, one in English and one in German. Really good prints and interesting texts on Twombly.